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One of the most common questions I get asked leading up to the start of any regular season is, “Who are your sleepers this year?” While I love discussing Fantasy Sports with the all of our readers/listeners/people I find myself repeating myself far too often. So, I’ve decided to go ahead and periodically profile my top sleepers for this upcoming Fantasy Baseball Season and post them right here for all to read. This way the discussion can go from “Who” are my sleepers to “Why am I buying on these guys?” Also, I’m not going to be a bitch and give you names of players that will be on everybody else’s sleepers list. The following is another edition of my 2014 Fantasy Baseball Deep Sleepers:

Player: Jemile Weeks

Team: Orioles

Age: 27

Position: Second Base

2013 Stats: (AAA) 520 AB’s, .271/.376/.369, 4 HR, 40 RBI, 96 Runs, 17 Steals

Current ADP: 538.03 (NFBC), **No Data** (MockDraftCentral)



Jemile Weeks is not your typical late round middle infielder. This kid has a pedigree few can match. His older Brother Rickie has been the second baseman for the Brewers for the past seven seasons. Jemile also was a standout for the Miami Hurricanes, was the 12th overall pick in the 2008 MLB Draft and was MVP of the Arizona Fall League. What is most bewildering about Weeks however is that he hit .303/.340/.421, 2 HR, 36 RBI, 50 runs & 22 steals for the Athletics in 2011 yet was sent down to triple-A early in 2012 and never heard from again. This screams of a personal issue with Weeks, the A’s or both. Either way, the Orioles got themselves a very intriguing player who can assuredly help at the top of the order in Baltimore.   


Plus Factors

1.  Speed

2.  On Base Percentage

3.  Run Scoring Ability

The younger Weeks doesn’t have the power of his older Brother but is faster and has better instincts on the bases.  Though frequent injuries slowed him down earlier in his career, Weeks has been able to put a solid healthy year behind him. He has 30+ steal potential especially with his ability to get on base.

It isn’t often that you find a switch hitter with good pitch selection and strike zone awareness from both side of the plate. But Weeks is patient and sets up the pitcher well. Hitters that work ahead in the count generally get more fastballs to hit. Weeks owns a 93% contact rate on fastballs and hits .313 against the pitch as well.  

If you can get on base, advance into scoring position by swiping a bag you are going to score a lot of runs. Weeks has the pedigree to be a top of the order force for Baltimore and getting on base in front of Chris Davis and Adam Jones is an exceptional way of padding your run totals.


Minus Factors

1.  Health

2.  Playing Time

3.  His Brother

Jemile Weeks has dealt with hip and leg injuries since being drafted in 2008. He’s missed over 200 games in the minor leagues due to injuries. It is widely believed that the Athletics though he was soft and thus stopped believing in him as a piece for their future.  

When you’re not healthy you are obviously not in the lineup and are losing at-bats. The injuries have led to a lack of trust which resulted in lack of playing time for Weeks. There is no reason that he shouldn’t have been in Oakland the past two seasons as he is definitely worth a spot on the 25 man roster there. Young players need time to get seasoned and fight their way out of struggles. Weeks made everything look easy his first time through then was sent packing the minute his inevitable struggles began in 2012.

Everybody is going to compare Jemile with his older Brother in Miwaukee Rickie Weeks. But these are two very different players (although they play the same position). Two years ago it was great to be Rickie Weeks Brother but nowadays with the older Weeks fighting for his own roster spot it isn’t so good.   


More Expensive Similar Players

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