This is the only Monday all season with WNBA games, and while that is great for DFS players, two weeks of playing every other day is a lot of players, especially the veterans. As such, I think we could see more veteran players get rested this weak, and we could also see teams be extra cautious with injuries. I would be surprised if Diana Taurasi is ready to go Monday, even after her MRI came back clean, but even if she can play, it might make sense for Phoenix to give her a couple of extra days of rest.

We haven’t yet gotten injury updates on a number of important players in the slate, so we will have to pay close attention throughout the night. We will, of course, update the example lineups as more news becomes available. As always, the lineups below are examples of lineups you can make using the players in the Playbook and are not for plug and play.



Example Lineups: 

*Note, these are examples and not meant to be played as...