They say the only two certainties in life are death and taxes, but clearly, those who say it have never dealt with fantasy baseball owners right before their draft. Countless hours have been spent researching players, projecting statistics and mock drafting. The last thing they want to do is screw up their drafts, thus giving us our third certainty in life – first-pick anxiety.

“I have the third pick in my draft, should I take Francisco Lindor or José Ramírez ?”

“Should I take Max Scherzer with my first pick or do I have to start with hitting?”

“Do I start with the power of J.D. Martínez or the speed of Trea Turner ?”

The anxiety is real and we understand exactly what you’re going through. Every single one of us was once a beginner and every single one of us still gets butterflies in our stomach when it’s time to make that first pick. Does the first round matter? Of course it does.

Don’t let some crotchety analyst beat you down and tell you it doesn’t matter...