So here we are – last week of the regular season. Some head to head leagues have already had their championship, but many have not. And we all know that roto leagues are still going. The closer situation in MLB has been fairly stable since the All Star break. Minimal changes. But for those fighting for saves, there may be a few remote opportunities for you to get a little help if it’s not too late.

Here’s a look at the two situations which require attention:

Kansas City Royals – OK, so if you’re in a competitive league or at least one of 12 teams or more it’s highly doubtful that Wade Davis is available. But he’s certainly the guy to own with Greg Holland officially finished for the season. Depending on how hard the Royals want to push, there is a remote chance that Kelvin Herrera or even Ryan Madson gets a look if Davis is, for any reason, deemed unavailable. It’s a shot in the dark, but to paraphrase The Waterboy, it’s the last week of the season; can’t hold anything...

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