In the twilight of the Summer Split in both the LPL and LCK, the door is shutting on many teams. On Saturday’s slate, we have two teams (Invictus Gaming and FunPlus Phoenix) who could see their season end with a loss. Teams like RNG, Liiv Sandbox, KT Rolster, and Weibo Gaming are all trying to secure high placement in the postseason bracket. The storyline will really be on the fringe teams in what could be the series that knocks them out completely. How does that impact their play? Do we see desperation push teams to new heights? Let’s dive in! 



League of Legends DFS Playbook: August 6th, 2022

League of Legends Pro League - League of Legends Champions Korea

Summer Split 


(+126) Hanwha Life Esports v Fredit BRION (-165)

(+105) KT Rolster v Liiv Sandbox (-139)

(-1600) Royal Never Give Up v Invictus Gaming (+775)

(+195) FunPlus Phoenix v Weibo Gaming (-260)


Fantasy Value Breakdown

Series #1: Hanwha Life Esports v Fredit BRION

Series Breakdown: This is the one matchup that means nothing about postseason seeding. Fredit is the ninth place team in the LCK and Hanwha Life is the tenth. Neither team has had a season really worth remembering with a combined 18-55 game played record on the split. I would caution picking many of either of these teams for fear that they will just continue to underperform. No player is at the 50 point mark for fantasy points per game and both teams are some of the worst in terms of kill to death ratio. 

Favorite Picks: Lava (BRO: $7,400), Hena (BRO: $7,600), Fredit BRION ($5,200)

Value Picks: DuDu (HLE: $5,400), OnFleek (HLE: $5,400)

Cann’s Match Pick: Fredit BRION (2-1)  

Series #2: KT Rolster v Liiv Sandbox

SeriesBreakdown: A fascinating matchup here in the LCK with the current third seed and fourth seed going head to head. Interesting fact, both teams have 21 game wins through the split but LSB has one more series win. This is a bit of a shake up at the top of the LCK table as compared to past splits. KT and LSB have consistently played their own game from series to series. Oddly enough, both playstyles are focused on apply pressure on the bottom lane and getting their top tier ADCs in the best position to carry the match. For LSB they crutch on Prince (158 kills, 5.4 KDA) and he faces the KT ADC, Aiming (161 kills, 6.0 KDA). These two ADCs are number 2 and 3 in players producing in the LCK and both could be great pickups for your captain spot. The series really could go either way but I do like how LSB’s jungler (Croco) works the early game. He could really snowball leads for Prince and Kael.

Favorite Picks: Prince ($11,100/$7,400), Croco (LSB: $6,400), Kael (LSB: $5,400)

Value Picks: Aiming (KT: $10,800/$7,200), Rascal (KT: $5,800)

Cann’s Match Pick: Liiv Sandbox (2-0)  


Series #3: Royal Never Give Up v Invictus Gaming

Series Breakdown: This shouldn’t be close. For IG, they are holding onto a prayer and that prayer is XUN. XUN (97 kills, 186 assists) leads the team in most measurable stats and should be looking for ways to get off of this team the next possible chance he has. He has no quality in his lanes and you can see this reflected in the price of the RNG carries. There are almost never slates that have two players from the same team as the slate max. Gala and Xiaohu only sit 104 kills behind the entire IG team combined. The skill and strategy gap is just too large here but you will need to budget well to fit in multiple RNG players onto your roster

Favorite Picks: Xiaohu/Gala (RNG: $12,000/$8,000), Breathe (RNG: $6,800), Ming (RNG: $6,2000), Royal Never Give Up ($5,800)

Value Picks: XUN (IG: $5,600)

Cann’s Match Pick: Royal Never Give Up (2-0)  


Series #4: FunPlus Phoenix v Weibo Gaming

Series Breakdown: This is my warning for this match that this could be your upset to watch out for on Saturday’s slate. Weibo is a much better team (comparing players on a 1-to 1 basis) but they are just so bad at closing out series. This, for some reason, is especially true if they are favored or have such a sizable lead that losing doesn’t seem possible. The supporting cast of FPX (top, support, and Jungle) of FPX could be argued to be the better of the two. That being said, the carry roles for WBG (huanfeng- ADC and Angel - mid) are so much better than those on FPX. This most likely will co the full three games so budget your lineups accordingly. 

Favorite Picks: Angel (WBG: $7,600, huanfeng (WBG: $7,800), ON (WBG: $5,800)

Value Picks: FunPlus Phoenix ($4,400), Summit (FPX: $5,600), Clid (FPX: $5,800)

Cann’s Match Pick: Weibo Gaming (2-1)  


Cann’s Example Lineup

DraftKings Classic - $50,000 Salary Cap

Captain (x1.5): Prince (LSB: $11,100)

Alternate: Summit (FPX: $8,400)

Top: Rascal (KT: $5,800)

Jungle: Clid (FPX: $5,800)

Mid: Xiaohu (RNG: $8,000)

ADC: Gala (RNG: $8,000)

Alternate: Aiming (KT: $7,200)

Support: Ming (RNG: $6,200)

Team: Liiv Sandbox ($5,000)

Alternate: Royal Never Give Up ($5,800)