I’m so tired of talking regular waivers with folks. It’s so – I have a 27-inch flat screen television and it’s dope. It’s the second decade of the 21st century. I can order porn on my cell phone while I wait in the parking lot for my girlfriend to return from picking up our dinner at the pizza parlor (never let it be said that I’m not classy). I can punch a few buttons on my computer screen and within 48 hours, 24 rolls of toilet paper will be delivered to my front door. I can get bombed any Wednesday night I want and order a ride on my phone to be my DD and not even have to pay at the time (just bill me Uber). With all of that truth, here’s one more indisputable fact:

The regular waiver wire is dead.

Long live FAAB!

FAAB, or Free Agent Acquisition Budget, is the way all leagues should run their waiver wire. Most of you likely know what this setup is about, but if you don’t, here’s a quick intro.

You can use either $100 or $1,000 dollars as the benchmark (I prefer...

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