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Tired of getting answers in 140 characters on Twitter? Are you tired of calling in to radio show and being forced to wait on hold for 45 minutes for an answer to your query? Do you want to know which players are surging up offseason ADP charts in fantasy football? What about which baseball players should you be cutting bait on? What about that hotshot rookie who has been tearing it up - do you hold on or move on? Do you want to know why Jeff Mans and Ray Flowers did what they did in the FSTA Football Draft this week? Do you want to know which of the guys passed out drunk in a bar celebrating the draft? We've got an answer to all of your fantasy questions. is offering a live chat today (June 20th), and every Friday, at 2 PM EDT (11 AM PST). Yours truly, Ray Flowers, will be joined by my BFF Jeff Mans and we will answer any an all fantasy questions you have.

Here's all you need to do to be a part of the event.

(1) You need to sign in to your Fantasy Alarm account. You can create an account for Free – don't worry we aren't asking for a donation or anything like that.

(2) Make sure you are signed in to you account.

(3) Click on the Live Advice link located right here for a transcript of event.

Simple as that.

Follow those three steps and you'll be able to ask The Oracle a question, and get that answer in more than just one sentence.

I'm excited about interacting with all of you. Should be tons of fun.

Hope to see you there at 2 PM EDT, Friday, June 20th!

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