We are back from the All-Star Break and the dog days of summer are firmly upon us. There is a double-header on Monday so pay attention to that when setting your lineups.

Team Schedules

Team# of Games# at Home# AwayOpponents
NL East
Braves743@MIL (3), vs. WAS (4)
Marlins633vs. SD (3), @LAD (3)
Mets606@MIN (2), @SF (4)
Phillies743vs. LAD (4), @PIT (3)
Nationals606@BAL (2), @ATL (4)
NL Central
Cubs660vs. CIN (3), vs. SD (3)
Reds743@CHC (3), vs. STL (4)
Brewers734vs. ATL (3), @ARI (4)
Pirates633@STL (3), vs. PHI (3)
Cardinals734vs. PIT (3), @CIN (4)
NL West
Diamondbacks642@TEX (2), vs. MIL (4)
Rockies743vs. SF (4), @NYY (3)
Dodgers734@PHI (4), vs. MIA (3)
Padres606@MIA (3), @CHC (3)
Giants844@COL (4), vs. NYM (4)
Team# of Games# at Home# AwayOpponents
AL East
Orioles550vs. WAS (2), vs. BOS (3)
Red Sox743vs. TOR (4), @BAL (3)
Yankees770vs. TB (4), vs. COL (3)
Rays734@NYY (4), vs. CWS (3)
Blue Jays707@BOS (4), @DET (3)
AL Central
White Sox707@KC (4), @TB (3)
Indians770vs. DET (4), vs. KC (3)
Tigers734@CLE (4), vs. TOR (3)
Royals743vs. CWS (4), @CLE (3)
Twins660vs. NYM (2), vs. OAK (4)
AL West
Astros734@LAA (4), vs. TEX (3)
Angels743vs. HOU (4), @SEA (3)
Athletics624vs. SEA (2), @MIN (4)
Mariners532@OAK (2), vs. LAA (3)
Rangers523vs. ARI (2), @HOU (3)

Interleague Schedules

Away TeamHome TeamGamesDH?Player(s) Impacted
MetsTwins2YesDominic Smith , Todd Frazier
NationalsOrioles2YesMatt Adams , Ryan Zimmerman , Howie Kendrick
DiamondbacksRangers2YesJake Lamb , Christian Walker
RockiesYankees3YesIan Desmond , Ryan McMahon

Who’s Hot

AverageOBPSLG Hit Streaks
1Jesús Aguilar 0.6361Shin-Soo Choo 0.6841Josh Donaldson 1.636  PlayerLengthAVGAt Bats
2Daniel Murphy 0.6362Daniel Murphy 0.6672Mike Trout 1.538 1Whit Merrifield 110.38644
3Danny Santana 0.5563Jesús Aguilar 0.6363Daniel Murphy 1.364 2Miguel Sanó 100.38234
4Greg Allen 0.5564Greg Allen 0.6364Jesús Aguilar 1.273 3Shin-Soo Choo 90.42935
5Nick Markakis 0.5455Mark Canha 0.6155Keston Hiura 1.167 4J.T. Realmuto 90.38936
wOBAwRC+ISO 5Matt Olson 90.28239
1Daniel Murphy 0.8021Josh Donaldson 4071Josh Donaldson 1.182 6Starlin Castro 80.42433
2Josh Donaldson 0.7982Jesús Aguilar 3962Mike Trout 1.077 7

Travis d'Arnaud

3Jesús Aguilar 0.7813Daniel Murphy 3963Starling Marte 0.750 8Luis Arraez80.35137
4Mike Trout 0.7274Mike Trout 3784Daniel Murphy 0.727 9Javier Báez 80.35137
5Greg Allen 0.6845Greg Allen 3425Keston Hiura 0.667 10Jonathan Schoop 80.33333

Mike Trout , OF LAA – The emotions of the last couple of weeks have been strong in Anaheim as they’ve been honoring their former teammate in several ways. The late Tyler Skaggs ’ A-Ball roommate in Trout has been honoring him with his play on the field. In just three games since the ASB, Trout hit .462/.500/1.538 with four homers, 12 RBI, and five runs and a remarkable 1.077 ISO. Yes saying Trout is hot is like saying water is wet or that he’s good at baseball, but in a brief stint to put up those kinds of numbers is still nuts even for him.

