Sometimes a picture is just a picture. Other times, if you look deeper at the composition, the lighting, the background... you start to see that what you are looking at is way more than a dog eating a tennis ball on a beach. In much the same way baseball players can be more than the limited glance we give them before we determine whether the player is (A) a star, (B) a guy or (C) a failure.

A ton of this Guide, like hundreds of pages of it, have been an analytical barrage of data that can cause your head to spin round like Regan in the Exorcist.

While this article will have a little bit of that, it will also have some solid, non-analytical advice. Here we go.

1 – Take what you’ve learned in this Guide to heart. Every article has been chosen for a reason. None of what’s in here is fluff (well most of it anyway). We’ve spent a good deal of time trying to decide what it is that will best serve you in your quest to win a championship this season. Use everything at your...

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