Point Guard

RANK NAME Team # Games Analysis
1 Luka Doncic DAL 4 INJ: Doncic missed his last game because he's feeling pain in his Ankle, but it's looking like he won't have to miss any additional games. 
2 Trae Young ATL 4 Young has the full slate and will never have to worry about a shortage of shots. The Hawks have a limited amount of big men meaning the Hawks Guards are going to have to help pick up the slack. 
3 D'Angelo Russell MIN 4 Russell's Knee seems to be fine and he shouldn't be limited this week. With Karl-Anthony Towns out for the next few weeks, expect him to put up scoring numbers similar to his Golden State games.
4 Russell Westbrook HOU 3 Westbrook has been making better decisions with the ball and the results are showing as he'll continue being the Rockets second scoring option for the rest of the way. 
5 Devonte' Graham CHA 4 Graham is still the prioritized scorer and the Hornets big men won't help them out as much and we've been able to rely on Graham more for assists lately. 
6 De'Aaron Fox SAC 4 Fox keeps the Kings offense moving at a quick pace and he'll spend the most time with the ball and will always look to drive and draw contact. He has a long-range game as well.
7 Spencer Dinwiddie BKN 4 Dinwiddie could very well be the top scoring option for the Nets when all is said and done and he'll succeed attacking the rim. He'll help out with assists big time without having Kyrie Irving in his way.
8 Ricky Rubio PHX 4 Rubio has been great at running the floor and he's being careful what shots he takes and is hesitating more and waiting for another player to cut and he'll keep his dimes high. 
9 Ja Morant MEM 4 Morant will have to take on even more of the offensive burden with Jaren Jackson Jr. out for the next few weeks. Expect him to take a few more shots from long-range. 
10 Eric Bledsoe MIL 4 Even with the Bucks healthy, Bledsoe will still get a good amount of time with the ball and he'll help a bit on the defensive end by grabbing long boards and steals. 
11 Kyle Lowry TOR 3 Lowry doesn't have the full slate of games, but will still be one of the most impactful second options in the league and owners can expect multi-category production and for him to play deep into games.
12 Elfrid Payton NY 4 INJ: Payton missed his last game with a sore Ankle and his status heading into Monday's game in undetermined. It's a good match up for him versus the Rockets if he suits up.
13 Goran Dragic MIA 4 Dragic has been excellent off the bench and he'll continue to take advantage of Tyler Herro being out and with Jimmy Butler out for the first game of the week, he'll see more shots. 
14 Patrick Beverley LAC 4 INJ: Beverley has missed his last five games with a Groin injury, but there's a chance he'll be ready to return to action on Monday versus Memphis after practicing late last week. 
15 Chris Paul OKC 3 Paul has carried the Thunder and he continues working a nice two-man game with Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and he'll get plenty of shots and he'll help with dimes and steals. 
16 Kendrick Nunn MIA 4 Nunn will also benefit from Jimmy Butler being out as he'll see more time on the ball and he has incredible speed and will be productive on transition. He's been one of the most impressive Rookies. 
17 Markelle Fultz ORL 4 Fultz has found a good home in Orlando and he'll be the Magic's fourth scoring option for the rest of the way and he's seen success driving and dishing and he'll produce assists regularly.
18 Ish Smith WSH 4 Until Shabazz Napier gets used to the way the Wizards offense runs, Smith will see more minutes and he'll get a good amount of time with the ball and shots. Expect him to see 25 minutes per game.
19 Malcolm Brogdon IND 3 Brogdon has had a few up and down games lately. We have to be curious long-term if Victor Oladipo is going to take a lot of shots away from him, but he's safe for now. 
20 Ben Simmons PHI 4 INJ: Simmons will miss at least Monday's game with a Back injury. His status for the rest of the week is up in the air. Don’t be surprised if MRI results come back that he has to sit for the week.