Josh Donaldson , 3B ATL – Donaldson must have been hearing the chatter about how good his future replacement has been in Austin Riley and came out swinging after the break. He posted a .455/.538/1.636 slash with four home runs, eight RBI, and seven runs in the three games Atlanta played over the weekend. The Braves are still out in front of the NL East but they will need Donaldson in the middle of the order to stay hot in the second half to hold off the charging Nationals.

Nate Lowe , 1B TB – It’s about time the power showed up for Lowe in the majors. In four games over the weekend, the first baseman hit three home runs, seven RBI, and four runs scored with a .353/.389/.941 slash line. His huge year in 2018 across a few levels of the minor leagues really drew attention to a previously overlooked prospect in the Rays system and now it’s his time to show if that power and swing adjustment is real. He may not get a full bevy of at-bats in the second half, however, he should be able to be effective when he’s in the lineup given the parks they play in in the AL East.

Who’s Not

Eric Hosmer , 1B SD – Hosmer had finished a pretty solid first half as the Padres have been a bit of a surprise team this year, however that solid showing didn’t continue right out of the break. Hosmer, in 14 plate appearances in three games, slashed .071/.071/.071 with one RBI for the Padres. That’s just not going to get it done in any fashion and if the Padres want to continue to make a push for an NL Wild Card spot, Hosmer will need to re-find his stroke once more.

Trea Turner , SS WAS – The Nationals as a team are in the midst of the best 41-game stretch in their history, going 30-11 and 17-4 in the last 21 games. Turner, however, hasn’t been great this last weekend against Philadelphia as he slashed .143/.143/.214 with no counting stats. Hitting atop the Washington lineup he is a pivotal table-setter for the order and he needs to get on base to use that speed and mess with the opposing pitcher’s rhythm, but the .143 OBP isn’t going to do that. Yes, it’s a small sample but he is susceptible to these kinds of slumps occasionally so if it lingers, don’t be surprised.

Jarrod Dyson , OF ARI – Dyson is another speedster who was having a pretty good first half for the Diamondbacks until the All-Star break came. Against St. Louis put up a whole bunch of zeros in the slash line and counting stats across the board. Now he’s not known as a power guy or a run producer but the steals and run scored and average are definitely help parts of his game and those can’t happen if he’s putting up goose eggs in the slash line. Dyson will continue to play his role in the Arizona lineup but with Jake Lamb coming back, there is a bit more flexibility in the lineup and if Dyson doesn’t heat up soon, the role could be reduced.

Match-up Breakdowns

The teams in the left column are showing stats for road games and the teams in the right column are showing stats for home games.

Weekend Schedule (Thursday/Friday - Sunday)

