CS:GO DFS Playbook: DreamHack Masters Spring 2021 4.29.2021 (8-Match)

Betting Odds:

Gambit (-830) vs Fiend (+480)

Spirit (-135) vs G2 (+105)

Virtus.Pro (-125) vs FaZe (-105)

NaVi (-190) vs Mousesports (+145)

Complexity (-150) vs Vitality (+115)

Astralis (-160 LOL) vs Extra Salt (+125)

Heroic (-665) vs paiN (+410)

FURIA (-115) vs BIG (-110)


Just want to start off by saying these matches are all BEST OF ONE. So, with that said, everything from a 3x3 lineup construction to a 1x1x1x1x1x1 is in play for this slate and should be creative with combinations. Also, I am doing a little bit of a different playbook here, as I don’t have 6 hours to write out a full 8-match breakdown and to be flat out honest, most...