Hello FANation, I am thrilled to introduce FantasyAlarm’s latest partner in WinView Games.   What is WinView Games you may be asking?  WinView Games is the best live in-game props app where you predict the outcomes of plays and compete against other fans in contests to win cash.

The FantasyAlarm WinView Team

To help you be the most successful WinView Games player possible we have a team that is dedicated to providing you with the best possible content to put you in position to win. The team consists of some familiar faces here at FantasyAlarm in James Grande, Tom Vecchio, Steve Pimental, Rick Wolf, and myself (Jon Impemba).

What To Look For

WinView Mini-Site- Within the FantasyAlarm site we have created a WinView specific site which will host all WinView content ranging from strategy guides to daily playbooks for the WinView Game of the Day.

WinView Strategy Articles- The team is collaborating on WinView Strategy articles to put you in the best position to be successful while playing on the app ranging from “Contest Selection” and “Wagering Strategies” to sport specific guides like Playing WinView MLB, NHL and NBA.

WinView Daily Playbook- Each day on FantasyAlarm we will pick a Game of the Day from the WinView app and do a full breakdown that includes game play predictions and complete player analysis, so you will be in the best position to win your WinView contests.

WinView Tools- Here at FantasyAlarm we feel like we have the best tools in the industry and we will be creating WinView specific tools to help put you in the best position to win your WinView contests.

Contest of the Day-  Based off the WinView Daily Playbook, we will be hosting a daily contest where you get to compete against other FantasyAlarm members and our WinView team.

WinView Specific Chat- For those of you who are subscribers we will have a WinView specific chat channel where the FantasyAlarm team will be available to answer your questions as well as talk about the Game of the Day.

FantasyAlarm WinView Leaderboard- See how you compare to other members of FANation with our FantasyAlarm WinView Leaderboard. 

There is much more to come too!  We plan on having this Fantasy Alarm WinView site be an ever-evolving product, much like the FantasyAlarm site, with updated daily content to put you in the best position to succeed. So come join the rest of FANation, download the WinView Games app, and have fun while winning some cold hard cash.