As I sit here at the Clark Sports Center in Cooperstown, New York awaiting the newest class of MLB Hall of Fame inductees to go in, it’s time to start looking forward. Forward in a relative sense as we look at the next week of the schedule as opposed to full careers on display or who’s going in next year. The dog days of Summer are here to stay and the hard trade deadline just a week and a half away, these games will be pivotal to determining who’s on the move, who’s staying put, and which teams are pushing all in for their shot.

Team Schedules

Team# of Games# at Home# AwayOpponents
NL East
Braves523vs. KC (2), @PHI (3)
Marlins633@CWS (3), vs. ARI (3)
Mets660vs. SD (3), vs. PIT (3)
Phillies523@DET (2), vs. ATL (3)
Nationals770vs. COL (4), vs. LAD (3)
NL Central
Cubs606@SF (3), @MIL (3)
Reds633@MIL (3), vs. COL (3)
Brewers660vs. CIN (3), vs. CHC (3)
Pirates743vs. STL (4), @NYM (3)
Cardinals734@PIT (4), vs. HOU (3)
NL West
Diamondbacks633vs. BAL (3), @MIA (3)
Rockies707@WAS (4), @CIN (3)
Dodgers523vs. LAA (2), @WAS (3)
Padres633@NYM (3), vs. SF (3)
Giants633vs. CHC (3), @SD (3)
Team# of Games# at Home# AwayOpponents
AL East
Orioles707@ARI (3), @LAA (4)
Red Sox743@TB (3), vs. NYY (4)
Yankees707@MIN (3), @BOS (4)
Rays633vs. BOS (3), @TOR (3)
Blue Jays660vs. CLE (3), vs. TB (3)
AL Central
White Sox770vs. MIA (3), vs. MIN (3)
Indians707@TOR (3), @KC (4)
Tigers624vs. PHI (2), @SEA (4)
Royals642@ATL (2), vs. CLE (4)
Twins734vs. NYY (3), @CWS (4)
AL West
Astros633vs. OAK (3), @STL (3)
Angels642@LAD (2), vs. BAL (4)
Athletics743@HOU (3), vs. TEX (4)
Mariners770vs. TEX (3), vs. DET (4)
Rangers707@SEA (3), @OAK (4)

Interleague Outlook

Away TeamHome TeamGamesDH?Player(s) Impacted
RoyalsBraves2NoJorge Soler
MarlinsWhite Sox3YesGarrett Cooper
OriolesD-Backs3NoChris Davis
AngelsDodgers2NoAlbert Pujols
PhilliesTigers2YesJay Bruce
AstrosCardinals3NoYordan Alvarez , Yuli Gurriel

Who’s Hot

AverageOBPSLG Hit Streaks
1Ramón Laureano 0.5831Ramón Laureano 0.6001Ramón Laureano 1.208  PlayerLengthAVGAt Bats
2Anthony Rizzo 0.5502Anthony Rizzo 0.6002Teoscar Hernández 1.000 1Matt Olson 150.29561
3Xander Bogaerts 0.5003Corey Dickerson 0.6003Christian Yelich 0.963 2Mookie Betts 120.45151
4Keston Hiura 0.5004Xander Bogaerts 0.5594Anthony Rizzo 0.900 3Anthony Rizzo 110.48739
5Corey Dickerson 0.5005Christian Walker 0.5425Danny Santana 0.882 4Austin Meadows 110.33339
wOBAwRC+ISO 5Keston Hiura 100.50040
1Ramón Laureano 0.7271Ramón Laureano 3761Teoscar Hernández 0.632 6Christian Yelich 100.43639
2Anthony Rizzo 0.5932Anthony Rizzo 2742Ramón Laureano 0.625 7Anthony Rendon 100.43639
3Christian Yelich 0.5873Christian Yelich 2683Edwin Encarnación 0.565 8Michael Moustakas100.30839
4Teoscar Hernández 0.5664Teoscar Hernández 2654Ryan McMahon 0.542 9Yulieski Gurriel90.39538
5Keston Hiura 0.5645Keston Hiura 2535Mitch Garver 0.529 10Bryan Holaday 90.35531

Ramón Laureano , OF OAK - One of the most frustrating fantasy options out there, he had another streaky good week last week and is all over the charts above. On top of that his counting stats were good too with three home runs, 11 runs, three RBI, and two steals. When he’s on fire, he’s a great addition to a fantasy and real-life lineup, but when he’s cold, his defense keeps him on the field which obviously doesn’t help in the fantasy realm.

