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Get ready to be amazed. We're talking like the time you had your first kiss, got your driver's license, or discovered cheese whiz. We're talking bowled over, I can't believe I've been living my life without it kinda amazed.

BaseballGuys and FantasyAlarm are the place to be for fantasy baseball in 2014, and you're taking the first step on the road to fantasy greatness by reading this article.

The 2014 Fantasy Alarm Fantasy Baseball Draft Guide, powered by BaseballGuys, has arrived. It's an amazing piece of artistry and analysis. You'll have access to the mind of The Oracle, Ray Flowers, but unlike years past when it was all me, there are a handful of the best and brightest backing me up to add another level of talent to the party. Don't worry if you've been following Ray's work for years, we're not talking about things changing significantly. Ray will be doing the same things he's always done like bragging how cool he is and spitting numbers out at a ridiculous pace, but the newcomers will add on top of the base that he’s built to make things even bigger and better than at any time in the past. With that lead in, here are some of the things that will be covered in the 2014 Fantasy Baseball Guide.

Auctions – How to rules.
FAAB – How to rules.
Daily Games – What strategies do you need to dominate?
SMART – What is the Smart System and why is it so important?
Top-300 – Why should you avoid using such a list?
Trades – What tricks do you need to know to wheel and deal?
Punting Categories – Does it make sense?
Points Leagues – How should you handle them?
Head-to-Head – Are these leagues are poisoning fantasy baseball?
Category Targets – What levels should you be looking at?
Evaluating Players – What should you be concerned with when looking at players?

Chris Davis  – Why he has no chance to repeat his phenomenal 2013 campaign.
Tim Lincecum – Is he nothing but strikeouts at this point?
Breakouts – Who are the breakout candidates.
Injuries – Which players are attempting to comeback from injury.
Workload Concerns – Which pitchers saw a marked increase in pelota tossing?
Closers – How the heck do you handle them?
ABA – A new way to evaluate pitchers designed to replace WHIP.
SWIP – Why strikeouts and walks are so important.
PWSA – How do you compare players who are all power or all speed to each other?
SABR Primer – What are these sabermetric measures and what do they mean?
Either/Or - Which players should you target on draft day?
Did You Know? – An article about the weird and wacky numbers of the game.
10 Questions – Ten must know questions are answered for each position.
Predictions – Who will win the awards and reach statistical milestones in 2014?
Ball Park Breakdowns – Which parks will help and hurt players?
Multi Position Players – Who qualifies at more than one position?
Rookies – Which youngsters will be able to help your squad in 2014?
Second Year Players – Who should you be looking at?
New Homes – Which players switched teams in the offseason?

Twelve experts in the field go at it in a mixed league draft. Those experts also battle against one another in AL-only and NL-only league drafts.

C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS: 50 players at each position with mixed league dollar values.
OF: 150 players ranked
Starting Pitchers: 150 Ranked
Relief Pitchers: 75 Ranked
All told over 600 players ranked! PLUS...


Another highlight, and massive improvement on years past, is the look and feel of Tthe Guide. No longer does The Guide look like it was put together by an 11 year old. The Guide looks as sharp and flashy as any magazine you would fine on the bookshelves of your favorite bookstore. Stunning really.


Ah, the magic question. Before we get to that, there's one added bonus for 2014. In the past you were able to order The Guide and get a one time update of player rankings. No more of that. For 2014 you get UNLIMITED updates of the rankings. You can literally go to the website, starting February 7th,  every day if you want to check the rankings... you won't have to wait for them to be emailed to you. How amazing is that?

Now the price...

There are five options to get The Guide into your hands.

(1) If you purchase just the Draft Guide the cost is $20.

(2) If you purchase just the in-season Premium Package the cost is $30.

(3) If you purchase both The Guide and the Premium In-Season Content Package the cost is $40 (you save $10 or 20 percent of the total cost). I'm sure everyone will go for #3 out of the first three options. However, if none of those three really hits the mark for you how about a fourth option that will blow your socks off. What, you didn't think we would let you down and not give you a chance to get the amazing coverage in The Guide for a dirt cheap price did you?

(4) If you deposit $10 at DRAFTKINGS or DRAFTSTREET You get the $40 Package for FREE! That's right. You deposit $10 and you get The Guide for FREE. Bowled over aren't you?
(To qualify for either the DraftStreet or DraftKings you have to be a first time depositor at either site --- this means you need to create an account).

Seriously, for $10 you can get it ALL. That's less than the $15 you were charged last year for The Guide, and it's without question a better product this season. We're basically giving you the house with the flat screen, the stainless steel appliances, the pool and a basketball court. Turn key city here folks.

If you're looking for even more of a deal, not to mention some swag...

(5) If you are super cool, forward thinking, and really ready to party, you can take advantage of this final option. If you deposit $10 at DraftKings AND $10 at DraftStreet you get the $40 package – Guide and in-season – and we'll send you a FantasyAlarm hat for free.

So what are you waiting for? Pull your wallet out, make those deposits, and get ready to dominate the competition in 2014 with the Fantasy Alarm 2014 Fantasy Baseball Draft Guide powered by BaseballGuys.

**** NOTE: For those of you having trouble with downloading The Guide, here is what you need to do.

If you took advantage of the $10 deposit deal with DraftKings or DraftStreet, first off good for you. It's a flipping smoking deal. Have no fear it will all be handled very quickly and we will get the Guide into your hands soon. All you need to do to ensure that you get what you paid – the Best Fantasy Baseball Draft Guide out there – is this.

Send an email to Make sure you include the following four things.

1 – Title the email 2014 Baseball Draft Guide.
2 – Send us your full name.
3 – Send us the User ID you used to sign up for Draftkings or DraftStreet.
4 – Tell us which one of the two sites you signed up with.

Please allow us about eight hours after your order for receipt of The Guide. It's well worth the wait. Trust The Oracle. Have I ever let you down?

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