| 1 | Oakland Raiders (PROJECTED TRADE: ARZ receives 2019 4th, 24th, and 2020 1st rounder from CHI; OAK receives 2019 1st overall)

Kyler Murray | QB | Oklahoma | rJR | 5-foot-10 | 207 lbs.

It’s an unpopular opinion, but let’s have some fun with this… It is no secret that Jon Gruden loves him some Kyler Murray and it showed at his individual Raiders workout. It is also no secret that Jon Gruden is a quarterback coach and desperately wants to have drafted his own guy before his tenure in the bay area ultimately flames out. He can talk up Derek Carr all he wants, but the fact of the matter is that with Kyler Murray throwing the ball to Antonio Brown , this offense becomes infinitely more explosive. The Raiders have more than enough draft capital to get this move done and the rule is that if you see your quarterback is out there, go and get him! This is something that would have sounded crazy even just a week ago, but keep in mind that things quickly change as the draft approaches. Remember when Sam Darnold was the lock for number one last year and Baker Mayfield was a hotly debated first round pick? This projected trade isn’t baseless either, just look at what ESPN’s Todd McShay had to say…

| 2 | San Francisco 49ers

Quinnen Williams | DT | Alabama | rJR | 6-foot-3 | 303 lbs.

Surprisingly, nothing much changes for the Niners after that huge move at number one overall. All along, San Francisco has believed that they would have their pick of the litter in terms of the best player in the draft because number one was going to be a quarterback anyway. They just had to decide who that guy was… Ultimately they choose to go with Alabama’s Quinnen Williams because, while he is what some may consider a “one year wonder,” he also has fewer injury concerns than Ohio State’s Nick Bosa. Some will complain that this is like the 10th straight year (hyperbole) that the Niners are taking a defensive lineman with their first pick, but with their other, larger needs, the value is just not there at number two overall. A trade down scenario isn’t out of the question for sure here, but chances are that they just take the best player in the draft.

| 3 | New York Jets

Nick Bosa | DE | Ohio State | JR | 6-foot-4 | 266 lbs.

What a scenario, as the Jets get the most skilled player in the draft falling into their laps at number three. While Bosa has some serious health concerns, he has NFL bloodlines and some serious collegiate production and tape to go along with it. Current rumors have the Jets remaining a 3-4 defense, despite the addition of Gregg Williams as the defensive coordinator, however the addition of Bosa would suggest that they would be best served transitioning to a 4-3. Either way, Bosa has enough position versatility to play either with his hand in the ground or as a stand-up linebacker if necessary. Some even believe that he can kick inside in certain passing situations.

| 4 | Arizona Cardinals (PROJECTED TRADE: ARZ receives 2019 4th, 24th, and 2020 1st rounder from CHI; OAK receives 2019 1st overall)

Ed Oliver | DT | Houston | JR | 6-foot-2 | 287 lbs.

As the offseason has gone on and organized team workouts have begun, reports are starting to surface that Josh Rosen has grown on the new Cardinals coaching staff. While Kingsbury has remained a quiet skeptic, it should be noted that he plans on running an offense quite similar to the one that Rosen ran as a freshman at UCLA – an offense he thrived in… In this scenario, we have the Cards sticking by their former first round pick and instead taking a king’s ransom for the number one overall pick. That move enables them to grab an ultra-athletic interior defensive lineman in Ed Oliver to place in the middle of edge rushers Terrell Suggs and Chandler Jones . Arizona should have a menacing defensive front in the immediate future with this selection.

| 5 | Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Devin White | LB | LSU | JR | 6-foot | 237 lbs.

Some believe that the Buccaneers may be inclined to take a quarterback here, and while that would make sense considering the fact that Jameis Winston is on the last year of his rookie deal, most of the reports coming out are claiming that the new regime is going to give him a final chance in 2019 to prove his worth. The attention would then be turned to the defensive side of the football, where they have holes all over the place. Cornerback and safety are glaring needs, but the value just isn’t there at fifth overall. There is plenty of value in linebacker Devin White however, as he is a three-down, sideline-to-sideline, ball magnet, with plus cover skills as well. He could come in and immediately replace the recently departed Kwon Alexander .

| 6 | New York Giants

Josh Allen | OLB | Kentucky | JR | 6-foot-5 | 252 lbs.

