Welcome to the Fantasy Alarm Fantasy Basketball weekly rankings! Each week I will sorting through the upcoming schedules, injury concerns and latest trends to bring you the best plays. Remember that these rankings will change throughout the weekend depening on the latest news so check back often and if you have any questions please feel free to leave your comments here at the bottom. I will answer all of your questions whether it be seasonal or DFS so bring it!! 

As we sit here the upcoming week is full of question marks throughout the NBA. Will Kevin Durant be back soon? Who is going to start at PG for the Nets? Can Reggie Jackson continue his torrid pace since joining the Pistons? Can the Bulls compete without the often injured Derrick Rose? Well, the answer to all of those and more (I hope) are here within the week 19 fantasy basketball rankings. Let's get it started...


  1. Stephen Curry (GSW-4 Games) - The best pure shooter in the league has four great match ups against four weak defensive teams.
  2. Russell Westbrook (OKC-3 Games) - With Kevin Durant hurt, Westbrook has averaged nearly a triple-double over the last two weeks.
  3. Eric Bledsoe (PHX-4 Games) - Not only has he been shooting the ball over 51 percent from the floor over the last two weeks, but he has also grabbed eight rebounds per game during that time.
  4. Mike Conley (MEM-4 Games) - Entering a 4 game stretch playing banged up teams and has contributed 2.3 steals per game over the last few weeks.
  5. John Wall (WSH-3 Games) - With Bradley Beal’s ongoing struggles, the Wizards live and die by Wall’s performance.
  6. Goran Dragic (MIA-4 Games) - The world is his oyster and gets to play more on the ball with the Heat and that should improve his shooting percentages and assist numbers.
  7. Deron Williams (BKN-4 Games) - He faces teams that don’t believe in transitional defense and is in a good rhythm from a points and assists standpoint.
  8. Chris Paul (LAC-3 Games) - With Blake Griffin out, he is much needed on the scoring front and has a strong outside game.
  9. Kyle Lowry (PHI-4 Games) - Shooting percentage has been in the 30’s, but 2 of his first 3 games of the week are against low-end Eastern Conference Teams who are weak on defense.
  10. Ty Lawson (DEN-4 Games) - Averaging nearly a double-double on the season and has been relied on to shoot more because of Denver’s trades they made and overall health.
  11. Kyrie Irving (CLE-4 Games) - Has a shoulder injury, but if he plays, you must play him.
  12. Isaiah Thomas: (BOS-4 Games) - Will be relied on heavily for scoring and staying on the floor with Boston’s big men hurting.
  13. Ricky Rubio (MIN-3 Games) - A lot more confident in Rubio as a playmaker with Minnesota finally at full strength.
  14. Jarrett Jack (BKN-4 Games) - Jack has proven that even with Deron Williams in the lineup, he still gets his and is a key offensive weapon for this team.
  15. Tony Parker (SAS-3 Games) - Always reliable as long as he is on the court and not given the night off.
  16. Damian Lillard (POR-3 Games) - Facing teams that struggle against PGs and am expecting a ton of scoring this week.
  17. Reggie Jackson (DET-3 Games) - Shoot first Point Guard, who has already embraced the role as both the scorer and playmaker for the Pistons.
  18. George Hill (IND-3 Games): Two of his three games are against the Knicks; enough said!
  19. Jeff Teague: (ATL-3 Games) - His shooting percentage has improved tremendously over the last month (43.2 percent from the field).
  20. Michael Carter-Williams (MIL-3 Games) - Learning how to play PG properly under Jason Kidd and gets a lot of long rebounds.



  1. James Harden (HOU-4 Games): Quite simply a stat-producing machine with small downside (sore ankle).
  2. Jimmy Butler (CHI-4 Games): With Derrick Rose out, he emerges as the leader on both ends of the floor and will need to play a ton.
  3. DeMar DeRozan (TOR-4 Games): Excellent all-around fantasy producer and has a great week of match ups.
  4. Dwyane Wade (MIA-4 Games): The Heat lack big-man depth and Goran Dragic wants to be the established PG making Wade the top scoring option.