Oscar Mercado , OF CLE - The mid-year call-up is finally really starting to show how consistently good he can be for an MLB lineup. In the last seven games he slashed .435/.500/.870 with three homers, eight RBI, six runs, and three steals. He was originally known for a decent average and good speed when he came up but the power addition to his game has been nice for fantasy owners. If he keeps this up, he could be one of the best mid-year waiver claims of the year.

Teoscar Hernández , OF TOR - Hernandez’s trip down to the farm seems to have started to show rewards now with the last week he posted. Slashing .368/.455/1.000 is a heck of a start but so is four homers, eight runs, and seven RBI. The Blue Jays seem inclined to give him a long leash in center field at this point so if he has finally figured out the bat that showed flashes last year, it’s a great sign for the Blue Jays and fantasy owners alike.

Brandon Crawford , SS SF - He’s more of an honorable mention for the week given that it was really a double-header in Coors at the start of the week that vaulted his numbers up. Slashing .333/.429/.700 with three homers, 12 RBI, and eight runs is still the best sign of life we’ve seen from him this season at the plate even if it was aided by Coors and it’s ability to boost any offenses abilities.


Who’s Not

Charlie Blackmon , OF COL - Blackmon has been unreal at Coors this year, but this past week wasn’t his friend, even with a nice match-up at home against the Giants. The lumberjack looking outfielder, slashed .120/.154/.160 with just two runs and an RBI while striking out more than a quarter of the time. He is in no danger of losing playing time and will still hit at or near the top of the Rockies lineup and it’s likely just bad week for him.

Austin Riley , 3B/OF ATL - The youngster who’s been setting the world on fire for most of his time in the majors, is coming back down to earth. He slashed .167/.200/.208 last week while striking out 44-percent of the time with a run and two RBI. The future is bright for the top third baseman prospect in baseball, at the time of his call-up, but like every rookie, it comes down to how fast he makes adjustments at the highest level. The Braves need the bat in the lineup to keep making the strong push to stay atop the NL East and in all likelihood it will turn around shortly.

Shin-Soo Choo , OF/DH TEX - Choo is normally the most reliable bat in the Rangers lineup; a bona fide hitting and on-base machine. Not this past week though. He slashed just .111/.200/.278 with one home runs, two runs, and an RBI on the tally. The striking out 35.6-percent of the time is unusual for him as well but then again there were a few other Ranger teammates that didn’t have the best weeks either. Choo is too skilled and patient a hitter to stay in a slump very long, just flashback to his on-base streak year or two ago as proof.


Match-Up Breakdowns

The teams in the left column are the away team with their stats showing for road games and the right column shows team stats for those respective team's home games.

Weekend Match-Ups (Thursday/Friday-Sunday)

