Cash Game Strategy

Main Even Stack: This fight is both unpredictable as far as the winner and likely to be high paced. It's even a consideration for a Crazy Ivan type GPP stack. With the new DK scoring that's even harder to pull off than the 5~% hit rate it was prior but Sandhagen does special things. 

Top Spend Up

Sijara Eubanks: You're going to be facing Eubanks in most cash games lineups. She is a heavy favorite and the best strategy is to match with her and look to play 3v3. 

GPP Fight

Adrian Yanez vs Randy Costa: This is a guaranteed banger. Costa only has one gear and it's pedal on the floor. Yanez hasn't faced many big tests so this is a good one. His striking is silky smooth, however. If Costa doesn't get him off balance very early...