San Diego at Chicago Philadelphia at Pittsburgh Colorado at New York
5.11Runs / Gm4.94 4.61Runs / Gm5.21 4.24Runs / Gm5.16
8.84Hits / Gm8.24 8.67Hits / Gm9.77 7.67Hits / Gm8.6
1.69HR / Gm1.39 1.09HR / Gm1.12 1.09HR / Gm1.66
10.24K / Gm8.63 8.98K / Gm7.33 10.61K / Gm8.72
0.252Batting Avg.0.255 0.246Batting Avg.0.279 0.221Batting Avg.0.264
0.77OPS0.789 0.719OPS0.793 0.652OPS0.797
0.201ISO0.194 0.157ISO0.176 0.157ISO0.199
26.40%K %23.20% 22.80%K %18.90% 27.90%K %23.90%
9.00%XBH %8.80% 8.20%XBH %9.50% 8.10%XBH %8.30%
5.0ER against / Gm3.33 4.87ER against / Gm5.42 3.89ER against / Gm3.4
9.21K/9 (pitchers)8.73 8.66K/9 (pitchers)8.64 8.2K/9 (pitchers)9.99
1.47HR/9 (pitchers)1.07 1.85HR/9 (pitchers)1.47 1.28HR/9 (pitchers)1.34
5.44R/game allowed3.73 5.22R/game allowed5.77 4.15R/game allowed3.7
9.2H/game allowed7.84 9.02H/game allowed9.7 8.11H/game allowed7.92
1.42HR/game allowed1.1 1.78HR/game allowed1.51 1.26HR/game allowed1.34
8.91Opp. K / Gm8.92 8.35Opp. K / Gm8.88 8.07Opp. K / Gm9.98
0.267Opponent Avg.0.231 0.268Opponent Avg.0.267 0.243Opponent Avg.0.233
Boston at Baltimore St. Louis at Cincinnati Chicago at Tampa Bay
5.86Runs / Gm4.25 4.41Runs / Gm4.51 4.02Runs / Gm4.62
10.1Hits / Gm8.27 8.39Hits / Gm8.02 8.43Hits / Gm8.77
1.6HR / Gm1.33 1.46HR / Gm1.47 1.06HR / Gm1.17
8.64K / Gm8.54 9.26K / Gm8.79 9.6K / Gm9.73
0.275Batting Avg.0.244 0.243Batting Avg.0.246 0.247Batting Avg.0.257
0.808OPS0.724 0.732OPS0.749 0.689OPS0.752
0.187ISO0.175 0.176ISO0.181 0.142ISO0.168
20.90%K %22.90% 24.00%K %23.90% 25.90%K %25.60%
8.50%XBH %8.20% 7.90%XBH %7.90% 7.10%XBH %8.40%
4.58ER against / Gm6.12 4.59ER against / Gm3.86 4.6ER against / Gm3.6
9.79K/9 (pitchers)7.43 9.08K/9 (pitchers)9.78 7.98K/9 (pitchers)9.52
1.52HR/9 (pitchers)2.23 1.55HR/9 (pitchers)1.19 1.27HR/9 (pitchers)1.09
4.98R/game allowed6.65 4.98R/game allowed4.12 4.98R/game allowed3.83
8.88H/game allowed10.1 8.17H/game allowed7.88 8.83H/game allowed7.65
1.52HR/game allowed2.25 1.48HR/game allowed1.21 1.17HR/game allowed1.12
9.8Opp. K / Gm7.5 8.67Opp. K / Gm9.91 7.34Opp. K / Gm9.85
0.253Opponent Avg.0.279 0.252Opponent Avg.0.232 0.273Opponent Avg.0.224
Toronto at Detroit Kansas City at Cleveland Washington at Atlanta
4.47Runs / Gm3.32 4.21Runs / Gm4.53 4.9Runs / Gm5.77
8.41Hits / Gm7.73 8.38Hits / Gm7.78 8.33Hits / Gm9.3
1.22HR / Gm0.66 1.06HR / Gm1.33 1.21HR / Gm1.74
9.31K / Gm9.25 9.75K / Gm8.16 8.67K / Gm8.79
0.245Batting Avg.0.232 0.243Batting Avg.0.241 0.244Batting Avg.0.275
0.717OPS0.651 0.707OPS0.736 0.724OPS0.848
0.159ISO0.132 0.158ISO0.175 0.162ISO0.221
24.30%K %25.50% 25.50%K %22.40% 22.50%K %22.80%
7.70%XBH %7.60% 8.00%XBH %8.10% 7.60%XBH %9.90%
