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I realized that I haven't been sharing the wealth enough lately. Well yeah the picks in the DFS Playbook have been right on but I feel bad leaving out some really great websites that are hosting great events everyday. So I want to take a moment here to remind you that sites like FanThrowdown, DraftDay & Fantasy Feud are doing outstanding work and have a ton of great cash prizes available each and every day. If you guys play on one of these sites or any others that we are not covering enough of here in the DFS Playbook PLEASE let us know about it by commenting on the bottom of the article or Tweeting to us (@Jeff_Mans or @FantasyNomad). 

Tonight the most obvious play on the board is Mariners RHP Felix Hernandez against the Astros. I simply cannot think of a reason not to start King Felix tonight. Although I am sure there will be a few hipsters out there who will point to his two less than stellar performances against Houston earlier this year and advise against using him. But that would be really nitpicking as defense and pitch count hurt him in each outing and he still only gave up four earned runs in 12 innings while striking out 10 which isn't bad at all. The other pitching option tonight is Clayton Kershaw. For me this is a make or break start for Kershaw. Last time out he got torched by the Diamondbacks and lasted just 1.2 innings. If he gets knocked around again tonight I am going to start worrying about the health of his left shoulder. I am fine with starting him on the road again tonight as I fully expect a dominant performance out of him this time around.

If any of you want to challenge me or find me on any DFS Websites you can search for me by the screen name of: jeffmans (original huh?). I am an open book when it comes to wins, losses, strategies, etc so if you have questions I have answers. With that said, here is the DFS Playbook for Friday May 23rd:

Player Pos Fanduel DraftKings DraftStreet Aces
Felix Hernandez P 9,900 12,000 25,226 7,550
Clayton Kershaw P 9,700 12,200 24,978 7,400
Tim Lincecum P 7,000 9,900 19,077 6,100
Edwin Jackson P 6,700 8,100 14,639 6,000
Brian McCann C 3,300 3,700 6,236 4,650
Miguel Montero C 3,100 3,800 5,700 4,800
Alex Avila C 3,400 3,500 5,122 4,000
Miguel Cabrera 1B/3B 5,000 6,000 10,299 6,100
Adrian Gonzalez 1B 4,000 5,100 7,887 5,550
Matt Adams 1B 2,900 4,000 5,136 4,900
Greg Dobbs 1B/3B 2,300 2,700 3,561 3,500
Robinson Cano 2B 4,000 5,300 7,711 5,600
Jedd Gyorko 2B/3B 2,500 3,700 4,339 4,350
Pablo Sandoval 3B 2,900 4,000 6,215 4,800
Lonnie Chisenhall 3B 3,100 2,900 5,117 4,600
Ian Desmond SS 2,800 3,900 5,360 4,950
Jimmy Rollins SS 3,800 4,800 5,962 4,800
Everth Cabrera SS 2,500 3,800 3,684 4,550
Giancarlo Stanton OF 5,000 5,500 8,884 5,700
Michael Brantley OF 3,900 5,100 8,440 5,450
Jacoby Ellsbury OF 3,600 4,800 6,224 5,150
Jason Heyward OF 2,900 3,800 5,682 4,850
Allen Craig OF/1B 2,700 4,400 4,498 4,800
Matt Joyce OF 2,800 3,700 5,243 4,650
Michael Saunders OF 3,300 3,300 4,937 4,350


If this DFS Playbook isn't enough daily information for you I strongly recommend you check out some of our other DFS Tools as well. We've got: Ray Flowers Daily Trends articleDaily Fantasy Projections & SalariesBatter Vs. Pitcher dataWeather Report & our entire DFS repertoire. We always welcome suggestions to in order to help us develop the best DFS tools in the fantasy sports industry.  

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