Logic would tell you that the Giants should be taking a quarterback here, but all reports are pointing to the contrary. The same narrative held true last draft when the Giants should have taken Sam Darnold , but instead they went with Saquon Barkley . Why question the reports over sound logic again? This time around, rumor has it that GM Dave Gettleman is enamored with the idea of getting a pass rusher and the best one available happens to just fall into their lap. Josh Allen is a New Jersey born kid who will have the benefit of playing in front of his home crowd. That is a rarity in this league. For the Giants Allen will fit perfectly in their standup pass rusher position, while he also possesses the skill-set to comfortably and effectively drop into coverage and disrupt the flats. Like last year, the Giants will be passing up on a quarterback, but at least they will be getting a great player instead.

| 7 | Jacksonville Jaguars

T.J. Hockenson | TE | Iowa | rJR | 6-foot-5 | 251 lbs.

Most mocks have Florida OT Jawaan Taylor slotted to Jacksonville here, but when you are picking this high, it is more about taking the best player available rather than actual team need. Make no mistake; it is not that the Jags don’t need a tight end, but looking at the depth chart, it is easier to see a need at right tackle after having just paid Geoff Swaim this off-season. People are figuring, “well now that they got their quarterback in Nick Foles , they are going to have to protect him.” And while I love that logic, the addition of Hockenson will help Foles every bit as much, if not more, than a plug-and-play right tackle. Simply put, I believe that Hockenson is the best offensive player in the draft. He looks every bit of the blocker and space creator as a route runner that Jason Witten was, while he reminds of Jeremy Shockey after the catch. Hockenson is an immediate starter and will remind Nick Foles a lot of what he had in Zach Ertz when he was with the Eagles.

| 8 | Washington Redskins (PROJECTED TRADE: DET receives 2019 15th, 46th overall; WAS receives 2019 8th overall)

Dwayne Haskins | QB | Ohio State | rJR | 6-foot-3 | 231 lbs.

Seven years ago, the Redskins received a cataclysmic blow to their franchise when they took Robert Griffin III second overall. After a tenure that ended in disaster, the scar finally appears to be healing, allowing Washington to be ready to get hurt again. That phrase is used tongue-in-cheek here as people tend to do when they are ready to get back out in the dating pool. For the Redskins, they are ready to draft a quarterback in the top-10 again. In this scenario, they have to trade up from 15 in order to make sure they can get ahead of quarterback needy teams like the Broncos, the Bengals, the Dolphins, or even the Giants who may want to trade up from 17. In a lot of ways, Haskins is everything Griffin was not. Griffin was ultra-athletic, Haskins is a pocket passer, Griffin didn't have the highest IQ, Haskins is likely the most intelligent quarterback in the class. Featuring one of the best offensive lines in the NFL, the Redskins seem prepared to protect one of the better young pocket passers to come along in a while, and they won’t have to give up too much to get him… Aside from leading the nation in yards and passing touchdowns last season, here’s the level of intelligence that young Mr. Haskins brings to the table…

| 9 | Buffalo Bills

Jonah Williams | OL | Alabama | JR | 6-foot-4 | 302 lbs.

The Bills could very well trade out of this spot, especially considering their top targets Quinnen Williams, T.J. Hockenson, and Ed Oliver are all off the board, however for the purpose of this exercise it makes sense that they would take the best offensive lineman on the board. Williams would be a plug-and-play lineman for them, anywhere from either offensive tackle spot to either guard spot. His fundamentals, functional strength, balance, and versatility make him an easy selection for Buffalo here.

| 10 | Denver Broncos

Drew Lock | QB | Missouri | SR | 6-foot-4 | 228 lbs.

Raise your hand if you think the Broncos are comfortable entering the season with Joe Flacco ,Garrett Grayson , and Kevin Hogan as their rostered quarterbacks. Anyone? Didn’t think so. GM John Elway knows that he’s on his last strike as it as, so don’t be surprised if he swings for the fences with one last quarterback here. Yes, the Broncos have other needs, but filling them won’t matter if any of those other three quarterbacks are starting for them come Halloween. Lock has all of the measurables that Elway loves his QB’s to have. Wouldn’t be surprised at all if the Broncos even went up in the draft to get him.

| 11 | New York Giants (PROJECTED TRADE: CIN receives 2019 17th 104th overall, and 2020 2nd round pick; NYG receives 2019 11th overall)

Daniel Jones | QB | Duke | rJR | 6-foot-5 | 221 lbs.