4.57ER against / Gm5.3 4.75ER against / Gm3.84 3.96ER against / Gm4.3
8.02K/9 (pitchers)7.74 8.14K/9 (pitchers)10.15 9.8K/9 (pitchers)8.45
1.11HR/9 (pitchers)1.71 1.59HR/9 (pitchers)1.49 1.12HR/9 (pitchers)1.35
4.92R/game allowed6.02 4.94R/game allowed4.16 4.33R/game allowed4.94
9H/game allowed9.98 8.94H/game allowed8 7.73H/game allowed9.21
1.04HR/game allowed1.73 1.5HR/game allowed1.49 1.06HR/game allowed1.36
7.53Opp. K / Gm7.84 7.67Opp. K / Gm10.12 9.31Opp. K / Gm8.53
0.271Opponent Avg.0.276 0.272Opponent Avg.0.236 0.238Opponent Avg.0.262
Texas at Houston Oakland at Minnesota Milwaukee at Arizona
5.11Runs / Gm5.13 5.6Runs / Gm5.16 4.67Runs / Gm4.52
8.64Hits / Gm9.19 8.81Hits / Gm8.98 8.26Hits / Gm8.33
1.27HR / Gm1.47 1.7HR / Gm1.53 1.65HR / Gm1.1
11.14K / Gm7.04 8.53K / Gm8.04 9.7K / Gm8.24
0.246Batting Avg.0.275 0.248Batting Avg.0.26 0.234Batting Avg.0.244
0.742OPS0.82 0.765OPS0.8 0.742OPS0.724
0.174ISO0.192 0.200ISO0.206 0.191ISO0.165
28.10%K %18.50% 21.50%K %20.80% 24.30%K %21.60%
8.80%XBH %8.80% 9.10%XBH %10.00% 8.40%XBH %8.40%
4.84ER against / Gm4.02 4.45ER against / Gm3.53 4.65ER against / Gm4.12
8.74K/9 (pitchers)10.31 7.82K/9 (pitchers)9.15 8.43K/9 (pitchers)9.09
1.47HR/9 (pitchers)1.74 1.34HR/9 (pitchers)0.95 1.3HR/9 (pitchers)1.17
5.23R/game allowed4.17 4.7R/game allowed4 4.96R/game allowed4.21
9.11H/game allowed7.87 8.43H/game allowed8.58 9.54H/game allowed8.38
1.41HR/game allowed1.79 1.32HR/game allowed1 1.28HR/game allowed1.21
8.36Opp. K / Gm10.57 7.68Opp. K / Gm9.6 8.33Opp. K / Gm9.43
0.27Opponent Avg.0.226 0.247Opponent Avg.0.239 0.275Opponent Avg.0.24
Los Angeles at Seattle Miami at Los Angeles New York at San Francisco
5Runs / Gm4.92 3.64Runs / Gm5.37 4.7Runs / Gm3.39
9.18Hits / Gm7.94 8.45Hits / Gm9.1 9.06Hits / Gm7.41
1.34HR / Gm1.56 0.91HR / Gm1.8 1.36HR / Gm0.74
6.78K / Gm9.94 8.93K / Gm7.43 9.06K / Gm8.78
0.262Batting Avg.0.236 0.244Batting Avg.0.274 0.254Batting Avg.0.226
0.765OPS0.741 0.67OPS0.839 0.75OPS0.647
0.169ISO0.188 0.128ISO0.217 0.175ISO0.131
17.20%K %26.20% 23.60%K %19.60% 22.90%K %24.00%
8.10%XBH %8.30% 6.90%XBH %9.30% 8.50%XBH %7.10%
4.96ER against / Gm5.31 4.07ER against / Gm2.69 4.92ER against / Gm4.15
8.49K/9 (pitchers)7.88 8.83K/9 (pitchers)9.16 8.58K/9 (pitchers)8.81
1.68HR/9 (pitchers)1.7 1.46HR/9 (pitchers)1.17 1.56HR/9 (pitchers)1.12
5.08R/game allowed6.23 4.3R/game allowed3.29 5.4R/game allowed4.78
8.42H/game allowed9.71 7.89H/game allowed7.04 9.38H/game allowed8.87
1.6HR/game allowed1.73 1.41HR/game allowed1.18 1.51HR/game allowed1.15
8.1Opp. K / Gm8.02 8.5Opp. K / Gm9.31 8.28Opp. K / Gm9.09
0.252Opponent Avg.0.268 0.242Opponent Avg.0.209 0.271Opponent Avg.0.25

