As the General of the Mock Draft Army, my whole offseason world revolves around Average Draft Position (ADP). Each week I run a series of mock drafts and then spend my weekend tabulating ADP numbers by hand with the hopes of providing you with what should be considered a valuable tool to use both in your draft prep and while you’re inside the war room. But often times people get confused by ADP and how to actually use it, so allow me to offer up this very simple crash course.

1. What is ADP?

The definition of ADP is pretty straightforward. It is a number calculated based on where a player is drafted in a series of mock drafts. Usually the number is taken from a series of drafts on a particular site so that when someone says that George Springer has an ADP of 36 on ESPN, it means that he is usually being drafted somewhere in the third round of 12-team drafts on To oversimplify just a bit, you can take a player’s ADP and divide by the number of teams in a league and...

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