Welcome back, FANation! Hopefully some of you took advantage of my introduction article yesterday over Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and made some cash! It was quite a decent day, as I was able to double my money, and finish well within the top 10% of multiple tournaments! Today we have two slates to play (yippy!) on DraftKings. The first slate features the LOOT.BET series starting at 5:30 AM ET featuring the match-ups of Gambit Youngsters vs Endpoint, followed by Secret taking on Illuminar in game 2. The following two-game slate of the Clutch series featuring kicking-off at 5:15 PM ET will feature RED Canids vs W7M, as well as Soberano vs Keyd.

LOOT.BET Season 6

Gambit Youngsters (Ranked 49th in world) vs Endpoint (Ranked 36th in world) – 5:30 AM ET

This tournament features a best of three map games, with both team getting to ban a map, and deciding on map one for game 1, map two for game 2, as well as a deciding map incase this match goes the distance and both face-off for a game three. Looking at the map history, Gambit, nor End point have decided on playing the Nuke map, as neither have played this map. Gambit has a 75%-win rate on Overpass, while Endpoint sports a lowly 40%-win rate on Overpass, so look for Gambit to take advantage here. Endpoints best map is Vertigo at a 75%-win rate clip, however this is also Gambit’s best map to date as well with an insane 86% win-rate. The thing here is that Endpoint doesn’t have over a 57%-win rate on any of the seven available maps except for Vertigo, while Gambit Youngsters have clipped at least 56% or higher win rates on six of the seven maps available. These two teams have faced off one time already in 2020, and the two maps there were chosen just so happen to be Overpass and Mirage. Overpass being Gambit’s best map, and Mirage being Endpoint’s 3rd best map. In the lone match, Endpoint came out victorious with a 2-0 sweep on the back of “Surreal”, who put up a 42-30 K-D (Kill-to-Death), 85.5 ADR (Average Damage Per Round), 75.5% KAST (Kill Assist%), and massive 1.30 Rating 2.0 (Kills Per Round Survived). Three players for Endpoint eclipsed a 1.0 Rating joining Surreal, both “robiin” and “CRUC1AL”.

Gambit Youngsters have lost three of their last five contests, with two of those being a 2-0 sweep. Endpoint have won two of their last three, with two of those going for the 2-0 sweep, however, must be mentioned they were 2-0 swept the prior two games before the surge. So, let’s see who we like in this game:

Gambit Youngsters

ANCHOR: Sh1ro – sh1ro features a hefty 1.27 Rating 2.0, 0.79 Kills Per Round, 0.54 Deaths Per Round, 76.2% Kill-Assist%, and a 1.26 IMPACT rating, unto which all lead his team by decent margins.

Top Builds: Sh1ro, Ax1Le, supra


ANCHOR: Thomas – Thomas features a team-leading 1.12 Rating 2.0, while also sporting a 0.73 Kills Per Round, 71.9% Kill-Assist, 1.10 IMPACT, and a modest 81.4 ADR.

Top Builds: Thomas, Surreal, CRUC1AL

Secret (Ranked 69th (nice; wink face) in world) vs Illuminar (Ranked 86th in world) – 8:00 AM ET

Both of these teams have had some time off, so recent map history isn’t much in play here. Who knows which maps they have been practicing exclusively, so let’s not try to guess. Team Secret have won four of their last five matches, with two of those four getting the 2-0 sweep. Illuminar have lost four of their last five contests. It is no Secret here (no pun intended) that Team Secret looks like the better team here, so let’s get to who looks good on the server.


ANCHOR: juanflatroo (Team-leading 1.06 Rating 2.0, 0.73 Kills Per Round, 1.15 IMPACT, and 79.1 ADR)

Top Builds: juanflatroo, PERCY, sinnopsyy


ANCHOR: innocent (Team-leading 1.13 Rating 2.0, 0.76 Kills Per Round, 70.2 Kill-Assist%, 1.13 IMPACT, 83.4 ADR)

Top Builds: innocent, reatz, Snax

Clutch Season 2

RED Canids (Ranked 60th in world) vs W7M (ranked 125th in world) – 5:15 PM ET

These two Brazilian teams know each other very well, as they have faced off three times already in 2020. The RED Canids have won two of the three matches, with their most prior affair resulting in a 2-0 sweep. The only map that has some significance for these two teams as far as these past three meetings go is Train, and RED have won two of the three maps played at Train, as this is the only map that has been picked in all three matches. In the three matches, one player has stood out and has basically led his team to the two victories for RED, and that was nython, who was also named top play in both matches. Nython combined for a 116-82 Kill-Death, an average of 90.1 ADR, and an average of 1.39 Rating 2.0. Pretty massive numbers. Guess who will be my anchor for RED (and likely my favorite play on this slate)? By the way, this seems like a very good spot for RED to 2-0! This series is a best of 2, not 3. RED is getting over 80% of “public” votes to win.

RED Canids

ANCHOR: nython – (1.19 Rating 2.0, 0.80 Kills Per Round, 75.9 Kill-Assist%, 1.17 IMPACT, 81.2 ADR)

Top Builds: nython, Latto, fnx (DeStiNy has nice value also)


ANCHOR:  ablej - (1.13 Rating 2.0, 0.73 Kills Per Round, 71.0 Kill-Assist%, 1.16 IMPACT, 80.2 ADR)

Top Builds: ablej, pancc, skullz

Soberano (Ranked 137th in world) vs Keyd (Ranked 162nd in world) – 7:00 PM ET

These two Brazilian teams may know each other very well, and both are somewhat “newbies” to the Brazilian scene with quite a bit to prove and improve but haven’t faced off in 2020. There isn’t any map history recently, so we will just leave that as is, and jump right into what we like for this match up. However, these two teams DO NOT LOOK PRETTY. On paper, Keyd actually seem like the better “Team” so I would likely look at them in stacks. This series is Best of 2, not 3, and Keyd are getting almost 80% of “public” votes to win.


ANCHOR: vhz (1.06 Rating 2.0, 0.76 Kills Per Round, 1.21 IMPACT)

Top Builds: vhz, abr, gust


ANCHOR: piriaz1n (1.06 Rating 2.0, 0.73 Kills Per Round, 1.22 IMPACT, 79.6 ADR)

Top Builds: pirizaz1n, jntzika, tifa