Sometimes you're inspired and greatness flows through your fingers. Today is not one of those days. Mind you even with my “Oracleness” at less than 100 percent I still feel like I've been able to lay out the matchups pretty well for Thursday, May 22nd. Hopefully you will agree. I think it's the inevitable hangover after watching Godzilla smash up the world last night.

DISH DIAMONDS – The Best Hitting Matchups of the Day
Charlie Blackmon has been a star this season, we all know it. He's also getting a chance to hit in Colorado (his home OPS is nearly 1.200) against the returning from injury Tim Hudson. Toss in a 5-for-8 spell in the matchup and Blackmon is a good bet to have success.

If Coco Crisp is healthy enough to be in the lineup he should be starting for you. He's hit two homers in 15 at-bats against Alex Cobb and he's also hit .467 with five steals. That's utter domination folks.

Mark Ellis, what do you know, crushes Wade Miley. That's an apt term too,...

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