With home run production down in 2017, fantasy owners craving power can turn their weary eyes on Joey Gallo . However, he comes with a flaw, batting average. Unless an owner’s willing to punt batting average, targeting Gallo will require roster management. Since the results could be worth the reach, it will require some balance.

In a previous article for Fantasy Alarm, by positions, putting Gallo with Joey Votto could create the following scenario for fantasy:

Other candidates to use with Gallo include Anthony Rendón , Daniel Murphy , Robinson Canó or Lorenzo Cain . Getting a player to accrue enough at-bats with an average at or above three hundred allows for some flexibility.

Last year, Gallo launched 40 home runs in only 500 at-bats with 82 runs, 92 RBI, three stolen bases and a .206/.312/.498 slash line. He produced a .292 isolated power with a 12.8 walk percentage and 35.9 strikeout rate. But, his 49.8 fly ball percentage and 48.5 hard hit rate try to mitigate...