Colorado at Cincinnati Los Angeles at Washington Atlanta at Philadelphia
4.1Runs / Gm4.53 5.46Runs / Gm4.94 4.9Runs / Gm5.04
7.69Hits / Gm8.23 8.86Hits / Gm8.9 8.74Hits / Gm7.9
1.02HR / Gm1.45 1.56HR / Gm1.51 1.4HR / Gm1.43
10.56K / Gm8.83 8.84K / Gm8.02 8.54K / Gm8.39
0.222Batting Avg.0.251 0.254Batting Avg.0.266 0.248Batting Avg.0.242
0.654OPS0.758 0.795OPS0.806 0.742OPS0.765
0.154ISO0.181 0.201ISO0.199 0.175ISO0.195
27.80%K %23.90% 21.90%K %21.20% 21.70%K %22.50%
8.20%XBH %7.90% 9.10%XBH %9.20% 8.10%XBH %9.00%
4.2ER against / Gm3.94 4.06ER against / Gm4.31 4.12ER against / Gm4.59
8.23K/9 (pitchers)9.8 9.09K/9 (pitchers)9.34 8.7K/9 (pitchers)8.36
1.32HR/9 (pitchers)1.22 1.27HR/9 (pitchers)1.12 1.18HR/9 (pitchers)1.69
4.42R/game allowed4.28 4.48R/game allowed4.55 4.58R/game allowed4.86
8.33H/game allowed7.94 7.9H/game allowed8.94 8.18H/game allowed9.27
1.29HR/game allowed1.23 1.22HR/game allowed1.14 1.16HR/game allowed1.71
8.02Opp. K / Gm9.91 8.76Opp. K / Gm9.49 8.56Opp. K / Gm8.45
0.249Opponent Avg.0.234 0.239Opponent Avg.0.253 0.244Opponent Avg.0.264
Tampa Bay at Toronto New York at Boston Pittsburgh at New York
4.65Runs / Gm4.02 6.43Runs / Gm5.4 4.35Runs / Gm4.75
8.88Hits / Gm7.12 9.93Hits / Gm9.32 9.17Hits / Gm8.48
1.45HR / Gm1.55 1.78HR / Gm1.32 1.06HR / Gm1.48
9.04K / Gm8.73 9.13K / Gm8.11 8.21K / Gm8.48
0.252Batting Avg.0.217 0.275Batting Avg.0.27 0.261Batting Avg.0.255
0.759OPS0.693 0.839OPS0.812 0.727OPS0.772
0.184ISO0.193 0.211ISO0.194 0.152ISO0.182
22.90%K %24.20% 22.30%K %20.80% 21.40%K %22.60%
8.70%XBH %8.60% 9.70%XBH %10.00% 7.90%XBH %8.10%
3.31ER against / Gm4.98 4.98ER against / Gm4.72 4.54ER against / Gm4.5
9.59K/9 (pitchers)8.46 8.62K/9 (pitchers)10.31 9.24K/9 (pitchers)9.89
0.96HR/9 (pitchers)1.69 1.81HR/9 (pitchers)1.08 1.39HR/9 (pitchers)1.14
3.63R/game allowed5.41 5.3R/game allowed5.17 4.92R/game allowed4.7
7.37H/game allowed9.33 9.2H/game allowed8.6 8.65H/game allowed8.5
0.94HR/game allowed1.73 1.78HR/game allowed1.11 1.33HR/game allowed1.16
9.41Opp. K / Gm8.67 8.5Opp. K / Gm10.53 8.81Opp. K / Gm10.07
0.223Opponent Avg.0.261 0.265Opponent Avg.0.246 0.26Opponent Avg.0.247
Arizona at Miami Minnesota at Chicago Chicago at Milwaukee
5.74Runs / Gm3.64 6.06Runs / Gm4.4 5.19Runs / Gm4.96
9.87Hits / Gm8.02 10.18Hits / Gm8.6 9Hits / Gm8.76
1.72HR / Gm0.72 2.14HR / Gm1.27 1.79HR / Gm1.69
8.72K / Gm8.96 8.22K / Gm9.17 9.69K / Gm9.3
0.271Batting Avg.0.24 0.279Batting Avg.0.259 0.254Batting Avg.0.261
0.812OPS0.656 0.853OPS0.738 0.79OPS0.809
0.209ISO0.117 0.238ISO0.161 0.206ISO0.208
21.50%K %24.40% 20.50%K %25.10% 24.30%K %24.50%
9.80%XBH %6.30% 10.60%XBH %7.50% 9.00%XBH %9.20%
