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Players To Avoid

Here are some players to avoid in fantasy basketball drafts next season. The full list of "Players To Avoid" will be in the fantasy basketball draft guide, that will be available in a few months. Feel free to comment below or tweet at me, @DaTrueGuru, about how right or wrong I am.

Derrick Rose PG, Chicago - The injury riddled point guard was a complete disaster last season before suffering his second, season ending knee injury. There are so many great point guards out there that have put up great numbers every year. While Derrick Rose suffers season ending injuries year after year (played in 49 games the past three seasons COMBINED), but in just 10 games last season he averaged 15.9 points, 3.2 rebounds, 4.3 assists, and a miserable 35.4 FG% per game. To assume D-Rose is going to return to his pre-injury form is pure tomfoolery. Let Rose be someone else’s problem and do not waste a valuable draft pick on him.

Joakim Noah PF/C, Chicago - There are very few players that played harder and better team-oriented basketball than Joakim, but he’s a better real life player than a fantasy basketball player. The high rebound numbers are great. He blocks 1.5 shots per game, and had a career-high five assists per game last season. However, he  also put up 12.9 points per game (career average is 12), which is not even top 100 for that category (106). Also, the assists he averages per game is the best among centers, but that is not why you draft centers in fantasy basketball. It didn’t help that the Bulls didn’t really have a point guard last year, so Noah had to get everyone else involved. As a matter of fact, in the  previous two seasons, Noah has averaged 5.4 and four assists per game, both of those seasons he basically played without Rose. He never averaged more than 2.5 assists per game in his previous years in the league. This is a player that doesn’t score very often, is only elite in one category (rebounds) , and had a career year last season. Noah is going to be extremely over rated and picked way to high in fantasy drafts.

Klay Thompson SG/SF- If I hear another person talk about how special this guy is, then I will have to bust-a-cap on someone’s ass. People don’t realize that Kevin Martin, yes that Kevin Martin, averaged identical per game numbers as Thompson. Also, Thompson contributes in two categories, points and three pointers made. THATS IT! He doesn’t pile up assists (averaged 2.2 last season which matched a career high). He barely steals the ball (0.9 steals per game last season), and the rebounds are nowhere to be found (3.1 rebounds per game, which is his career average). Basically, people are paying for a younger version of Kevin Martin for absolutely no reason whatsoever. Do not board this hype train and do not pay top dollar for Klay Thompson in fantasy basketball drafts.

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