Rashaad Penny :  Penny had himself a big day Sunday rushing 14 times for 129 yards and a touchdown, the score being of the 58 yard “take it to the house” variety.  Penny seems to have overtaken Chris Carson as Pete Carroll has to be tired of the latter’s fumbling habit.  With his fumble Sunday, Carson has now put the ball on the ground six times already this year.  People think of Carson as the bruiser and Penny as the faster back.  Well, the latter is true, Penny is faster.  However, they are essentially the same size.  Do not be surprised if Penny leads the team in touches going forward.  He is a must add for anyone who owns Carson and anyone who needs to catch lightning in a bottle at the running back position in the fantasy playoffs.   

Sam Darnold :  Don’t look now but the kid recovering from mono who saw ghosts whiled mic’d up during a game on national TV has now reeled off two strong games in row.  Sunday, the Jets’ quarterback threw for 315 yards and two touchdowns (and added a rushing score for good measure).  With Miami and Cincy next up on the schedule, Darnold could well be in QB1 territory.  However, if you own or are relying on Darnold, make sure you have a replacement for Weeks 15 and 16 as Baltimore and Pittsburgh are on the schedule.  (Think about adding Fitzmagic who has the Giants and Bengals in those weeks). 

D.J. Moore :  Moore was a fantasy monster Sunday reeling in six balls for 126 yards and two touchdowns (and added eight yards rushing) for a sweet 30+ fantasy points.  That makes four games in a row of 95 yards or more from scrimmage.  It is hard to argue with the kind of production!  With Washington and Atlanta next up on the schedule Moore is going to be on a lot of teams making late playoff runs and in a lot of DFS lineups in the weeks to come.  I buy it!     

Benny SnellMove over Jaylen Samuels , Benny Snell has arrived.  While the Steelers cannot be happy about the way they played against the hapless Bengals, they should be happy with Benny and his 21 carries for 98 yards (and 5 yards receiving).  Watch the James Conner health news but Snell is a must add for those looking for running back help and especially those who own Conner.  Stating the obvious, without Big Ben, the Steelers will need to run the ball more often.  Snell looks like the guy who will get the call unless and until Conner heals.    

DeVante Parker :  Last week we wrote: “Davante Parker hauled in seven catches for 135 yards on ten targets in Sunday’s loss.  That is two weeks in a row with double digit targets.  With Preston Williams gone for the year, Fitzmagic is looking Parker’s way early and often.  I know I have said this before, but look at Parker’s fantasy playoff schedule:  Jets, Giants, Bengals.  Sign me up!”  Well, Parker still has the wonderful playoff schedule.  And, he produced in a blowout loss to the Browns to the tune of six catches for 91 yards on 11 targets.  The Fish will continue to play from behind and Parker will continue to be the number one target for Fitzmagic.  I remain in. 

Final Note:  I know that some of you groan when I lament the state of the Cowboys and some of you are just entertained by it but hey, I feel compelled to say my piece and do.  Yes, the Pats are the Pats and they almost always win at home.  Losing to the Goat and his crew in their house is no shame.  However, it is amazing how the coaching staff is unable to manage a game.  Yes, the tripping penalties were crap.  However, on third and one with a huge offensive line, a great running back and a big quarterback, get the one yard.  Stop screwing around.  Seriously!  Also, down seven on third and 7 deep in Pats territory in a driving rain, did it occur to anyone to call a simpler play that would get at least 3-4 (and maybe with a broken tackle a first down) and allow the Boys to go on 4th down and makeable?  Sadly, probably not.  I will not give up on the Cowboys because they still should win the NFC East and get a home playoff game.  If the “brain trust” ever coached and managed the game properly, the talent could shine.  Hope springs eternal.