For many folks out there the two most important aspects of a fantasy sports campaign are the draft and working the trade market. The majority of this Guide speaks to how to handle player evaluation and the draft. This article deals with the other piece -- the trade market. Here are some simple, perhaps even basic, ways to handle the Art of the Deal.

You can win without trading.

Some folks feel like if they aren’t doing something, they aren’t doing anything. This is patently false. You can roster a good team on Draft Day, be diligent with the way you use the waiver wire and win your league. I swear you can. You don’t have to deal to be doing something positive. Often times folks seem to be spinning their wheels and make deals just for the sake of doing something. Don’t be that guy/gal. If you make a trade, make it for the right reason, not because you haven’t made one in three weeks.

Remember the draft room.

Did you grab a guy only to hear Frank say, “Man, I totally had...

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