OK, I used the same title last season. I also wrote a nearly identical offering to what I’m going to pen here. Let me start off by letting you know that I’m the answer to all your questions.

Let me be that guy by quoting what I wrote last season in this piece.

According to the Oxford Dictionary, an oracle is a priest or priestess who acts as a medium through whom advice or prophecy comes from the gods. 

I'm arrogant.
I'm flippant.
I'm irreverent.
I'm Ray Flowers and my nickname is the Oracle. 

I almost feel like I should toss down a “B” word to punctuate things, but I will refrain (though by noting I would do it I kinda did it, without doing it. You know what I mean).

I know a little bit about baseball. OK, a lot. I’ve played baseball, coached baseball, written about baseball and talked about it for years now. I’m here, seems like 24 hours a day, to help. You can find me on Twitter - @baseballguys. You can find me messing around on the Fantasy Alarm Message...