Early Week Schedule (Monday – Wednesday/Thursday)

Los Angeles at Philadelphia Tampa Bay at New York Washington at Baltimore
5.09Runs / Gm5.07 4.83Runs / Gm5.15 4.93Runs / Gm4.29
8.69Hits / Gm8.02 9.11Hits / Gm8.6 8.36Hits / Gm8.36
1.38HR / Gm1.43 1.41HR / Gm1.6 1.24HR / Gm1.36
8.58K / Gm8.33 8.91K / Gm8.64 8.71K / Gm8.71
0.251Batting Avg.0.246 0.255Batting Avg.0.263 0.245Batting Avg.0.245
0.777OPS0.774 0.763OPS0.791 0.727OPS0.731
0.189ISO0.196 0.182ISO0.194 0.165ISO0.178
21.50%K %22.30% 22.40%K %23.60% 22.60%K %23.20%
8.90%XBH %9.10% 8.70%XBH %8.20% 7.70%XBH %8.30%
4.1ER against / Gm4.24 3.17ER against / Gm3.4 3.98ER against / Gm6.24
8.95K/9 (pitchers)8.18 9.65K/9 (pitchers)9.97 10.07K/9 (pitchers)7.35
1.25HR/9 (pitchers)1.55 0.84HR/9 (pitchers)1.28 1.07HR/9 (pitchers)2.29
4.44R/game allowed4.52 3.5R/game allowed3.72 4.31R/game allowed6.78
7.91H/game allowed9.2 7.41H/game allowed7.89 7.69H/game allowed10.29
1.2HR/game allowed1.57 0.83HR/game allowed1.28 1.02HR/game allowed2.31
8.56Opp. K / Gm8.28 9.52Opp. K / Gm9.96 9.58Opp. K / Gm7.42
0.241Opponent Avg.0.261 0.223Opponent Avg.0.233 0.236Opponent Avg.0.283
Toronto at Boston San Diego at Miami Detroit at Cleveland
4.33Runs / Gm5.38 5.12Runs / Gm3.52 3.91Runs / Gm4.33
8.31Hits / Gm9.12 8.79Hits / Gm7.87 8.12Hits / Gm7.53
1.16HR / Gm1.31 1.7HR / Gm0.67 1.09HR / Gm1.29
9.53K / Gm8.02 10.33K / Gm8.93 10.3K / Gm8.33
0.243Batting Avg.0.267 0.25Batting Avg.0.236 0.233Batting Avg.0.234
0.707OPS0.801 0.766OPS0.644 0.692OPS0.719
0.152ISO0.194 0.201ISO0.112 0.162ISO0.168
25.00%K %20.80% 26.60%K %24.50% 26.70%K %22.80%
7.50%XBH %10.00% 9.00%XBH %6.20% 8.60%XBH %7.50%
4.47ER against / Gm4.74 4.88ER against / Gm4.37 4.53ER against / Gm3.93
8.01K/9 (pitchers)10.5 9.22K/9 (pitchers)8.6 8.7K/9 (pitchers)10.02
1.11HR/9 (pitchers)1.05 1.47HR/9 (pitchers)1 1.38HR/9 (pitchers)1.51
4.84R/game allowed5.1 5.37R/game allowed4.74 4.93R/game allowed4.29
8.78H/game allowed8.6 9.23H/game allowed8.37 8.77H/game allowed8.11
1.04HR/game allowed1.07 1.42HR/game allowed1.02 1.33HR/game allowed1.51
7.53Opp. K / Gm10.67 8.93Opp. K / Gm8.78 8.35Opp. K / Gm10
0.266Opponent Avg.0.247 0.268Opponent Avg.0.242 0.262Opponent Avg.0.238
Cincinnati at Chicago Arizona at Texas New York at Minnesota
4.2Runs / Gm4.94 5.49Runs / Gm5.71 4.52Runs / Gm5.26
7.96Hits / Gm8.15 9.69Hits / Gm8.73 8.88Hits / Gm9.02
1.26HR / Gm1.32 1.71HR / Gm1.55 1.34HR / Gm1.53
8.74K / Gm8.55 8.67K / Gm9.12 9.2K / Gm8.14
0.232Batting Avg.0.252 0.267Batting Avg.0.26 0.25Batting Avg.0.261
0.7OPS0.782 0.801OPS0.804 0.74OPS0.803
0.170ISO0.189 0.207ISO0.212 0.172ISO0.207
23.10%K %23.00% 21.60%K %24.10% 23.40%K %21.00%
7.90%XBH %8.60% 9.70%XBH %9.90% 8.30%XBH %10.10%
