Prev Page 1 of 1 Next has partnered with so that's the spot that I’m going to focus on that partnership every Friday here at BaseballGuys. So get ready to begin the journey with a DFS rookie. To find my overview of Daily Fantasy Baseball check this link to The Basics. Note that I consider this article to be a MUST read. It not only lays out the basics of how to put a daily fantasy squad together but it also has links to all the TOOLS we have to offer at FantasyAlarm... and I bet you that you haven't used them all yet. 

*** Today we have a special contest. A mere 20 contestant. It's an exclusive event that includes me and 19 of you. Interest piqued? It should be. Read on for the details of the contest below.


Sign up with

You can sign up to take me on directly. All you need to do is the following.

1 – Create an account at DraftKings if you don't have one. Otherwise just sign-in to your account.

2 – Find the league information listed below and sign up. USE THE PROMO CODE ALARM.

3 – Draft your team.

Entry fee $10
Prize Pool  $200.00 
Up to 20 entries

*** 20 Entries folks. Me and 19 of you. Not a thousand folks, not hundreds of folks, but nineteen of you and yours truly. I'm always bloviating about how smart I am, all that I know, etc. This is your change to show me, and prove to your friends, that this Oracle guy is full of it. Hot air that is. I still know an awful lot, but that doesn't mean I can beat you in the daily context from Draft Kings.


We're playing on DraftKings. We've got a way for you to earn up to $600 in free cash bonuses with DraftKings, so make sure you keep reading. Before we get to that, what are the rules for DK? Unlike some of the other daily sites, DK is pretty straight forward. Here's the starting lineup you need to put together.

C, 1B/DH, 2B, 3B, SS, OF, OF, OF

You have $50,000 to set up your 10 person team.

Pretty simple stuff. Here's the Scoring System.

For the full scoring rules you can check out the SALARY CAP RULES page. 

Hitters will accumulate points as follows:
Single = +3 PTs
Double = +5 PTs
Triple = +8 PTs
Home Run = +10 PTs
Run Batted In = +2 PTs
Run = +2 PTs
Base on Balls = +2 PTs
Hit By Pitch = +2 PTs
Stolen Base = +5 PTs
Caught Stealing = -2 PTs

Pitchers will accumulate points as follows:
Inning Pitched = +2.25 PTs
Strike Out = +2 PTs
Win = +4 PTs
Earned Run Allowed = -2 PTs
Hit Against = -0.6 PTs
Base on Balls Against = -0.6 PTs
Hit Batsman = -0.6 PTs
Complete Game = +2.5 PTs
Complete Game Shut Out = +2.5 PTs
No Hitter = +5 PTs
*NOTE: Hitting statistics for Pitchers will not be counted, and Pitching statistics for Hitters will not be counted.


That's it, simple, easy and straightforward. However, there's one more exciting opportunity for FIRST TIME DEPOSITORS.

If you've never deposited with DraftKings before you are eligible for a deposit bonus up to $600. That means every dollar you deposit up to $600 DK will match if you're a first time depositor. Put in $25 and you will end up with $50. Toss in $100 and you get $200. Add in $300 and you get $600. You get it. (Note the bonus money is awarded out as you play. It won't all show up in your account on day one).

For those of you that know the daily game space already I'll be an easy mark. For those of you just starting out like me, let's enjoy the ride together. Before I break down today's contest, a little about last week... 


 *** Make sure you check your lineup. I've been caught setting it and forgetting about it. Sometimes players are pulled from the lineup due to injury, other times they are given a rest, while other situation arise where managers seemingly make poor decisions as to who should start. Double check your lineup. You don't want to lose cause you forgot to take 35 seconds to make sure all your players were starting. 

I came in 14th out of 20 entries. I'm getting worse.

After weeks of doing this Draft Kings thing one issue is clear. I'm really, really good at picking the hurlers. Last week Lance Lynn and Zack Wheeler picked up two wins while allowing three runs over 12.2 innings. Pretty good stuff. I got 52.9 points from the two hurlers. 

The batters? Not so much. Kendrys Morales did squat. Howie Kendrick had two points. Buster Posey, Leonys Martin and Elvis Andrus had five points a piece. Not good.

Judgelandis though... killed it to win the contest. He had 49.6 points from his hurlers – I had 52.9 remember – but it was the offense that killed it. Six of the batters recorded at least double-digit points led by Kole Calhoun and his 28 points. 


I'm not gonna share my entire lineup this week, not with only 19 of you taking me on – especially since 50 percent of you took me down last week. The Oracle plays to win – the odds are too tight to give away the farm – and I need all the help I can get as you seasoned daily players have fun beating me down. I'm spending big on hitting this week to see if I can lock down some offensive production.

C:  Joe Mauer
3B: Adrian Beltre
OF:  Jose Bautista

See 19 of you there!


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