How many times have you heard someone say, “Now is not the time nor the place”? At some point, we’ve all been on the receiving end of it and usually, it comes with a disapproving look or an eye roll. But while your timing at that moment may not be the best, the phrase does lend itself to the belief that there is indeed an appropriate time or place for whatever it is you just said or did.

Well, when it comes to talking fantasy baseball strategy and punting categories, that’s me with the chastising words and the disapproving look. I do not like to punt. Not one bit. But while I may not be the biggest advocate of the strategy, I won’t let my personal bias stand in the way of showing you that, under the right circumstances, it is definitely a viable course of action.

Allow me to start with why I don’t like it.

For starters, you’re just giving away points. Whether you’re playing in a rotisserie format or head-to-head, punting a category means you’re taking a zero. Let’s go with...

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