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If you’re like me, you don’t like to jump into anything too quickly. Oh and you still frost your hair despite being a middle aged man. But when it comes to Daily Fantasy Baseball I didn’t go hog wild on Opening Day. That is not to say I wasn’t tempted to dive into all the overlay at Draft Kings especially in the $100K High Heat event because I was. Even Fanduel had some plenty of great odds in their initial $100K Strikeout event. But I only dipped my toe into those waters yesterday my friends.

And it was profitable.

Out of the 12 lineups I created across four sites (Draftkings, Fanduel, Draftstreet & Fan Throwdown) I managed to place in the money in 9 of those contests. Granted this only brought me back a whopping $108 in returns a win is a win. It’s like I tell my buddy Ray Flowers all the time when we are out at the bar.

“Don’t hit on the hottest broad in the place. Know your game and play to win.”

Sure there are times to swing for the fences but early in the season it just isn’t that necessary. If you are serious about playing Daily Fantasy Baseball this season the single most important thing you can do is to simply bring in more each day then you had before. Will that always happen? Hell no. But $108 is $148 more than I would have had should I have lost.

Now let’s look forward and see what the Daily Fantasy landscape looks like for today:

I am playing on Starstreet because I didn’t yesterday and I really love their Matrix games. Oh and because I love Erasmo Ramirez at a ridiculously low salary of $12,300. You also get 6 points for stolen bases on Starstreet so I am making sure to include some value speed here as well. Here is my Startstreet Lineup for today:

P1 –Zach Greinke ($24,800)

P2 – Erasmo Ramirez ($12,300)

C – Wilin Rosario ($5800)

1B – Freddie Freeman ($7400)

2B – Dee Gordon ($5600)

3B – Evan Longoria ($7400)

SS – Troy Tulowitzki ($7900)

OF1 – Jacoby Ellsbury ($8200)

OF2 – Jose Bautista ($8800)

OF3 – Carlos Gomez ($6800)

Util – Jesus Guzman ($4600)


Over on Draftkings (where I play pretty much everyday) we see a lot of the same values especially on pitching. As I explained above I am playing cautious for the early going and thus am only entering two double ups over on Draftkings tonight. Here is what I consider to be my best lineup in my $50 double up:

P1 –Zach Greinke ($10,600)

P2 – Erasmo Ramirez ($5500)

C – Buster Posey ($4100)

1B – Jeff Baker ($2700)

2B – Robinson Cano ($3900)

3B – Aramis Ramirez ($4000)

SS – Hanley Ramirez ($4200)

OF1 – Mike Trout ($5500)

OF2 – Carlos Gonzalez ($4900)

OF3 – Andre Ethier ($4100)


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