Happy Monday and happy 4/20 day, FANation! Hope everyone had a great weekend, and hopefully made some cash playing some CSGO DFS! Today we have a couple different slates for this afternoon kicking off at 5:15 PM ET. We also have a couple of showdown games on their own slates as well, so plenty of action for today! The showdown was very good to me yesterday between MiBR and MAD Lions, and I will be playing both of the showdown games today as well. So, without further ado, let’s get started on the first slate – the 2-game Clutch slate. These matches are a BEST OF 2, so with that said, these games do have the potential to land on a 1-1 tie, so keep that in mind.

Game 1

Bravos (Ranked 187th in World) vs RED Canids (Ranked 60th in World)

The RED Canids come into today’s match as a very heavy favorite, along with a near 83% public backing as well. These two teams have played best of ones in recent memory, and RED Canid took two of the three games played. One of the three matches did however see Bravos win the match by a score of 16-12, and in another Bravos managed to get to 14 round wins before losing in the 30th round. So, wouldn’t see RED has been blowing the doors off of Bravos, however, their most recent match RED won by a score of 16-6. On paper, this does seem like a slam dunk for RED Canids. Four of their five players have registered a Rating 2.0 of 1.14 or better in the past 3 months playing Online, while Bravos has three that barely eclipse 1.01. Looking a bit at their map picks history, it favors RED as well, as we can see that it seems Bravos will like pick map Nuke as their first pick, as they have at a 50% clip over last three months – the only problem here is that they have only won 33% of the time in 6 tries, whereas RED has played this map a total of 5 times, winning every single time. The first ban for RED has been map Inferno, where they haven’t played lately, and I don’t see Bravos minding much as they haven’t fared well here either. The first ban for Bravos has typically been Mirage, and likely they will again as RED has won 100% over their last 4 maps here. Likely this will leave Nuke, Train, Overpass, Vertigo, and Dust2 as potential options. Likely, we see Bravos continue their first pick with Nuke, and I could easily see RED going with their usual first pick in map Train (where they have played a total of 7 times lately and won all 7). Again, I mentioned that Nuke, even though has been Bravos first map pick 50% lately, they have not won much on it. I could see something crazy like Bravos picking Vertigo, a map they have had success on, but other than that, just believe this could easily end up being a huge advantage with map analysis alone for RED today. Not to mention, RED has won four of their previous five matches by the 2-0 sweep. So, let’s get to some picks here.


ANCHOR: Wood7 – (Wood has been either top fragger, or 2nd top fragger in their prior three matches, and has had a 1.18 and 1.16 Rating 2.0 in two of those three as well)

Top Stacking Options: Wood7, krg, lealziNho


ANCHOR: latto or Nython (top two fraggers on the team, I believe strongly that latto has the higher ceiling, but they both are eclipsing 40+ kills most matches)

Top Stacking Options: latto/nython, DeStiNy

Game 2

W7M (Ranked 125th in World) vs Isurus (Ranked 118th in World)

In game two, we have two Brazilian teams that are very fond of each other and have played a total of six matches in the past year or so. W7M has came out the better team in 9 of the games, while Isurus have won 6 total games of their own, so not just astounding numbers by any means for one or the other. As far as last two matches however, W7M has 2-0 them both times. W7M is just a slight favorite today as well. I could see the map selections for this match-up to be similar to their recent matches, Isurus has picked map Overpass on 50% of their first picks, and this has been the map they have had the most success against W7M on, and I would recommend that W7M pick Mirage, as they have beat Isurus on this map their last four times consecutively, however, it seems Nuke has been their first pick 27% of the time, however, Mirage has seen it be their first pick at a 23% clip, so could easily see Mirage here as recommended. I could easily see this match landing 1-1, but it wouldn’t surprise me to watch W7M go 2-0 as well. W7M has played pretty well so far in this Clutch event, as well as over the past 3 months, with every single player on their roster sporting a 1.08 Rating 2.0 or better, with two sitting above a 1.26! Lets get to some picks here.


ANCHOR: Pancc – (Has major upside and have seen him top 50+ kills a couple times, 1.12 Rating 2.0, 0.73 Kills per Round, 1.20 IMPACT, and 79.6 ADR over last three months)

Top Stacking Options: Pancc, Raafa, Skullz


ANCHOR: Reversive – (Reversive has been one of the main fraggers for this squad, 1.05 Rating 2.0, 72.6 Kill-Asst%, very good 0.62 Deaths per Round, and an above average 0.68 Kills per Round over his last three months online)

Top Stacking Options: Reversive, decov9jse, Noktse



Top Plays: Latto, Nython, Pancc, Wood7

Top Stacks: W7M, RED Canids

Top Values: Pancc, Noktse, Wood7, UnK