It’s the last full week for 25-man rosters as on Sunday they expand to 40 per team and you will see a ton of new relievers and offensive guys come up to see how they can do in the majors. It will look like spring training at times except that the games count, and for playoff spots for some teams. With the NFL season kicking off in a week and a half, many of your league-mates will be focused on the drafts and setting lineups for the first week while you are outwitting them for the last bit of the MLB season.

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Jonathan Villar , 2B BAL – As of the writing of this midday Sunday, Villar joined the 20-20 club capping off a great week. Prior to Sunday’s game, where he reached the 20-20 marks, he had a .400/.500/.920 slash line with four homers, six runs, five RBI, and two steals leading to an impressive .520 ISO and .558 wOBA. It’s easy to forget the Orioles actually have good offensive...