Shooting Guard

RANK NAME Team # Games Analysis
1 James Harden HOU 3 You know the deal by now, Harden can out-produce any Shooting Guard with fewer games. He takes a ton of shots and the offense (even with Westbrook) is centered around him. 
2 Bradley Beal WSH 4 Beal will continue seeing an unlimited amount of shots and we can continue to expect him to have high-scoring games and he'll even help a bit with assists as well as a secondary ball-handler.
3 Devin Booker PHX 4 Booker remains the top-scoring option on Phoenix and it doesn't matter if Deandre Ayton is in or out of the lineup and he'll continue helping compile assists. 
4 Khris Middleton MIL 4 Middleton is the Bucks second option and he won't just help with scoring as he plays strong defense on the perimeter and he'll hit the cutter from the top of the key. 
5 Andrew Wiggins GSW 4 Wiggins should be putting up D'Angelo Russell-like numbers for the rest of the way. He doesn't have anyone to take shots away from him until Stephen Curry returns. 
6 Buddy Hield SAC 4 Hield will see plenty of shots in this lineup despite the Kings having a ton of shooters. Hield will help grab rebounds from the elbow and will produce steals too. 
7 Terry Rozier CHA 4 Rozier will split time at both Guard spots and just like with Graham, we can rely on him for assists and he'll even help grab steals. 
8 Lou Williams LAC 4 We'll have to see if Patrick Beverley can make it back to the court because if he doesn't Williams will start in front of him. It will be interesting to see how Reggie Jackson fits into the rotation. 
9 Jimmy Butler MIA 4 Butler will miss another game for personal reasons on Monday and it's unclear whether or not he will make it back to the lineup for Wednesday's contest. Consider him day-to-day.
10 Evan Fournier ORL 4 Fournier will continue being the Magic's third option for the rest of the season and he'll get fed a lot at the arc because Aaron Gordon has to attack the rim a bit more. 
11 Jrue Holiday NO 3 Holiday's minutes and shots are safe. It started to look like Zion Williamson was taking away indirectly from Holiday's production, but he's responded well and he's been helpful producing assists. 
12 Collin Sexton CLE 4 Sexton's stock could be on the rise if the Cavs decide to shut Kevin Love down at some point in the next month, but for now, expect more 20-point games down the stretch as he continues to improve.
13 Alec Burks PHI 4 If Simmons has to miss time, Burks could be in line for more minutes, shots and time with the ball. He proved on Golden State that he's a good perimeter defender and can run the point. 
14 Fred VanVleet TOR 3 VanVleet has been an excellent third option for the Raptors this season and he gets fed a lot of shots especially in the closing minutes of games. His minutes will always be safe.
15 Donovan Mitchell UT 3 Mitchell will remain the prioritized shooter, but I continue to worry about his production when he's on the court with Mike Conley. He'll help push the ball inside more when Conley is off the court. 
16 CJ McCollum POR 3 McCollum will be the top scoring option for the Blazers for at least the next week until Damian Lillard comes back. Expect him to have more shots and time with the ball this week.
17 Jaylen Brown BOS 3 Brown will see more shots with Kemba Walker hurt. There are plenty of shots to go around and Brown will also help grab boards and steals and he'll play deep into games. 
18 Caris LeVert BKN 4 LeVert will see a bigger role down the stretch with Irving done. He should be the second shooting option behind Dinwiddie and he's over all of his injuries. 
19 Josh Richardson PHI 4 Richardson will be seeing a lot more shots if Simmons has to sit and he (just like Tobias Harris) will need to slash more to show opposing teams that more players can attack the rim successfully.
20 Kevin Huerter ATL 4 Huerter will still see a good amount of minutes and shots, but if Cam Reddish comes in and is keeping the offense moving quickly and hitting shots, it could hinder Huerter's production a bit.

Small Forward

RANK NAME Team # Games Analysis
1 LeBron James LAL 4 James will continue helping facilitate the Lakers offense. He'll play multiple positions and the offense moves quicker when he's running it as opposed to Rajon Rondo. 
2 Kawhi Leonard LAC 4 Even though the Clippers have four games this week, Leonard should be active for all of them as the Clippers don't have a back to back at all this week.
3 Kelly Oubre Jr. PHX 4 Oubre has a solidified role for the Suns as long as he doesn't miss the team Bus (as he's done). He'll provide help with hitting three's and grabbing boards and steals. 
4 Brandon Ingram NO 3 Ingram remains the top option for the Pelicans and he'll get plenty of minutes toggling between both forward positions and he'll even bring up the ball a decent amount. 
5 Taurean Prince BKN 4 Prince hangs at the arc a lot, but his defense will keep him in games and he doesn't have too much competition at the position and he'll help compile rebounds. 
6 Harrison Barnes SAC 4 Barnes will continue to have a large role and he'll even help a bit more in the paint because Richaun Holmes and Marvin Bagley III are still injured. Expect help with boards. 
7 Miles Bridges CHA 4 Bridges has been playing better. He's not just camping out at the arc anymore and he's attacking the rim a bit more and his rebounding numbers are improving. 
8 Bogdan Bogdanovic SAC 4 Bogdanovic's role is safe when it comes to minutes, but with Jabari Parker starting to hit the rotation, he could lose out on a few shots. He's safe until other big men come back. 
9 Tim Hardaway Jr. DAL 4 Hardaway will return to being the Mavs third scoring option with Doncic expected to be back on the floor. He'll get enough shots each game and can play multiple positions on the floor.
10 Joe Harris BKN 4 Harris will not only stay in the rotation with Irving done for the year, but he'll get time to run the point. He plays scrappy defense and he'll continue helping with shooting percentages on offense. 
11 Gordon Hayward BOS 3 Hayward has been much more productive lately because he's playing more in the post and he's been grabbing a lot more boards and he'll continue to see more shots with Walker out. 
12 Tobias Harris PHI 4 INJ: It's looking like Harris will have to miss his first game of the week on Monday with a Knee injury. It's not confirmed, but it's trending in that direction. His next game after that is on Wednesday.
13 Duncan Robinson MIA 4 Robinson will continue seeing playing time at different positions because of Herro's injury and Butler missing Monday's game. He takes a lot of three-pointers and can run the point if needed. 
14 Troy Brown Jr.  WSH 4 Brown will see a good amount of shots even with the Wizards being healthier overall. The trade of Jordan McRae benefits Brown and his minutes are safe. 
15 Eric Paschall GSW 4 Paschall will see even more production if Draymond Green has to sit again. The Warriors don't have a lot of mid and frontcourt options and Paschall will see a lot of shots and can hit them downtown. 
16 Dorian Finney-Smith DAL 4 Finney-Smith is a minutes eater because of his defense. He's more of a screen-setter on offense and he'll stay at the arc and serve as the ultimate bailout option, but he'll produce boards and steals.
17 Terrence Ross ORL 4 Ross will lead the Magic's second unit in scoring. He's a strong off the bench option and he'll help grab steals on the defensive end. He's even grabbed 3.1 boards per game this year. 
18 Will Barton DEN 3 Barton is over his injuries and we shouldn't expect him to be limited at all this week. Expect him to help run the point a good amount and he'll help in most other categories as well. 
19 Cedi Osman CLE 4 Osman will be Cleveland's main bailout shooter. He has done a better job of setting up at the elbow and it has put him in a better position to grab more rebounds. 
20 De'Andre Hunter ATL 4 Hunter missed his last game due to personal reasons and his status is uncertain heading into Monday's game versus the Sixers. He had been dealing with a sore Ankle. 

