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You're path to winning $1 Million dollars in daily fantasy football begins RIGHT HERE with the 2014 Fantasy Football Draft Guide written by the team at Fantasy Alarm. Over 230 pages (and counting!) of insightful fantasy football information that will help you learn the ways to reach the highest level of fantasy sports competition. Take a look at the rankings and draft guide samples and ask yourself if you should ever trust anybody but Fantasy Alarm

We did not win the DFBC this past weekend in Las Vegas. So, there will be no million dollar celebration on the streets of a city to be named later as we had hoped. But I want to express something that is extreme importance to me both personally and professionally. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of you who supported us both this season and this weekend in our quest to capture the DFBC and on the DFS Playbook in general. I was amazed at how many of you reached out directly to offer your support and to me that is what it is all about. Ted and I said that the single thing we take away from this experience is to keep getting better both in our advice and our products so that every single one of you can have the opportunity and experience that we enjoyed this past weekend. Fantasy Alarm Nation is simply the BEST and we thank you so much for your support!!

Now on to today's slate of games. Tonight is a cash game only type of night for me and it all starts with Chris Sale. There is really no reason to fade Sale other than the Orioles offense does hit lefties pretty well. But Sale is not your typical lefty and thus he is my unquetioned starter tonight. If you have to go cheaper than Jordan Zimmermann is the obvious step down here as well. 

The bats are pretty straight forward and a bit expensive tonight. I really don't have a value play at 2B tonight as the three highest priced guys are extremely solid plays tonight. If you are looking to stack then the Angels/Red Sox game should be your target. I do like the Mariners as well against Jerome Williams if you want to go that route but they don't have as much upside as a whole as the Angels do tonight.

Here is the DFS Playbook for Monday August 18th:

  Player Name Pos DraftKings FanDuel Aces
  Chris Sale P 12800 10900 7350
  Jordan Zimmermann P 9600 8800 6600
  Jason Vargas P 7400 6600 6250
  Wilson Ramos C 3400 2900 4350
  Carlos Ruiz C 3100 2400 4650
  Brayan Pena C/1B 2700 2200 4200
  Jose Abreu 1B 5000 4000 6000
  Darin Ruf 1B/OF 2100 2600 4200
  Robinson Cano 2B 5200 3700 5550
  Anthony Rendon 2B/3B 4300 3700 5000
  Dustin Pedroia 2B 4500 3300 5050
  Kyle Seager 3B/2B 4200 3100 5100
  David Freese 3B 3900 2500 4550
  Mike Moustakas 3B 3100 2600 4650
  Danny Santana SS/OF 4400   4750
  Ian Desmond SS 4500 3700 4850
  Xander Bogaerts SS 2600 2200 4550
  Yoenis Cespedes OF 5000 3900 4900
  Kole Calhoun OF 4700 3400 4850
  Alex Gordon OF 4300 3300 4900
  Jason Heyward OF 3800 3500 4900
  Brennan Boesch OF 2100 2200 3500
  Jay Bruce OF 4300 2900 4550
  Jarrod Dyson OF 3300 3100 4100
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