Monday is Memorial Day, and while I'll get to the baseball matchups in a moment, I just wanted to give my personal thanks to every man and woman who serves/served our country, with a special thanks to the families of those that have been lost in battle.

DISH DIAMONDS – The Best Hitting Matchups of the Day
Michael Brantley has six hits in 13 at-bats against Jose Quintana. One of those hits was a big fly and he's also driven in three runners. Nick Swisher avoided the DL and he'll try to produce some hits Monday. He's hitting .273 with a .529 OBP over 16 plate appearances.

Alex Gordon rips up Scott Feldman with a .381./435/.524 slash line over 22 plate appearances.

Tony Gwynn has six hits in 15 at-bats against Jhoulys Chacin. He has two doubles and two triples.

Maybe the Dodgers will play Matt Kemp Monday since he's hit two homers while batting .500 in 12 at-bats against Johnny Cueto. We'll see.

David Ortiz has Ervin Santana's number. In 30 at-bats...

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