CS:GO DFS Playbook – IEM Katowice 2021 Event 2.26.2021 (2- Match)

We have finally reached the playoffs for the IEM Katowice and it is a straight doozy with NaVi, Astralis, Liquid left in, AND CIS teams in Spirit, Gambit, and Virtus.Pro looking to create waves in the World Rankings!

Gambit (Ranked 15th in World) @ NaVi (Ranked 2nd in World)

Betting Odds: NaVi -195/Gambit +150

Map Odds:  2.5 Over -115/Under -115

*This is a best of three quarter-final match in the IEM Katowice 2021 Event.

*Gambit For Event: Sh1ro 1.34 Rating, Hobbit 1.13, Ax1Le 1.10, interz 1.05, Nafany 0.96.

*Gambit For the Last Month of Play (29 Maps): sh1ro 1.25 Rating, Hobbit 1.17, Ax1Le 1.11, Nafany 0.95, Interz


*Gambit For Last Three Months of Play (68 Maps): Sh1ro 1.24 Rating, Hobbit 1.19, Ax1Le 1.18, Nafany 1.03, interz 1.00.

*NaVi For Event: s1mple 1.39 Rating, electronic 1.20, Boombl4 1.15, Perfecto 1.12, flamie 0.93.

*NaVi For the Last Month of Play (15 Maps): s1mple 1.36 Rating, electronic 1.13, Boombl4 1.09, Perfecto 1.07, flamie 0.96.  

*NaVi For Last Three Months of Play (45 Maps): S1mple 1.36 Rating, electronic 1.12, Perfecto 1.03, Boombl4 1.02, flamie 0.97.

H2H Data:

*These two teams have played thrice in the last calendar month with NaVi winning the last two played in a 2-0 sweeps. The latter two matches were both in the WePlay! Clutch Island Event and Gambit won the first meeting of that Event in a 2-1 result. NaVi got them back in the rematch later on in that event in a 2-0 sweep. Finally, these two also played in the IEM New York CIS Event last October with NaVi sweeping for the second-meeting in a row.

*Top Performers For Gambit vs NaVi (7 Maps): sh1ro +27 K-D Diff, 1.23 K-D, 1.19 Rating. Ax1Le +18 K-D Diff, 1.13 K-D, 1.09 Rating. Nafany +3 K-D Diff, 1.02 K-D, 1.02 Rating. (*note – Hobbit only played in the last meeting, not the two prior in WePlay! Event)

*Top Performers For NaVi vs Gambit (7 maps): electronic +25 K-D Diff, 71.7 ADR, 1.21 Rating. S1mple + 18 K-D Diff, 72.3 ADR, 1.08 Rating.


*The first two ban maps for this match should include Nuke for Gambit and Vertigo for NaVi. The first two maps chosen the most lately by these teams includes Overpass for Gambit, and likely Dust2 for NaVi since Nuke will be the first ban of Gambit. Looking at their three prior matches, Train was played the most at three times (all three won by NaVi), Overpass twice (Gambit won 1 of the 2), with Inferno and Dust2 (Gambit won this map, also) just once. I believe now looking back at it that we see Overpass and Train likely. Both of these maps are punishers for each team and NaVi has shown they can be beat on Overpass. Dust2 will likely be the decider, if not Inferno

*NaVi on Train (6 Maps): s1mple 1.16 Rating, 0.81 KPR, 1.13 IMP, 78.6 ADR. Boombl4 1.10, electronic 1.05, Perfecto 0.83, flamie 0.80. On Overpass (2 Maps): s1mple 1.29 Rating, Boombl4 1.17, Perfecto 1.02, flamie 0.96, electronic 0.76.

*Gambit on Overpass (11 Maps): Hobbit 1.26 Rating, 0.81 KPR, 1.34 IMP, 83.8 ADR. Sh1ro 1.23, Ax1Le 1.13, Nafany 1.10, interz 1.05. On Train (8 Maps): sh1ro 1.41 Rating, 0.86 KPR, 1.45 IMP, 83.7 ADR. Ax1Le 1.34, Hobbit 1.30, interz 1.02, Nafany 1.02.

