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Daily Dribble Sunday, March 9th

Sunday Funday time to wreck some sh%t, including your DFS opponents. I’m not sure if the Alvarez vs. Angulo fight last night got people in a feisty mood, or it could be that lost hour of sleep. Either way, we got a lot of requests for the Daily Fantasy Death Match so we will have undercards of our own today and let’s hope the winners are as dominate as Canelo Alvarez was last night. So let’s strap on the gloves and get into today’s Daily Dribble.


Congrats to devobrain who won DraftKings $100K MegaCrossover on Friday for a cool $15K. His big contributors were Ty Lawson (62.5 FP), Anthony Davis (61), The Manimal (59.75), and Kemba Walker (52.25), with great value plays of Jeff Adrein (45) and Chris Douglas-Roberts (34.75) all players who appeared in Friday’s Fantasy Basketball Daily League Picks at Fantasy Alarm (I am happy to say, even though I didn’t take down the crown, I have cashed three weeks in a row in the MegaCrossover).


Draft Kings

  • Qualifiers to the March 26th $1 Million Bank Shot
  • entry fees ranging from $11, $27, and $55


Qualifiers to Wednesday’s $150K weekly NBA Big Score

entry fees ranging from $2 on up

In addition to today’s Daily Dribble article check out today’s Daily League Picks article, in the NBA section on our homepage. And remember, you cash and/or win DFS tournament feel free to tweet me @FantasyNomad and I would be glad to share your success story in an upcoming Daily Dribble article and on twitter.

Fantasy Basketball Daily Deathmatch

Today’s Card includes:

The Midget Match: Jerryd Bayless vs Will Bynum-ite








Midget Match: I’m going to keep this analysis short, get it? It simply comes down to the fact that Bayless starts and plays starter minutes (31.8 mpg over last five games), while Bynum does not (21.2 over last five, but only 18.3 mpg over last three contests). In addition, with Bynum you are often counting on his production late in a game when the game is arguably out of reach. I and vegas believe this game will be close, tied for lowest spread of -1 in favor of the Celtics of the late games, so I do not see Bynum picking up any late game garbage time. Winner: Jerryd Bayless

Girl Fight: Timofey Mozgov vs Kelly Olynyk pits two dudes with girl names. Who will win their man card?


Girl Fight: I said this in Friday’s  Daily League Picks  article and it rings true today as well, Olynyk has shown us, despite the long girly hair, that he has found his man jingles. Olynyk is no longer afraid to shoot the damn ball (double-digit shot attempts in back-to-back games with a FG% over 50 in each game). Olynyk has the slight edge in the matchup, but I would not read too much into that as although the Pistons have a lower defensive rank the Pelicans are actually allowing more points per game over that span. Where Olynyk wins out is that their game is at home while Denver had to travel to New Orleans on a day where we all lost an hour of sleep. So, I could see the time change- both due to daylight savings time and the time zone difference-having a slight effect on the Nuggets as a whole. Olynyk is seeing more minutes and taking more shots then Mozgov. Now for the cherry on top, as their recent usage rate suggests, Olynyk is much more involved in the offense when he is on the court, so it is Kelly Olynyk who wins his man card in this matchup of girly men.

The Very Lightweight Division: Corey “Skinny” Brew-er vs The Singlet Kyle Singler


I believe the the pace of the TWolves/Raptors game will favor Brewer’s style of game and as he has edged out Singler in most categories above it is Corey Brewer who is today’s winner of the Very Lightweight Division.

The Main Event: Anthony “Monobrow” Davis vs LaMarcus Aldridge


This battle is easy for me as I'm rolling with the Monobrow who has been a top three season long fantasy performer and I love his matchup versus the Nuggets more so than I do Aldridge's versus the Rockets. In addition, Davis' ability to block shots and earn those bonus points is shall we say a nice bonus.

Well that wraps the best Daily Fantasy Death Matchups we have. I want to thank all of those who tweeted me these suggestions. Keep them coming and Best of luck tonight in all your contests. Remember instead of trying to keep up with every NBA team and every NBA beat writer to find the latest injury news, team lineup, and/or nugget of information that will give you an edge in your fantasy leagues just follow us on twitter @FantasyAlarm and @NBADailyLineups We do the work for you! Also bookmark our NBA Player News page as well by clicking on the links in blue.

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