  5. Brandon Knight (PHX-4 Games): Knight and Eric Bledsoe can speed up the offense any time they want resulting in more scoring opportunities for both.
  6. Klay Thompson (GSW-3 Games): Part of the deadliest back court in the league and always gets his despite playing alongside top scorer Stephen Curry.
  7. Monta Ellis (DAL-4 Games): Becomes the focus for playing time and productivity with all the drama surrounding Rajon Rondo.
  8. Eric Gordon (NO-4 Games): The Pelicans are hurting and for once he is not involved with the health issues and is a prominent volume scorer.
  9. Gordon Hayward (UTAH-4 Games): Has scored over 20 points per game over the last month and is very reliable.
  10. Avery Bradley (BOS-4 Games): The one constant on the Celtics who is a big scoring and steals threat.
  11. Trevor Ariza (HOU-4 Games): Major outside scoring threat and good enough ball handling skills and will be needed to score more.
  12. Victor Oladipo (ORL-3 Games): Has excellent match ups and has shown a ton of growth with his driving ability and Orlando is hurting.
  13. Joe Johnson (BKN-4 Games): One of the three consistent scorers on this team who is a constant mid and long range scoring threat.
  14. Kevin Martin (MIN-3 Games): Has scored a ton of 20 point games and is very good at reading screens and finding open shot opportunities.
  15. Danny Green (SAS-3 Games): Green has been slowly earning more playing time and has shown aggressiveness on the rebound front as well.
  16. Jamal Crawford (LAC-3 Games): Lives and dies by his shot, but mostly lives and is a reliable off the bench scoring option.
  17. Louis Williams (TOR-4 Games): Williams has shown a ton of promise on defense and has had big scoring games lately carving playing time out for him.
  18. J.R. Smith (CLE-4 Games): If Kyrie Irving is out for a bit, Smith becomes a dangerous volume scorer and is great for the Cavs transition game.
  19. Kyle Korver (ATL-3 Games): All-Star shooter who still finds a way to get open and is dangerous from distance.
  20. Wesley Matthews (POR-3 Games): Matthews recently had a 31 point game while playing 34 minutes, which shows that despite trading for Arron Afflalo, his playing time is safe. 



  1. LeBron James (CLE-4 Games): Playing at his best right now as Cleveland finally seems to have a consistent flow on offense.
  2. Rudy Gay (SAC-4 Games): Gay has been a consistent scorer and can be counted on for 20 games, especially versus teams like the Knicks, Magic and Heat.
  3. Giannis Antetokounmpo (MIL-3 Games): Great all-around fantasy option who is even averaging over a steal and a block per game in the last month.
  4. James Johnson (TOR-4 Games): Johnson has been able to secure playing time because of his defense and is hitting double figures often on offense.
  5. Luol Deng (MIA-4 Games): With Chris Bosh out, that opens up a bunch of shot opportunities and with Dragic wanting to be more of a facilitator, Deng becomes a top scoring weapon.
  6. Tyreke Evans (NO-4 Games): When his shot is on, he is a major multi-category fantasy threat and is a good change of pace player.
  7. Robert Covington (PHI-4 Games): Has been averaging over two steals per game over the last month and with K.J. McDaniels gone, he has secured a ton more playing time.
  8. P.J. Tucker (PHX-4 Games): Three of his next four match ups are very favorable and plays with the aggressiveness of a Power Forward and the Suns have made quite a few personnel changes lately.
  9. Danilo Gallinari (DEN-4 Games): He can play multiple positions and with Arron Afflalo gone and Wilson Chandler hurt, he becomes a top option and is a big scoring threat from downtown.
  10. Evan Turner (BOS-4 Games): As the Celtics continue to get used to their new rotation, Turner has become one of the few constants on this team that has a solidified role and recently secured a triple-double.
  11. Kevin Durant (OKC-3 Games): Currently dealing with a foot injury and if he plays, he is viewed as a top option.
  12. Khris Middleton (MIL-3 Games): Middleton has shown a ton of growth this season and has a solid mid-range game when it comes to scoring and has been averaging over a steal per game in the last month.
  13. Omri Casspi (SAC-4 Games): Has been a huge rebounder and with other scorers out, he has been getting a lot shot opportunities and can co-exist with Gay.
  14. Andrew Wiggins (MIN-3 Games): Wiggins is not only a good isolation player and has a good move from the wing when he has the ball that allows him to create his own space.
  15. Kawhi Leonard (SAS-3 Games): His next two match ups are great but has not been shooting that well, but if he decides to be proactive on the offensive glass, he is a big threat, but needs to keep his head in the game.
  16. DeMarre Carroll (ATL-3 Games): He has been very disciplined on defense averaging over a steal per game and frequently scores in double figures.
  17. Thaddeus Young (BKN-4 Games): Still learning the system on his new team, but he’s a constant scoring, steals and rebounding threat and will get the opportunity to play a bit more inside.
  18. Corey Brewer (HOU-4 Games): He is one of the only consistent defenders on this team and one of the best in the league at grabbing steals this season.
  19. Tobias Harris (ORL-3 Games): When he is in and healthy, he is a major scoring threat and one of the best elbow-screen readers in the game, which allows him to attack the basket.
  20. Mike Dunleavy (CHI-4 Games): With Derrick Rose out, the Bulls are in desperate need of his long range game and has been a solid spot up shooter this season. 



  1. Pau Gasol (CHI-4 Games): He still has excellent driving and post-up ability and has grabbed 13 rebounds a game over the last month.
  2. Nerlens Noel (PHI-4 Games): Noel has a ton of playing time at his disposal and has blocked three shots per game over the last month.
  3. Anthony Davis (NO-4 Games): He has been a bit banged up (Shoulder) but when he plays, he always makes an impact and fills up the stat sheet.
  4. Draymond Green (GSW-4 Games): This has been a major breakout season for Green as he has become a major multi-category impact player and has averaged over a block and steal per game over the last month.
  5. Markieff Morris (PHX-4 Games): The Suns traded away some of their big man depth and Morris has taken full advantage as his inside offensive game has certainly improved and can be relied on for consistent double digit scoring and rebounding.
  6. Serge Ibaka (OKC-3 Games): With Kevin Durant hurting, it allows Ibaka to be versatile on offense and is always consistent on defense.
  7. Dirk Nowitzki (DAL-4 Games): Still a consistent scorer from inside and out and is a match up nightmare for any other Power Forward and Center in the league.
  8. Zach Randolph (MEM-4 Games): He is an animal in the paint and is one of the best offensive rebounders in the game on one of the toughest teams in the league.
  9. Kevin Love (CLE-4 Games) The Cavs are finally clicking consistently and Love can absolutely burn his next few opponents if he hit three-pointers causing him to be a match up nightmare.
  10. Derrick Favors (UTAH-4 Games): Now that Enes Kanter is gone, the Jazz can focus more on their inside game starting from the elbow and Favors is very successful when he gets the ball at the free-throw line with only one defender on him.
  11. Tim Duncan (SAS-3 Games): Always reliable for points, rebounds, a high Field Goal Percentage and blocks. The only thing that hurts his value is “rest”.
  12. LaMarcus Aldridge (POR-3 Games): He has been averaging a double-double over the last month and seems to be over the minor injuries he suffered early on.
  13. Ed Davis (LAL-4 Games): Davis has nearly averaged a double-double over the last month and has been a big help with blocks and with the Lakers depth issues, he’s always a good start.
  14. Greg Monroe (DET-3 Games): With Reggie Jackson at the helm at Point Guard, the Pistons will look to utilize there inside presence and Monroe is a reliable double figures scorer and rebounder as he has averaged double figures in both overt the last month.
  15. Paul Millsap (ATL-3 Games): Two of his next three games are against teams that struggle guarding the paint meaning that he should get a lot of open baby jumpers.
  16. Terrence Jones (HOU-4 Games): He is back and has already made an impact from a scoring and rebounding standpoint despite the Rockets overall struggles inside.
  17. David West (IND-3 Games): West has been quietly putting up good scoring and rebounding numbers and has even contributed four assists and one steal per game over the last month and has the fortune of drawing the Knicks twice in week 19.
  18. John Henson (MIL-3 Games): He has blocked 2.7 shots per game over the last month and will contribute in scoring and rebounding.
  19. Kenneth Faried (DEN-4 Games): The Nuggets have a limited amount of big man depth and Faried is aggressive on the offensive glass and scores a lot of his points inside off of offensive rebounds.
  20. Brandon Bass (BOS-4 Games): Absolutely worth starting with playing time on his side and the Celtics frontcourt hurting badly.



  1. Hassan Whiteside (MIA-4 Games): Whiteside Mania continues and with Chris Bosh out for the rest of the season, the double-double machine has no true competition at the position and will continue to dominate.
  2. Marc Gasol (MEM-4 Games): One of the top all-around players in the league and has tremendous shooting range.
  3. Brook Lopez (BKN-4 Games): The injuries seem behind him for now and has blocked two shots per game while shooting his standard 50 percent from the field over the last month.
  4. Rudy Gobert (UTAH-4 Games): Enes Kanter being traded is the best thing that could have happened to Gobert and now he will have more playing time to further improve his game and is ultra-aggressive when on the floor.
  5. Timofey Mozgov (CLE-4 Games): Still a volume player and waiting to see him consistently play over 30 min per game, but when in, he is almost automatic for a double-double.
  6. Joakim Noah (CHI-4 Games): Noah can always be relied on for blocks and rebounds and his aggressive play makes it hard to keep him from grabbing a rebound and is one of the best in the league at boxing out defenders.
  7. Jonas Valanciunas (TOR-4 Games): He has averages just about a double-double over the last month complete with a block and a half per game.
  8. DeMarcus Cousins (SAC-4 Games): If he was 100 percent healthy, he would most likely top this list because not only is he one of the most dominant scorers and rebounders, but he also is a good ball-handler and facilitates his own plays.
  9. Jusuf Nurkic (DEN-4 Games): He has been a multi-category stud over the last few weeks providing a ton of blocks and steals to go along with his double-double efforts.
  10. DeAndre Jordan (LAC-3 Games): He is a fierce rebounder and inside presense on offense and outside of his free-throw percentage is a great start especially with Blake Griffin out.
  11. Tyson Chandler (DAL-4 Games): Chandler has been the lone defensive presence on the Mavericks and has been a double-double machine all season and they cannot afford not to play him because of the lack of a defensive presence.
  12. Andre Drummond (DET-3 Games): The Pistons new look with Reggie Jackson will bring even more focus to their inside game and it all starts with Drummond who is one of the most dominant paint players in the game.
  13. Alex Len (PHX-4 Games): Len has finally gotten his opportunity to secure a ton of playing time and has taken full advantage showing his aggressiveness and has shown a ton of promise from a rebounding standpoint.
  14. Nikola Vucevic (ORL-3 Games): Vucevic has been a constant inside threat all season long and has great driving ability and you can expect 8-10 rebounds a night along with 12-15 points.
  15. Al Horford (ATL-3 Games): Horford has improved his rebounding and has been shooting 50 percent from the field for the last month and has amazing range with his shot. He has grabbed 10.4 rebounds per game over the last month.
  16. Al Jefferson (CHA-4 Games): Jefferson has scored 14.7 points and grabbed 12 rebounds per game over the last few weeks and has also helped out in harder categories to fill such as steals in that time. (1.3 steals per game)
  17. Nikola Pekovic (MIN-3 Games): Pekovic is finally 100 percent healthy again and has great match ups in 2 of his 3 games and definitely will have a good chance to secure at least 10 points and 10 rebounds in those two games.
  18. Marcin Gortat (WSH-3 Games): Over the last month Gortat has shot 54.4 percent from the field and gets a lot of open looks when the Wizards guards draw the extra defender when driving to the basket and he has also blocked 1.2 shots per game during that time.
  19. Cody Zeller (CHA-4 Games): Zeller has definitely stepped out of Al Jefferson’s shadow because of blocking ability and has been consistent in getting multi-block games.
  20. Robin Lopez (POR-3 Games): Lopez is a great high percentage shooter who has been averaging 1.9 blocks per game over the last month and will score 10 points mainly from under the basket because of how aggressive he is.