Analysis: This is going to be such a close match. Gambit is on a three-match win streak while NaVi are fresh off a loss to Liquid. Gambit did run NaVi really damn close last meeting as they won 11 and 12 rounds on Overpass and Train. Hobbit was still freshly new to the Gambit team and they have gotten a TON of more team-work and chem building since then. Gambit is playing some of the best CS on the scene right now and I it all relies on them winning Overpass, a map they have won eight of their last 10 attempts on. I think we see a close match and wouldn’t be shocked a bit if Gambit stole it either.


Virtus.Pro (Ranked 6th in World) @ Astralis (Ranked 1st in World)

Betting Odds: Astralis -190/V.Pro +150

Map Odds: 2.5 Over -115/Under -115

*This is a best of three quarter-final match for IEM Katowice 2021 Event.

*V.Pro For Event: Jame 1.30 Ranking, YEKINDAR 1.28, buster 1.13, qikert 0.99, SANJI 0.90.

*V.Pro For Last Month of Play (28 Maps): Jame 1.29 Rating, YEKINDAR 1.27, buster 1.10, qikert 1.04, SANJI 1.00.

*V.Pro For Last Three Months of Play (57 Maps): Jame 1.18 Rating, YEKINDAR 1.17, buster 1.10, qikert 1.06, SANJI 0.97.

*Astralis For Event: device 1.28 Rating, Xyp9x 1.19, gla1ve 1.16, dupreeh 1.08, Magisk 0.84.

*Astralis For Last Month of Play (13 Maps): device 1.19 Rating, dupreeh 1.15, gla1ve 1.08, Xyp9x 1.04, Magisk 0.91.

*Astralis For Last Three Months of Play (66 Maps): device 1.22 Rating, dupreeh 1.11, Magisk 1.05, Xyp9x 1.03, gla1ve 1.02.

 H2H Data:

*These two teams have not played any head-to-head matches in the last calendar month.


*The first two ban maps for this match should include Nuke for V.Pro and Mirage for Astralis. I believe we see Dust2 for V.Pro, as well as I think we could see Astralis go with a map they generally like in Overpass, or a map strategy pick with Train, as it is V.Pro’s worst success-rate lately. I think they go for the throat on Train.

*Astralis on Train (6 Maps): device 1.27 Rating, 0.84 KPR, 1.26 IMP, 80.8 ADR. Gla1ve 1.14, Xyp9x 1.08, dupreeh 1.05, Magisk 1.05. On Dust2 (15 Maps): device 1.23 Rating, 0.77 KPR, 1.34 IMP, 80.0 ADR. Dupreeh 1.11, Xyp9x 1.08, gla1ve 1.06, Magisk 1.04.

V.Pro on Dust2 (10 Maps): YEKINDAR 1.30 Rating, 0.80 KPR, 1.35 IMP, 90.1 ADR. Qikert 1.19, Jame 1.19, buster 1.09, SANJI 1.01. On Train (10 Maps) buster 1.13 Rating, 0.74 KPR, 1.03 IMP, 74.8 ADR. Jame 1.06, qikert 1.03, SANJI 0.97, YEKINDAR 0.90.

Analysis: This should also be a really good match. V.Pro has been a top team lately and have won three-straight over NiP, Vitality, and FURIA all in a 2-0 sweep. Astralis will look to bounce-back after a 1-2 result to Spirit last game, and if we can think that any team will bounce-back harder, its usually Astralis. They have a ton more experience in bigger events, and their hardware is there to show it. However, V.Pro have won two Events recently and are solidifying their talent in the top-tier scene. I have to lean Astralis, and I do think Astralis pulls out a close win.


*TOP STACKS: Astralis, Gambit

*TOP CPT PLAYS: device, sh1ro, Hobbit, s1mple, Jame

*TOP VALUES PLAYS: YEKINDAR, electronic, Xyp9x, buster, Ax1Le, dupreeh

*DART THROWS: Nafany, gla1ve, Boombl4