4.28ER against / Gm4.42 4.33ER against / Gm5.19 4.69ER against / Gm4.74
8.32K/9 (pitchers)8.69 8.2K/9 (pitchers)8.19 8.42K/9 (pitchers)10.02
1.27HR/9 (pitchers)1.04 1.48HR/9 (pitchers)1.71 1.38HR/9 (pitchers)1.43
4.65R/game allowed4.74 4.88R/game allowed5.56 5.04R/game allowed5.11
8.48H/game allowed8.48 8.45H/game allowed9.06 8.94H/game allowed8.46
1.24HR/game allowed1.06 1.43HR/game allowed1.71 1.33HR/game allowed1.46
8.15Opp. K / Gm8.86 7.92Opp. K / Gm8.19 8.12Opp. K / Gm10.22
0.253Opponent Avg.0.245 0.252Opponent Avg.0.262 0.266Opponent Avg.0.242
Cleveland at Kansas City Houston at St. Louis Baltimore at Los Angeles
4.54Runs / Gm4.58 5.27Runs / Gm4.48 4.08Runs / Gm5.31
8.58Hits / Gm8.62 9.37Hits / Gm7.9 8.06Hits / Gm8.69
1.27HR / Gm0.88 1.69HR / Gm0.98 1.14HR / Gm1.54
8.4K / Gm7.52 7.02K / Gm7.6 9.7K / Gm7.23
0.251Batting Avg.0.259 0.266Batting Avg.0.243 0.235Batting Avg.0.26
0.749OPS0.735 0.816OPS0.701 0.678OPS0.798
0.175ISO0.155 0.210ISO0.138 0.148ISO0.197
21.70%K %20.30% 17.50%K %20.60% 25.80%K %19.10%
8.50%XBH %8.40% 9.60%XBH %6.70% 7.20%XBH %8.80%
3.65ER against / Gm5 3.8ER against / Gm3.42 4.94ER against / Gm4.65
9.26K/9 (pitchers)7.69 9.78K/9 (pitchers)8.45 8.16K/9 (pitchers)9.47
1.19HR/9 (pitchers)1.07 1.29HR/9 (pitchers)1.19 1.62HR/9 (pitchers)1.59
4R/game allowed5.3 4.22R/game allowed3.71 5.54R/game allowed4.92
7.65H/game allowed9.48 7.18H/game allowed7.79 8.68H/game allowed8.46
1.15HR/game allowed1.08 1.25HR/game allowed1.21 1.54HR/game allowed1.6
8.94Opp. K / Gm7.76 9.53Opp. K / Gm8.56 7.74Opp. K / Gm9.58
0.234Opponent Avg.0.268 0.219Opponent Avg.0.231 0.26Opponent Avg.0.243
Texas at Oakland San Francisco at San Diego Detroit at Seattle
4.9Runs / Gm4.88 5.5Runs / Gm3.82 3.98Runs / Gm4.91
8.52Hits / Gm8.39 8.62Hits / Gm7.5 8.23Hits / Gm8.07
1.34HR / Gm1.59 1.38HR / Gm1.4 1.15HR / Gm1.5
11.06K / Gm6.92 8.44K / Gm9.14 10.4K / Gm9.87
0.243Batting Avg.0.251 0.248Batting Avg.0.233 0.236Batting Avg.0.241
0.734OPS0.781 0.751OPS0.704 0.7OPS0.743
0.176ISO0.204 0.189ISO0.172 0.166ISO0.183
28.20%K %18.40% 21.90%K %25.60% 27.00%K %26.10%
8.70%XBH %9.30% 9.60%XBH %7.40% 8.70%XBH %8.10%
4.82ER against / Gm3.53 4.74ER against / Gm4.24 4.81ER against / Gm5.24
8.92K/9 (pitchers)7.66 8.48K/9 (pitchers)8.53 8.47K/9 (pitchers)7.85
1.58HR/9 (pitchers)0.87 1.65HR/9 (pitchers)1.38 1.44HR/9 (pitchers)1.71
5.18R/game allowed3.78 4.98R/game allowed4.44 5.19R/game allowed6.06
9.08H/game allowed8.12 8.68H/game allowed8.24 8.96H/game allowed9.56
1.5HR/game allowed0.9 1.58HR/game allowed1.4 1.38HR/game allowed1.74
8.48Opp. K / Gm7.92 8.14Opp. K / Gm8.62 8.08Opp. K / Gm7.98
0.27Opponent Avg.0.235 0.26Opponent Avg.0.239 0.268Opponent Avg.0.265

