Really just five games MLB? If you are like me, Monday probably left you jonesing for a larger player pool, which we get tonight with 15 games to choose from. There is an eclectic group of pitchers going tonight as you have a couple top aces to choose from, a few former aces, and quite lot of young arms with some upside which in turn should provide a lot of different angles to consider as we look for some bats to fill out the roster. So let’s get into it, and remember if you have a specific question remember you can always tweet @FantasyNomad and/or post in the comments section below.

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Fantasy Alarm MLB Daily Lineups   

Batter vs Pitcher Stats

Daily Fantasy Baseball Projections

Pitcher Pos. DraftKings DraftStreet FanDuel Reasons
Hisashi Iwakuma P $10,100 $15,920 $8,300 If you do not want to pay for Masahiro Tanaka Adam Wainwright or Johnny Cueto
Doug Fister P $6,800 $12,680 $7,000 GPP play as win probablity low since Cueto on the mound for the Reds, but Fister is at home vs a Reds LU w/o top 2 hitters
Ian Kennedy P $8,700 $16,898 $6,700 9.82 K/9 ranks 12th best in all of baseball, game is home in Petco and vs Twins team w/o a DH
Josh Beckett P $8,800 $17,249 $6,700 Mets own the lowest team batting average and second worst OPS among NL teams versus RHP on this season

Discounted Dandy Hitter of the Night: Cardinals 1B Matt Adams

Teams to Stack:

Red Sox vs TOR LH J.A. Happ, Yankees at Cubs vs RH Jason Hammel, Giants at COL vs LH Franklin Morales, and Tigers at CLE vs RH Trevor Bauer

Hitter Pos. DraftKings DraftStreet FanDuel Reasons
Brian McCann C $3,800 $6,870 $3,400 McCann .300 (6-20) w/ 2 HR over last 6 gms and get LvsR Hammel
Yasmani Grandal C $3,700 $4,989 $2,900 Or whoever catches for SD; Grandal all 4 HR off RHP, Rivera 3-7 w/ 2 HR last two games. Update: Hector Sanchez even better option now that lineups are out.
Freddie Freeman 1B $4,500 $7,687 $3,800 Continues to delivery on the reg including 5-8 w/ HR ea of last 2 gms and get LvsR vs MIL Gallardo
Eric Hosmer 1B $3,700 $6,007 $2,700 Great price, Great matchup and projects to be 2nd top producing 1B behind Freeman and just ahead of Adams
Matt Adams 1B $3,500 $3,915 $2,600 3 multi hit games over last 4 should have a field day vs RHP Arroyo
Neil Walker 2B $4,400 $7,421 $3,200 8 of his 9 HR come off of RHP and O's SP Gonzalez homer friendly (13.2% HR/FB, 1.59 HR/9 on season; 18.5%, 2.29 on the road)
Derek Dietrich 2B $3,500 $5,709 $3,100 LvsR vs RH Burnett all 5 HR vs RHP this yr. and price hasn't caught up to production: 6 gm hit streak w/ 2 HR, 2 2B, 3 RBI, 4 R
Kolten Wong 2B $3,300 $4,696 $3,000 Things looking right for Wong since being recalled see here: Kolten Wong
Jedd Gyorko 2B $3,700 $4,991 $2,600 FD punt play w/ upside
Pablo Sandoval 3B $4,200 $5,047 $2,800 Leads all 3B in hits in just 6 gms over last 7 days: .391 (9-23) HR and 2 2B and great price on DS and FD
Kyle Seager 3B $4,100 $5,867 $3,000 .429 (6-14) career vs Lewis and you get LvsR matchup in hitter friendly Rangers Stadium
Matt Dominguez 3B $3,400 $4,741 $3,200 RvsL vs LHP Skaggs who has a 6.91 ERA w/ all 5 HR allowed at home, Dominguez .340 BA vs LHP and .310 on the road this season and is 4-8 w/ 2HR, 4 RBI, 2 R last 2 gms
Erick Aybar SS $3,900 $5,859 $3,000 .455 (10-22) w/ 4 xbh in career vs Feldman
Everth Cabrera SS $3,800 $4,054 $2,700 Project as 3rd highest scoring SS today but comes at great price
Xander Bogaerts SS $3,600 $4,417 $2,900 .364 (8-22) w/ 3 xbh including 1 HR over last 6 gms and RvsL vs Happ
Matt Holliday OF $4,900 $6,463 $3,200 .296 (16-54) w/ 4 HR in career vs Arroyo
Hunter Pence OF $4,900 $8,860 $3,500 swinging hot bat .444 (12-27) w/ 5 xbh, 1 HR last 6 gms; 4-7 1 HR career vs COL LHP Morales
Shane Victorino OF $4,300 $7,933 $3,100 hitting .421 (8-19) vs LHP and .286 at home compared to .258 on the road this season gets Jays LH Happ at home tonight
Jonny Gomes OF $3,200 $6,329 $3,000 Projects to be 2nd highest scoring OF tonight (If in LU)
A.J. Pollock OF $3,900 $5,264 $3,900 GPP play as few will own him vs Wainwright but Pollock is 3-3 vs Waino small sample of course, but read this: MLB Preview
Alex Gordon OF $4,000 $5,026 $2,900 More of a GPP play, but matchup is favorable as you get LvsR matchup vs RH Rienzo; Gordon .276 vs RHP on the season (32-116) 2 HR and 10 BB to 13 K
Michael Morse OF $4,500 $7,042   .348 (8-23) 2 HR, 4 RBI, 5 R last 6gms; .313 w/ 6 of 10 HR off LHP and game is in Coors vs LHP Morales
Jason Heyward OF $3,500 $5,309 $2,800 price has not caught up to recent production of .381 BA over last five gms, maybe better GPP play as track record vs Gallardo not good in small sample size
Jonny Gomes OF $3,200 $6,329 $3,000 Projects to be 2nd highest scoring OF today
Seth Smith OF $4,400 $7,565 $4,100 See here: MLB Preview
Jose Bautista OF $5,400 $9,406 $4,300 cheaper than Stanton and Trout with favorable RvsL matchup vs BOS Doubront
Adam Jones OF $4,700 $6,645 $3,700 4-15 w/ 3 HR vs LHP Liriano in his career
Christian Yelich OF $4,600 $8,085 $3,300 All 5 HR off of RHP and like most all Marlins he hits better at home

Best of luck tonight and and again if you have a specific question remember you can always tweet @FantasyNomad and/or post in the comments section below. Be sure to check our  Fantasy Alarm MLB Daily Lineups and Weather closer to gametime and here is a possible lineup to consider for Tuesday night: