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By now I trust that you guys understand that I am incapable of bullshit. When I talk about a player or a league you can best believe I am speaking from the heart and am well informed about the subject matter at hand. It's the same with the high stakes leagues that I choose. Every year I go out to Las Vegas to comepete against the best of the best in the Fantasy Football Players Championship main event. Fortunately you don't have to go to Vegas or compete against me to win big money in the FFPC. 

Check it out. 

If you’re searching for a fantasy league that has the feel of a high stakes fantasy football contest but still comes with a mid-stakes price tag, then look no further than the Footballguys Players Championship (FPC). A team will only cost you $350 in this fantasy football tournament, and yet you’ll still have a chance at the $300,000 grand prize.

Whereas the Fantasy Football Players Championship (FFPC) Main Event entry is priced at $1,700 for one online team, you can snag six FPC teams for $2,000. (You get a discount on a third team when you purchase a three-pack for only $1,000.) And achieving success even at the mid-stakes level would set you apart as a true fantasy football champion without question. The industry leagues that Ted Schuster and I play in are certainly challenging in their own respect, but there’s nothing like the fun of competing in these fantasy football leagues for money.

Each FPC league features a 12-team draft with an 11-week regular season. Four teams from each league will make the league playoffs, and the two best teams from each league will not only cash league prizes but will also move on into the FPC Championship Round. While the overall winner will indeed pocket a life-changing $300,000 prize check, the FPC pays out all the way down to 650th place, something that no other contest in the industry can come close to. The FPC is definitely where to play fantasy football for money.

Play Fantasy Football with the Footballguys Players Championship

You can build your $300,000 team in so many different ways in these fantasy football prize leagues. Your starting lineup consists of one quarterback, two running backs, two wide receivers, one tight end, two flexes (RB/WR/TE), one kicker and one defense. So if you want to roll with four running backs in your starting lineup, go ahead. If you want to stack up high reception numbers in this point-per-reception (PPR) format, then start four wideouts. The FPC also features 1.5 PPR for tight ends, so you could even start three of those on a weekly basis as well. It’s all up to you when you compete in these FPC fantasy football money leagues.

So if you want to take on a new challenge this season when you play fantasy football for money besides your home and office leagues and don’t want to break the bank with a high-stakes entry fee, then the Footballguys Players Championship is the perfect contest in which to enter the world of high stakes fantasy football. Online drafts have already been filling up multiple times per day. As soon as your league fills, you’ll get your draft spot emailed immediately to you.

The Footballguys Players Championship is by far and away the largest and—most importantly—the most lucrative mid-stakes contest among all of the fantasy football prize leagues. Featuring a prize pool worth nearly $2,000,000 dollars, can you really afford not to play in this contest?

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