While the Bengals may have had aspirations of getting themselves a franchise quarterback at 11, they felt comfortable trading out because A) most of the franchise quarterbacks already came off the board before their selection and B) because their roster could certainly benefit from the added draft capital.

Few have Daniel Jones going this high, but because of the rumors going around about the Giants love for this kid, it wouldn’t be surprising to see them trade up for him. This move especially makes sense because if the Giants really wanted Jones, they would have to trade up to make sure they got ahead of the quarterback needy Dolphins.

In Jones, the Giants finally get a potential successor to Eli Manning , but as one Giants fan told me “I’ll believe it when I see it.”

| 12 | Green Bay Packers

Devin Bush | LB | Michigan | JR | 5-foot-11 | 234 lbs.

This one was a tough debate because the Packers can go in a lot of directions. Their obvious need is at inside linebacker, however help is also needed at tight end, offensive line, and depth on the defensive edge. Ultimately they decided on the linebacker because not only is that their most obvious need, but also because Devin Bush happens to be the best player available. Sure he’s undersized for their scheme, but his talent and instincts are just too good to pass up on.

| 13 | Miami Dolphins

Montez Sweat | DE | Mississippi State | rJR | 6-foot-6 | 260 lbs.

Surprisingly, the Dolphins would probably be happy with this outcome thus far, despite the fact that they may be one of the most quarterback needy teams in the league right now. Every report out there suggests that they are more than content waiting until next year for their franchise signal caller, and are prepared to take the best player available. Sweat is a twitched up edge player who had maybe the most dominating combine performance since Jadeveon Clowney . He had plenty of production to go with it and really only lasted this long because of a recently revealed heart condition. By all accounts though, this condition shouldn’t affect his career going forward, so the Dolphins will be pleased to get their guy here.

| 14 | Atlanta Falcons

Jawaan Taylor | OT | Florida | JR | 6-foot-5 | 312 lbs.

The Falcons would seriously consider Florida State’s Brian Burns here, but with their more glaring need at offensive line and the added value from Taylor’s projected talent, this would be just too good to pass up. The belief is that Taylor would immediately be an upgrade over starting right tackle Ty Sambrailo and would essentially complete their nearly flawless starting offensive depth chart.

| 15 | Detroit Lions (PROJECTED TRADE: DET receives 2019 15th, 46th overall; WAS receives 2019 8th overall)

Greedy Williams | CB | LSU | JR | 6-foot-2 | 185 lbs.

The Lions felt comfortable trading out of the top-10 because they were confident that the guy they wanted all along would be waiting for them at 15. Greedy has a bad ass name and is probably the most talented corner in the draft. The Lions on the other hand, are desperately in need of an upgrade over the formerly overdraftedTeez Tabor . In a great move by Detroit, they get their guy and pick up an extra second round pick in the process.

| 16 | Carolina Panthers

Brian Burns | DE | Florida State | JR | 6-foot-5 | 249 lbs.

The Panthers roster is pretty solid overall… aside from their glaring need for edge pressure. Burns comes in an immediately gives them a twitched up speed presence coming from the outside, only strengthening the interior pass rush that they already get from Dontari Poe and Kawann Short . Burns may struggle to get a lot of Burn (easy pun, I know) on early downs because of his run game deficiencies, however the Panthers can overlook that because of the legitimate difference maker that he can be in terms of blowing by offensive tackles and getting to the quarterback on passing downs.  

| 17 | Cincinnati Bengals (PROJECTED TRADE: CIN receives 2019 17th 104th overall, and 2020 2nd round pick; NYG receives 2019 11th overall)

Rashaan Gary | DE | Michigan | JR | 6-foot-4 | 277 lbs.

The Bengals likely traded out of their original spot thinking that they would just take the best offensive tackle available, however they had no clue that a top-10 potential pass rusher would be still lingering out on the board. Gary has insane talent and even some positional versatility, but injury concerns and lack of collegiate production have allowed him to slip in this scenario. The Bengals will be happy to take a chance on him in the middle of the first round.

| 18 | Minnesota Vikings

Andre Dillard | OT | Washington State | rSR | 6-foot-5 | 315 lbs.

