In case you live in a Twitter bubble you have noticed the countless videos of people taking pies to the face and wondering what the heck is that? Weeks ago on the Fantasy Alarm Show on Sirius/XM Fantasy Sports Radio the hosts and the producers decided to do a draft of receivers to see who would pick the best one and the loser would have to take a pie to the face. They had the great Lisa Ann draw the draft order and Howard Bender, Jim Bowden, Justin Fensterman, and Ani Sridhar had no idea what they started. Fensty lost the first one in Week 3 when he picked Kenny Golladay and the #FFPieBet was born.

Each host has since lost the bet. Early on, listeners wanted to join in the fun. The ground rules were laid out. Listeners can pick any other receiver besides the four that the hosts pick. As long as your pick beats any one of the four host picks, you are pie free. If your pick does worse in PPR scoring than all four of the host picks, you must do a video on Twitter of you taking a pie to the face. The competition has grown each and every week, and more and more fans have gotten involved. You’ve been watching the videos and seeing the fun and deciding if you want to get involved and risk getting that perfect face of yours all full of pie. Well, if you are thinking about it, here are the top ten reasons to get involved in the #FFPieBet!

  1. It is for charity. Unless you are a cold, heartless individual everyone deep down would love to help out those less fortunate. A lot of times, however, we might not have the means to do so, or really know how to go about it. The #FFPieBet helps you do just that without costing you anything. Every pie to the face taken means a donation to The Children’s Fund. However, Fantasy Alarm donates $10 for every pie to the face, so it is no money out of pocket for you. The Children’s Fund does great work providing emergency assistance to vulnerable children in the form of food, clothing, beds, shelter, transportation, medical and mental health care they might otherwise not have. What better cause can you think of than that? And all you have to do is have fun, and the donation is done for you. If you want to learn more about the charity go to
  2. You might actually have fun. Lots of us lead fairly normal lives. We wake up to an alarm, slug our way to a job we just kind of deal with, come home to have a meal and spend time with whoever we spend time with, watch some tv, do some chores and go to bed to wake up and do it again. But how many days is there a chance for you to do something fun like take a pie to the face? This is a chance to be creative, have fun with the video, and just let loose a little. I know it seems awful to take a pie to the face, but it is actually kind of fun. A little cold, and you want to hold your breath so you don’t inhale whipped cream, but it is actually great. I promise. If it wasn’t why would so many people keep playing? In case you haven’t noticed, once people are in, they keep playing.
  3. Whoever pies you will love you. If you have watched any of the videos on Twitter or at you will see faces of total happiness and giggles of sheer joy. The person who does smack you with the pie is basically the happiest person in America. In the doghouse with your significant other? This is a perfect way to let them get some frustration out for whatever you did that was stupid and get back on their good side. Have kids? You don’t think they would love to smash a pie in one of their parents faces? I know mine sure did! Heck, even if you are a single person you know one of your friends would love to put a pie in your face and it will be a great story to be able to tell next time you are out having a few beers. The #FFPieBet brings everyone together.
  4.  You will be a part of a group. You clearly aren’t reading this unless you have noticed the hundreds of tweets of people making their pie picks, elated that they don’t have to take a pie, or the videos of the pies when they lose. It has become an incredibly friendly, tight-knit pie-community! You can talk trash about people’s dumb picks, comment on their videos, and laugh when you see someone else with a face full of whipped cream! There has now been the addition of #sidepie, which are side pie bets that folks have made with other #FFPieBet participants. Think your pick is better than someone else’s? Ask for a #sidepie! Think your team will win this week over another team and are in a Twitter discussion? Challenge them to a #sidepie bet. It all goes to charity!
  5. You will probably gain some Twitter followers. As mentioned before, this pie-mmunity is growing, and is having a great time together. I know that I have started following a good number of regular participants in this game, and have definitely gained followers from this. Are you in the fantasy football industry? Your tweets will be liked and re-tweeted by a number of folks along the way, likely by people like Howard Bender, Fantasy Alarm, and other participants that will get more attention than the last ten mundane tweets you put out that only your mother liked. And if you aren’t in the industry, you can get some attention from some of your favorites in the fantasy industry!
  6. Did I mention it was for charity? Fantasy Alarm is donating $10 every time someone takes a pie to the face, and so far have raised over $2,000! You are more than welcome to donate yourself, but that is not necessary, the donations are done for you. So for doing something you love anyway (fantasy football) you are helping kids in need. Doesn’t that make you feel good? Just remember that when your face is full of pie.
  7. Show your knowledge. Most of this article has revolved around losing the #FFPieBet, but hey not everyone loses. Show your friends and your Twitter following that you know fantasy football better than the rest by choosing receivers that help you WIN! Personally, I have lost three out of four picks, but I still remember the great feeling when Tyler Lockett rocked it for me.
  8. Scratch that fantasy itch. Most of us are degenerates. We will play seasonal leagues, dynasty leagues, DFS games, bet against the point spread, if it is football related, we want more of it! This is just another creative way to make the games more interesting on Sunday.
  9. Compete against the pros. Howard Bender, Jim Bowden, Justin Fensterman, and Ani Sridhar put their clean faces on the line each week. They break down the games each week on the Fantasy Alarm Show on Monday-Friday from 4-7pm eastern on Sirius/XM Fantasy Sports Radio. It is their job to talk about football, and help to give you advice about fantasy football. Think you are smarter? Let’s see what you’ve got!
  10. Your dogs will love you. Do you have dogs? If you have watched some of the #FFPieBet videos you will see some of the happiest dogs in America as they get to clean the floor or their owner’s faces of whipped cream and pie. If you ate the same food for every meal of your life, how happy would you be if you get to lick up some freakin PIE! If you love your dogs, you should participate in the #FFPieBet this week!

Now that you are ready to make your pick and join the fun, just remember when you do your tweet use #FFPieBet and tag @rotobuzzguy, @fantasyalarm and @siriusxmfantasy! Good luck!