I so wanted this entire article to merely say – The Mets Starting Pitching Staff.
Figured it would be funny but not exactly useful.

I then though about using – All Rookies.
Not funny or useful.

So how about I attack this in a legit manner? In what follows, I’ll break down various categories that speak to increased workloads in 2016. Some of the pitchers are coming off arm injuries, others, leg issues, or ribs, or ears or whatever. Some are just young arms who are attempting to build up arm strength. The hard part is determining what matters most, or for that matter, if any of this matters.


Tom Verducci is a national baseball writer. A few years back he decided to start pushing/publishing a column each year which discussed young pitchers and increased workload. There were two data points that needed to be met in order for a player to “qualify” for inclusion in the study.

Pitcher was 25 years or younger.

An increase of 30 innings from the...

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