By now you have probably seen a few of these introduction pieces roll out this week. This one will focus on Red Zone analysis and what you can expect to see in this weekly report. Paying attention to who is getting targeted and/or getting carries in the red zone and down near the goal line are both very important in all fantasy formats. Touchdowns are major point boosters in PPR leagues and even more so in standard. The weekly report will be a one-stop shop where you can find all the information you could possibly need when it comes to the red zone. This will be by first year on this piece and I can’t wait to bring it to you!

If you were with us last year, you would have seen the Red Zone Report’s main focus was on targets in the red zone. It broke down receivers, tight ends, and running backs who were seeing targets during any given week. While that will still be the case this year, there are also going to be many new additions made to the piece to further help you have a successful season. These additions will be quarterback stats, running back carries, and offense/defense team stats all in the red zone. They will include weekly performances as well as up to date season long totals.

The article will start with wide receiver, tight end, and running back targets in the red zone. Tracking who received a high number of red zone targets in the most recent game can be a great piece of information into what we may be able to expect moving forward. After breaking down notable game performances from individual players from the three positions, the section will conclude with a table of a running total of targets for the top-10. The table will include targets, receptions, catch percentage, and touchdowns. I will not only include those stats for what they are doing inside the opponent’s 20-yard line, but also their stats for inside the 10 yard line. Last season, Jimmy Graham led the league in both targets inside the 20 and inside the 10; he finished second in the NFL in touchdown receptions with 10, only behind DeAndre Hopkins (13 touchdowns) who finished 12th and 6th in those categories respectively.

From there, I will transition into running back carries inside the red zone. Much like targets, this section will provide notable game performances as well as a table providing all the information you need to know about running backs who are getting fed heavy carry totals down around the goal line. Touchdowns will always be a crucial part of fantasy, as they are normally worth a minimum of six points in most leagues, with some leagues putting an even bigger importance on them. It is no surprise that our yearly scoring leaders are many of the guys that find the end zone often. Last season, Todd Gurley led the league in carries inside the 20, inside the 10, and also inside the 5. Do you want to know what else he led in? Rushing Touchdowns. That is only one year, sure, so let’s look at 2016. In 2016, LeGarrette Blount led the NFL in rushing touchdowns; he also led the league in carries inside the 20, 10, and 5.

Our third point of focus will be on quarterbacks and how well they operating in the red zone. Quarterbacks are no different than your other positions when it comes to red zone stats, the more attempts they have, usually the more touchdowns. Similar to the two previous sections of the piece, we will breakdown notable performances for each week as well as a table with the season to date stats for the top-10 quarterbacks in attempts in the red zone.

Last but not least, the article will wrap up with team defense stats for down in the red zone. Knowing what teams are successful at stopping team's from finishing off drives is important. Team information can be useful for seasonal streaming options, lineup choices, and DFS targets.

The Red Zone Report will come out every Friday, so be sure to check it out along with all of the other great content that will roll out on a weekly basis. If anyone has any thoughts on anything else they would like to see added as far as the red zone goes, you can send me a message on twitter @JustinVreeland, in the live chat, or leave a comment on any of my posts. Good luck this year FANation, though you won’t need it since you’re already a part of the #FAmily.