Dillard is widely regarded as the best pass blocker in the draft and the only true plug-and-play left tackle in the class. Most Vikings fans and beat writers alike are on the “give me linemen or give me death” bandwagon for this first round, so we will please them with this selection here. Heck, even GM Rick Spielman’s wife gave her two cents…

| 19 | Tennessee Titans

Dexter Lawrence | DT | Clemson | JR | 6-foot-4 | 342 lbs.

The Titans will be looking to add to their interior defensive line, particularly they will want to bring in a bigger bodied one tech to take away some of the attention from their star defensive tackle, Jurrell Casey . Lawrence is not only the biggest player in the draft, but he’s also ultra-athletic for his size and will have no problem attracting several blockers per snap. Some may see this as an overdraft, but Lawrence fits exactly what the Titans will be looking for.

| 20 | Pittsburgh Steelers

Byron Murphy | CB | Washington | rSO | 5-foot-11 | 190 lbs.

The Steelers could make the splashy move here and try to replace Antonio Brown with the physical freak that is D.K. Metcalf, however they usually do a better job of finding receiver talent in the middle to late rounds, so instead they will redirect their attention to the defensive side of the football. Ideally, they would like to have one of the Devins atlinebacker fallto them, however that doesn’t pan out in this scenario, therefore they will divert to the best available cornerback to replace Joe Haden , who is on the last year of his deal. While Murphy isn’t the biggest or most athletic, the very fact that the Steelers ever went for a guy like Joe Haden would prove that they don’t necessarily care so much about those attributes at the position. Where Murphy lacks in size and speed, he makes up for with incredible instincts, mechanics, and ball skills.

| 21 | Seattle Seahawks

D.K. Metcalf | WR | Ole Miss | rSO | 6-foot-3 | 228 lbs.

After acquiring a second first round pick on Tuesday in the Frank Clark trade, the Seahawks are now benefiting by being able to use one as a luxury selection. While Metcalf is instagram famous from his 18-pack abs and 4.33 40-time, he certainly would be a luxury selection if taken as high as 21st overall. The logic here is that after having paid Russell Wilson , the Seahawks now have no choice but to build around him. Metcalf may currently be as raw as sushi, but if he ever becomes the sum of his parts, he will have been worth a top-five selection, let alone the 21st overall pick.

| 22 | Baltimore Ravens

Garrett Bradbury | C | N.C. State | rSR | 6-foot-3 | 306 lbs.

The Ravens just missed the chance to grab themselves a potentially game breaking wideout, so instead of reaching on the next one, they decide to invest in their ground and pound offensive identity. Bradbury, while likely best suited as a center in the NFL, would likely step into the starting left guard spot over Alex Lewis . Despite falling to 22nd overall, Bradbury is regarded as the safest player in the draft by many scouts.

| 23 | Houston Texans

Cody Ford | OT | Oklahoma | rSR | 6-foot-4 | 329 lbs.

Deshaun Watson was sacked a league 62 times last season. That just cannot continue. Cody Ford is positionversatile, was an All-American last season, and is the best offensive lineman still on the board. He could honestly probably play anywhere along the Texans offensive line next season and would be an upgrade over what they currently have.

| 24 | Arizona Cardinals (PROJECTED TRADE: ARZ receives 2019 4th, 24th, and 2020 1st rounder from CHI; OAK receives 2019 1st overall)

Rock Ya-Sin | CB | Temple | SR | 6-foot | 192 lbs.

The Cards have a lot of needs, but after the social media blow up from Patrick Peterson (called out Cardinals organization and took the team’s name out of all of his social media bio), let’s stir the pot and give them a first round cornerback here. Ya-Sin is still a bit raw, but has all of the traits that NFL teams are looking for at the cornerback position. He’s long, with plus athleticism, and is tough as nails. He has a lot of potential for the position if brought in by a coaching staff willing to teach him the nuances of the professional game.

| 25 | Philadelphia Eagles

Greg Little | OT  | Ole Miss | JR | 6-foot-5 | 310 lbs.