Power Forward

RANK NAME Team # Games Analysis
1 Giannis Antetokounmpo MIL 4 Antetokounmpo has a full slate of games and that puts him in a tremendous spot to be the top producer in fantasy basketball this week and with no Brook Lopez for the first game, expect more shots.
2 Anthony Davis LAL 4 Davis has been able to stay healthy even though it looked like he hurt his Ankle the other day and he'll toggle between playing PF and C for the Lakers as their second scoring option. 
3 John Collins ATL 4 Collins will continue being the second option and with Clint Capela still sidelined, he'll get fed a lot more in the post and we can expect plenty of points and boards from him. 
4 Kristaps Porzingis DAL 4 Porzingis is healthy and we shouldn't have to worry about him sitting out any games this week because the Mavs don't have a back to back despite having a full slate. 
5 Kevin Love CLE 4 INJ: Love missed his last game with a sore Achilles and even though it's looking like he'll play on Monday, he has shown when on the court that the pain hasn't subsided. 
6 Julius Randle NY 4 Randle will continue being the Knicks top scoring option for the rest of the season and if Elfrid Payton has to sit for the first game of the week, he'll even bring up the ball more. 
7 Aaron Gordon ORL 4 Jonathan Isaac isn't returning this season and it's better that way for Gordon's production because it forces him to attack the paint more and he'll help grab boards.
8 Al Horford PHI 4 Horford should look to set up in the post more if Simmons has to miss time. The Sixers must show other teams that they can have a post-game and are threats under the basket.
9 Pascal Siakam TOR 3 Siakam is the Raptors prioritized scorer and he doesn't have any competition for minutes behind him because Serge Ibaka needs to fill in at Center with Marc Gasol still out. 
10 Jayson Tatum BOS 3 Tatum will produce more with Walker hurt and he'll get plenty of minutes. The Celtics don't have a lot of depth behind him and he'll even get time to bring the ball up. 
11 Nemanja Bjelica SAC 4 Bjelica continues to keep his minutes with other big men out and Alex Len and Jabari Parker shouldn't impede on his minutes much at all at this point but that could change over time.
12 Draymond Green GSW 4 INJ: Green missed his last game with a Pelvis injury and his first game of the week is on Tuesday and we'll have to wait and see if he can make it back to the court for that one. 
13 Jae Crowder MIA 4 Crowder will continue to see PF minutes with Meyers Leonard hurt and it absolutely makes sense because he can force himself inside with the ball and even pop out to the arc and hit treys.
14 Larry Nance Jr.  CLE 4 Nance will see more minutes if for some reason the Cavs decide to hold out Love this week. Love hasn't proven that his Achilles pain has gone away and that could benefit Nance. 
15 PJ Washington CHA 4 Washington's minutes are safe with Marvin Williams out of the way and he'll get set up at the arc a decent amount and he'll help grab boards on the defensive side of the ball. 
16 Rui Hachimura WSH 4 Hachimura's injuries are behind him at this point and we should expect him to play full minutes for his full slate this week and he does a good job getting position in the post. 
17 Marcus Morris LAC 4 Morris should see more minutes if Paul George has to continue to sit with the sore Hamstring. Morris should still be able to log 25 minutes per game, but his usage will drop from his Knicks days. 
18 Zion Williamson NO 3 Williamson is working his way up the food chain when it comes to getting more shots and some would even consider him a bigger part of the offense than Jrue Holiday. His minutes won't be limited.
19 Danilo Gallinari OKC 3 Gallinari has virtually no depth behind him and he'll continue seeing a lot of shots from the arc, but the question remains whether or not he can make more of an impact grabbing boards.
20 Paul George LAC 4 INJ: There's a chance that George returns to the Clippers lineup on Monday night. He's been dealing with a sore Hamstring. This Hamstring injury continues to follow him throughout the year.


RANK NAME Team # Games Analysis
1 Joel Embiid PHI 4 Embiid's usage could be going up even more if Simmons has to miss extended time and if Harris has to sit to start the week. Expect him to have a lot more time with the ball.
2 Andre Drummond CLE 4 Drummond's role is the same as it was in Detroit and Love won't get in his way in the post because he plays a ton at the arc and he'll never have a shortage of minutes. 
3 Nikola Vucevic ORL 4 Vucevic will remain the Magic's prioritized scorer and he'll help a ton on the glass especially on the defensive side of the ball. We've seen him step out to the arc more to take three's this season. 
4 Deandre Ayton PHX 4 INJ: Ayton is not 100 percent because of pain in his Ankle, but he shouldn't have to miss any games this week (for now).
5 Bam Adebayo MIA 4 Adebayo will be the top option with Butler missing the Heat's first game of the week and don't forget, he'll also produce assists because he'll bring up the ball a decent amount. 
6 Nikola Jokic DEN 3 Jokic is the Nuggets top scoring option and like Adebayo, he's a good ball-handler and he'll produce assists to go along with a lot of points and boards. 
7 Jonas Valanciunas MEM 4 Valanciunas will see a bigger role for the next few weeks Jackson out of action and he should be able to see 25-30 minutes per game and he'll help a lot with scoring and rebounding. 
8 Hassan Whiteside POR 3 Whiteside could see a few more plays called for him in the post with Lillard out. He's been huge crashing the boards and he's blocked a lot of shots this season. 
9 Domantas Sabonis IND 3 Sabonis shouldn't be impacted by the return of Oladipo and if it comes down to him or Myles Turner losing shots, Turner is losing that battle. Sabonis has been a monster in the paint this year. 
10 Rudy Gobert UT 3 It's too easy for Gobert to produce double-doubles and he doesn't even have much depth behind him. We can always rely on him to block a good amount of shots as well. 
11 Montrezl Harrell LAC 4 Harrell will see a lot of minutes for the rest of the way and coming off the bench benefits him. Ivica Zubac softens up the opposing frontcourt and the Harrell comes in and dominates. 
12 Jarrett Allen BKN 4 Allen owners should be thrilled that Irving is out for the rest of the season and he'll get more plays called for him in the post, but he is still going to split time with DeAndre Jordan. 
13 Davis Bertans WSH 4 Bertans will help stretch the floor and his minutes are safe because of his strong shooting from the outside but once Thomas Bryant is fully healthy, he'll battle for minutes with him and Mo Wagner.
14 DeAndre Jordan BKN 4 Jordan's minutes are safe and he doesn't need a lot of time to produce boards and blocks. He doesn't have inside moves, but he used his size to score often off of alley-oops or second chance opps.
15 Tristan Thompson CLE 4 Thompson has been able to produce despite his minutes dropping a bit. He's grabbed double-digit boards in two of his last three games and he's played 26 minutes in his last three games. 
16 Brandon Clarke MEM 4 Clarke will see more minutes with Jackson out. He'll help out at PF and when Valanciunas needs a break, he'll grab minutes at C as well and he'll provide inside scoring and rebounding.
17 Mitchell Robinson NY 4 Robinson should be able to have a strong start to the week against the Rockets who lack a true Center but Robinson must stay out of foul trouble and that has hindered him a bit. 
18 Cody Zeller CHA 4 Zeller doesn't need a ton of playing time to produce and because Willy Hernangomez defense is terrible, his spot in the rotation is safe and he'll help produce enough points and boards to be relevant. 
19 Dwight Howard LAL 4 Howard is a volume play and could see his usage drop even more with the Lakers signing Markieff Morris. Hopefully Morris just subs in for Anthony Davis for the most part and Howard's minutes are safe.
20 Thomas Bryant WSH 4 Bryant's minutes have been monitored carefully and it's hard to tell whether or not he should be able to play 20 minutes in each game this week. The Wizards may still want to be cautious.