Early Week Match-Ups (Monday-Wednesday/Thursday)

Colorado at Washington St. Louis at Pittsburgh Cleveland at Toronto
4.21Runs / Gm4.91 4.57Runs / Gm5.11 4.58Runs / Gm4.17
7.69Hits / Gm8.83 8.45Hits / Gm9.78 8.56Hits / Gm7.27
1.08HR / Gm1.52 1.47HR / Gm1.07 1.33HR / Gm1.58
10.62K / Gm8.09 9.2K / Gm7.22 8.4K / Gm8.69
0.221Batting Avg.0.264 0.245Batting Avg.0.28 0.25Batting Avg.0.22
0.653OPS0.801 0.738OPS0.789 0.751OPS0.703
0.157ISO0.198 0.177ISO0.173 0.178ISO0.197
28.10%K %21.40% 23.90%K %18.70% 21.80%K %24.00%
8.20%XBH %9.10% 8.00%XBH %9.50% 8.40%XBH %8.80%
4.1ER against / Gm4.52 4.67ER against / Gm5.31 3.78ER against / Gm5.08
8.3K/9 (pitchers)9.38 9.01K/9 (pitchers)8.7 9.27K/9 (pitchers)8.49
1.28HR/9 (pitchers)1.2 1.54HR/9 (pitchers)1.43 1.2HR/9 (pitchers)1.77
4.38R/game allowed4.78 5.04R/game allowed5.67 4.16R/game allowed5.5
8.31H/game allowed9.07 8.39H/game allowed9.67 7.84H/game allowed9.35
1.25HR/game allowed1.22 1.47HR/game allowed1.47 1.16HR/game allowed1.81
8.12Opp. K / Gm9.54 8.61Opp. K / Gm8.93 8.91Opp. K / Gm8.69
0.248Opponent Avg.0.256 0.257Opponent Avg.0.266 0.239Opponent Avg.0.261
Boston at Tampa Bay Philadelphia at Detroit San Diego at New York
6Runs / Gm4.5 4.56Runs / Gm3.3 5.06Runs / Gm4.81
10.17Hits / Gm8.72 8.69Hits / Gm7.72 8.9Hits / Gm8.57
1.65HR / Gm1.14 1.06HR / Gm0.67 1.71HR / Gm1.48
8.56K / Gm9.78 9.02K / Gm9.24 10.31K / Gm8.48
0.276Batting Avg.0.254 0.246Batting Avg.0.231 0.254Batting Avg.0.257
0.815OPS0.745 0.718OPS0.649 0.775OPS0.774
0.192ISO0.165 0.154ISO0.133 0.204ISO0.181
20.70%K %25.70% 22.90%K %25.50% 26.50%K %22.50%
8.60%XBH %8.30% 8.00%XBH %7.70% 9.20%XBH %8.10%
4.71ER against / Gm3.66 4.79ER against / Gm5.48 4.92ER against / Gm4.52
9.76K/9 (pitchers)9.62 8.52K/9 (pitchers)7.84 9.32K/9 (pitchers)9.94
1.54HR/9 (pitchers)1.08 1.77HR/9 (pitchers)1.7 1.47HR/9 (pitchers)1.19
5.12R/game allowed3.9 5.12R/game allowed6.17 5.44R/game allowed4.71
9.08H/game allowed7.82 9.06H/game allowed10.13 9.23H/game allowed8.45
1.54HR/game allowed1.12 1.71HR/game allowed1.72 1.42HR/game allowed1.21
9.75Opp. K / Gm9.98 8.21Opp. K / Gm7.93 8.98Opp. K / Gm10.12
0.257Opponent Avg.0.227 0.269Opponent Avg.0.279 0.268Opponent Avg.0.245
Kansas City at Atlanta Oakland at Houston Cincinnati at Milwaukee
4.16Runs / Gm5.64 5.52Runs / Gm5.12 4.26Runs / Gm4.94
8.34Hits / Gm9.34 8.9Hits / Gm9.18 8Hits / Gm8.8
1.04HR / Gm1.68 1.68HR / Gm1.53 1.26HR / Gm1.71
9.6K / Gm8.88 8.5K / Gm7.06 8.7K / Gm9.29
0.242Batting Avg.0.275 0.25Batting Avg.0.276 0.233Batting Avg.0.262
0.706OPS0.844 0.767OPS0.825 0.703OPS0.812
0.157ISO0.216 0.198ISO0.198 0.171ISO0.211
25.20%K %23.00% 21.50%K %18.60% 22.90%K %24.50%
8.00%XBH %9.80% 9.10%XBH %9.00% 8.00%XBH %9.40%