3.72ER against / Gm3.34 4.31ER against / Gm4.71 5.06ER against / Gm3.51
9.72K/9 (pitchers)8.88 8.28K/9 (pitchers)8.36 8.67K/9 (pitchers)9.27
1.27HR/9 (pitchers)1.08 1.24HR/9 (pitchers)1.41 1.58HR/9 (pitchers)0.93
3.83R/game allowed3.74 4.71R/game allowed5.02 5.56R/game allowed3.79
7.78H/game allowed7.79 8.57H/game allowed9.53 9.4H/game allowed8.42
1.22HR/game allowed1.11 1.22HR/game allowed1.45 1.52HR/game allowed0.98
9.35Opp. K / Gm9.06 8.12Opp. K / Gm8.59 8.36Opp. K / Gm9.74
0.24Opponent Avg.0.23 0.255Opponent Avg.0.267 0.272Opponent Avg.0.236
Atlanta at Milwaukee Pittsburgh at St. Louis Chicago at Kansas City
5.04Runs / Gm4.87 4.48Runs / Gm4.45 4.19Runs / Gm4.27
8.91Hits / Gm8.81 9.25Hits / Gm7.95 8.51Hits / Gm8.29
1.43HR / Gm1.7 1.12HR / Gm0.95 1.07HR / Gm0.87
8.59K / Gm9.43 8.38K / Gm7.61 9.6K / Gm7.73
0.252Batting Avg.0.262 0.261Batting Avg.0.243 0.248Batting Avg.0.249
0.755OPS0.81 0.736OPS0.699 0.694OPS0.712
0.181ISO0.208 0.159ISO0.135 0.142ISO0.152
21.70%K %24.90% 21.70%K %20.50% 25.70%K %21.00%
8.40%XBH %9.30% 8.20%XBH %6.50% 7.20%XBH %8.20%
4.04ER against / Gm4.68 4.48ER against / Gm3.5 4.51ER against / Gm5.07
8.74K/9 (pitchers)10.06 9.35K/9 (pitchers)8.51 7.98K/9 (pitchers)7.39
1.15HR/9 (pitchers)1.43 1.35HR/9 (pitchers)1.28 1.31HR/9 (pitchers)1.08
4.52R/game allowed5 4.88R/game allowed3.82 4.84R/game allowed5.36
8.09H/game allowed8.26 8.69H/game allowed7.77 8.65H/game allowed9.36
1.13HR/game allowed1.47 1.29HR/game allowed1.3 1.21HR/game allowed1.09
8.63Opp. K / Gm10.3 8.94Opp. K / Gm8.64 7.37Opp. K / Gm7.47
0.242Opponent Avg.0.237 0.26Opponent Avg.0.23 0.268Opponent Avg.0.265
San Francisco at Colorado Seattle at Oakland Houston at Los Angeles
5.04Runs / Gm6.82 5.1Runs / Gm4.72 5.04Runs / Gm5.33
8.02Hits / Gm11.16 8.56Hits / Gm8.3 9.2Hits / Gm8.74
1.31HR / Gm1.53 1.77HR / Gm1.5 1.7HR / Gm1.63
8.51K / Gm8.31 9.4K / Gm6.91 7K / Gm7.09
0.235Batting Avg.0.314 0.245Batting Avg.0.248 0.262Batting Avg.0.261
0.719OPS0.912 0.781OPS0.769 0.808OPS0.802
0.182ISO0.222 0.214ISO0.196 0.213ISO0.198
22.50%K %20.70% 23.80%K %18.40% 17.70%K %18.70%
9.20%XBH %11.00% 9.50%XBH %9.00% 9.80%XBH %8.60%
4.87ER against / Gm6.67 5.04ER against / Gm3.63 3.83ER against / Gm4.53
8.42K/9 (pitchers)8 7.7K/9 (pitchers)7.76 9.79K/9 (pitchers)9.62
1.68HR/9 (pitchers)1.65 1.68HR/9 (pitchers)0.86 1.38HR/9 (pitchers)1.58
5.13R/game allowed7.02 5.69R/game allowed3.89 4.15R/game allowed4.84
8.82H/game allowed11.24 9.42H/game allowed8.2 7.09H/game allowed8.21
1.6HR/game allowed1.69 1.6HR/game allowed0.89 1.35HR/game allowed1.6
8.02Opp. K / Gm8.18 7.35Opp. K / Gm8.04 9.57Opp. K / Gm9.74
0.265Opponent Avg.0.301 0.274Opponent Avg.0.236 0.216Opponent Avg.0.237