Get yourself enough rest over the All Star break? Refreshed and ready? Good. You’re going to need to be at your best right now as the second half of the season gets underway. Forget about which horses got you to where you are right now; it’s now about which horses are going to get you to the finish line. It’s about looking forward and figuring out what your team needs and seeing which guys you should hold over from the first half and which ones have run their course and are likely to be dead weight moving forward. If saves and ratio stabilization are your needs, it’s time to be sensible and make a move for some top closers.

There’s no need to perpetuate the debate over the value of closers. Those of you who failed to invest in high-end guys have been chasing saves all year long and even those of you who thought you were investing wisely in some of the middle-tiered guys have found yourselves in trouble. But the fact remains that only two of my personal top-10, Joe Nathan and