I’ve been saying it for years, but Jason Peters is done. It seems like he’s hurt every year now and even when he plays, he’s not that formidable. Little has the size and technique to be Peters’ logical replacement, while he will only benefit from working in an NFL strength and conditioning program. He could start from day one at left tackle, but may be the swing guy early on…… Or he may just start when Peters is inevitably injured early on in the season.

| 26 | Indianapolis Colts

Christian Wilkins | DT | Clemson | SR | 6-foot-3 | 315 lbs.

Wilkins appears to be the biggest “faller” in this mock thus far. It’s not for any reason of his own flaws as a prospect, but rather because of how many quarterbacks ended up going earlier than expected. The Colts are shaping into a rock solid roster, however their biggest need happens to be inside at the three technique. Wilkins is one of, if not the best three tech in the draft, giving the Colts an incredible steal this late.

| 27 | Oakland Raiders (from Dallas)

Clelin Ferrell | DE | Clemson | rJR | 6-foot-4 | 264 lbs.

If trading up to number one to get their future franchise quarterback felt like waking up on Christmas morning, seeing that Ferrell is still available when they pick again at 27 has to at least feel like waking up on your birthday morning. Ferrell is one of the best pass rush talents in the draft, however he slips just a bit here because of his perceived maxed out frame and athleticism. Ferrell attacks offensive tackles with strength and arm extension, winning with overwhelming power. He will undoubtedly help the Raiders and their league-worst pass rush from last season.

| 28 | Los Angeles Chargers

Dalton Risner | OT | Kansas State | rSR | 6-foot-5 | 312 lbs.

The Chargers could go in a variety of directions here, quarterback of the future included, but after being mostly wiped out at that position, how about they go and grab a plug-and-play starter at right tackle? While many are concerned about Risner’s perceived lack of length and athletic ability to play right tackle in the NFL, keep in mind that Joe Thomas had some of the shortest arms of any starting tackle during his day, yet he will be enshrined in Canton, Ohio in short order. In the absolutely worst case scenario, Risner will be a very productive guard in the NFL. Chargers fans will learn to love Risner’s toughness and tenacity; his bully mentality…

| 29 | Seattle Seahawks (from Kansas City)

Jerry Tillery | DL | Notre Dame | SR | 6-foot-6 | 295 lbs.

Tillery is certainly a projection and traits player, but the Seahawks have just the coaching staff prepared to take on his immense potential. I’m not going to lie and say that he’s the safest player in the draft, and quite frankly he has some serious bust potential if he can’t unlock some more consistency in his game, but getting a player with these types of Hall of Fame traits near the bottom of the first round is incredible value. Liken him to Chris Jones coming out of college just a few years ago. Both were equally raw at this stage and were both blessed with incredible size and traits for the position… Jones had 15.5 sacks last season.

| 30 | Green Bay Packers (from New Orleans)

Noah Fant | TE | Iowa | JR | 6-foot-4 | 249 lbs.

After getting the linebacker they needed at 12, the Packers are benefited with the opportunity to take a luxury pick in Fant at 30th overall…

Yes, you read that correctly, Fant would in fact be the second tight end from Iowa to be picked in the first round, which, yes, would be a first in NFL history. While Hockenson is more of the physical and bruising type, Fant better fits the mold of the modern mismatch tight end. Many would argue that Jimmy Graham is the best of all-time fitting that archetype, therefore he would likely be a good mentor for Fant early on in his career.  

| 31 | Los Angeles Rams

Erik McCoy | C | Texas A&M | rJR | 6-foot-4 | 303 lbs.

It was really tempting to slot the Rams – a team with everything – a redshirt player in Jeffery Simmons. And while it would have made sense to give them one of the best interior defensive linemen in the draft to pair alongside Aaron Donald for 2020, they happen to actually have a more glaring need at center for 2019. McCoy will come in and immediately replace the recently departed John Sullivan .

| 32 | New England Patriots

Jeffery Simmons | DT | Mississippi State | JR | 6-foot-4 | 301 lbs.

If the Rams don’t take a chance on Simmons at 31, the Patriots are almost certainly going to, as they did almost very same thing with last year’s first round pick Isaiah Wynn . While the scenario with Wynn is a bit different, considering they didn’t know that Wynn was going to get injured headed into the draft, the fact still remains that they won the Super Bowl with zero snaps from their first round pick. Simmons will be healthy in 2020 and projects as a future Pro Bowler.