The strikeout and the walk are paramount when trying to understand the relative value of an offensive performer.

We talk a lot about the fantasy numbers used in most leagues. However, as we are hopefully pointing out in great detail in this draft guide, there is much more to a player than his 5x5 fantasy numbers. In this article we will focus on the importance of understanding the strikeout and the walk, two vital components that contribute to offensive success/failure.

* This article will focus on hitters with the companion piece for pitchers being titled Swinging Strike Ratios.


Here are the baselines, the 2016 league averages.

K/9 – 8.10

BB/9 – 3.14

K/BB – 2.58

BB/K ratio – 0.39

K% - strikeouts / plate appearances

BB% - walks / plate appearances

Here is a table from Fangraphs to help you understand what we’re going to be discussing.


Why should you care about the walk and the strikeout? Pretty obvious off the top end, as...

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