4.76ER against / Gm4.46 4.42ER against / Gm3.92 3.78ER against / Gm4.59
8.16K/9 (pitchers)8.43 7.62K/9 (pitchers)10.45 9.78K/9 (pitchers)9.96
1.55HR/9 (pitchers)1.33 1.41HR/9 (pitchers)1.73 1.29HR/9 (pitchers)1.4
4.94R/game allowed5.06 4.68R/game allowed4.08 3.96R/game allowed4.94
8.96H/game allowed9.36 8.42H/game allowed7.8 7.92H/game allowed8.22
1.46HR/game allowed1.34 1.38HR/game allowed1.78 1.24HR/game allowed1.43
7.68Opp. K / Gm8.5 7.48Opp. K / Gm10.71 9.4Opp. K / Gm10.18
0.273Opponent Avg.0.265 0.248Opponent Avg.0.224 0.243Opponent Avg.0.236
New York at Minnesota Miami at Chicago Baltimore at Arizona
6.19Runs / Gm5.1 3.63Runs / Gm4.47 4.09Runs / Gm4.53
9.51Hits / Gm8.94 8.3Hits / Gm8.8 8.04Hits / Gm8.29
1.72HR / Gm1.58 0.89HR / Gm1.27 1.06HR / Gm1.07
9.12K / Gm7.81 9.09K / Gm9.07 9.49K / Gm8.11
0.266Batting Avg.0.261 0.24Batting Avg.0.264 0.235Batting Avg.0.244
0.812OPS0.806 0.664OPS0.748 0.673OPS0.726
0.200ISO0.210 0.127ISO0.161 0.144ISO0.166
22.40%K %20.20% 24.00%K %24.70% 25.20%K %21.30%
9.00%XBH %10.00% 6.90%XBH %7.50% 7.20%XBH %8.50%
4.72ER against / Gm3.58 4.13ER against / Gm5.36 5ER against / Gm4.29
8.64K/9 (pitchers)9.08 8.74K/9 (pitchers)8.2 8.19K/9 (pitchers)9.09
1.65HR/9 (pitchers)0.98 1.47HR/9 (pitchers)1.73 1.68HR/9 (pitchers)1.2
5.05R/game allowed4.02 4.37R/game allowed5.76 5.62R/game allowed4.38
9.09H/game allowed8.69 7.93H/game allowed9.33 8.64H/game allowed8.49
1.63HR/game allowed1.02 1.41HR/game allowed1.73 1.6HR/game allowed1.24
8.51Opp. K / Gm9.5 8.39Opp. K / Gm8.2 7.79Opp. K / Gm9.4
0.262Opponent Avg.0.242 0.244Opponent Avg.0.268 0.258Opponent Avg.0.243
Chicago at San Francisco Texas at Seattle Los Angeles at Los Angeles
5.27Runs / Gm3.35 4.98Runs / Gm4.96 4.92Runs / Gm5.39
9.02Hits / Gm7.49 8.52Hits / Gm7.96 9.02Hits / Gm9.1
1.8HR / Gm0.73 1.28HR / Gm1.54 1.31HR / Gm1.78
9.56K / Gm9.02 11.26K / Gm9.92 6.81K / Gm7.37
0.257Batting Avg.0.225 0.243Batting Avg.0.238 0.258Batting Avg.0.274
0.798OPS0.645 0.735OPS0.742 0.755OPS0.84
0.208ISO0.130 0.174ISO0.187 0.166ISO0.217
24.00%K %24.30% 28.60%K %26.20% 17.30%K %19.40%
9.10%XBH %7.00% 8.80%XBH %8.20% 7.90%XBH %9.30%
4.76ER against / Gm4.16 4.85ER against / Gm5.22 5ER against / Gm2.67
8.4K/9 (pitchers)8.82 8.73K/9 (pitchers)7.86 8.55K/9 (pitchers)9.29
1.44HR/9 (pitchers)1.13 1.55HR/9 (pitchers)1.65 1.65HR/9 (pitchers)1.14
5.13R/game allowed4.76 5.22R/game allowed6.1 5.12R/game allowed3.29
8.91H/game allowed8.96 9.11H/game allowed9.52 8.42H/game allowed6.96
1.38HR/game allowed1.18 1.48HR/game allowed1.68 1.58HR/game allowed1.16
8.04Opp. K / Gm9.24 8.33Opp. K / Gm8 8.15Opp. K / Gm9.43
0.267Opponent Avg.0.249 0.27Opponent Avg.0.264 0.253Opponent Avg.0.207