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The DFS playbook comes to you en route to Las Vegas for our chance to win a $1 million dollars!!!  Wi-Fi might be one of the greatest things every invented.

There are so many decent pitchers going in tonights action that it can make your head spin.  It makes complete sense to me on why there has been nothing but garbage choices over the last few days.  I could possibly make an argument to use up to 12 different pitchers tonight but I settled on my Top 4 in Madison Bumgarner, Corey Kluber, Alex Cobb and Zack Greinke.  Garrett Richards almost cracked the list as well as he gets the dreadful Texas Rangers but had to stick with the numbers and leave him out.

The one bad thing is that with a bunch of quality starters, it makes it hard to find the quality hitters.  Always remember though that everyone in the DFS world will be picking on the likes of Hector Noesi and Nick Martinez so you can't be afraid of good hitters in the right match-ups even against quality starters tonight. 

Please Note: I do normally try to check-in the comments section before game-time but that maybe difficult since I will be landing about an hour before the games start and heading over to the hotel so I will do my best to check-in.  It maybe easier for questions to be answered on twitter @tedschuster if you want to try me there as I should get those alerts on my phone:


Here is the DFS playbook for August 15th:

  Player Name Pos DraftKings FanDuel Aces
  Madison Bumgarner P 8600 9200 6950
  Corey Kluber P 10600 10700 6900
  Alex Cobb P 8200 8300 6600
  Zack Greinke P 10400 9700 7000
  Yan Gomes C 3900 3800 4900
  Buster Posey C 3900 3200 5000
  Devin Mesoraco C 4900 3900 5100
  Freddie Freeman 1B 4700 3700 5000
  Adrian Gonzalez 1B 4500 4000 5200
  Victor Martinez 1B/C 4400 4100 5450
  Mike Napoli 1B 4000 3400 4850
  Robinson Cano 2B 4900 3800 5800
  Dustin Pedroia 2B 4400 3100 5050
  Asdrubal Cabrera SS 3800 2700 4750
  Danny Santana SS/OF 4200   4750
  Cliff Pennington SS/2B 2700 2600 3900
  David Wright 3B 3700 3000 4900
  Josh Donaldson 3B 5000 4400 5500
  Nick Castellanos 3B/OF 2700 2600 4400
  Kyle Seager 3B/2B 3900 3300 5100
  Jose Bautista OF 5200 4300 5500
  Yoenis Cespedes OF 4600 4000 4900
  Christian Yelich OF 4200 3500 4800
  Rajai Davis OF 3700 3100 4950
  Juan Lagares OF 3100 2600 4300
  Matt Joyce OF 3500 3000 4800
  Kole Calhoun OF 3800 3400 4850
  Josh Willingham OF 3500 3300 4700
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