Sunday LCS has some of the most one sided match-ups all season long: C9 vs DIG, TSM vs CLG, and although IMT almost stole the win from TL on Saturday, EG & FLY are clear favorites. Sunday is a day to hit big points.


Blaber ($11,100)

Cloud 9 is running a war path through the LCS, and DIG’s jungle/mid situation looks like an overwhelming weakness compared to their relatively stable side laners. Junglers are an uncommon choice for Captain, but Blaber is a 100% buy against Dardoch, who made Saturday’s game against 100 Thieves look like a circus show. If junglers aren’t your thing, we’d recommend picking up C9’s mid laner, Nisqy. Although expensive, he’s projected to win big against the weak Dignitas jungle/mid stack.

Alternatives to consider: Nisqy ($12,300)

Top Lane

Broken Blade ($6,600)

The weakest parts of CLG appear to always be changing aside from their mid laner in Pobelter. Broken Blade has been a consistent performer on TSM and has proved that he can play both weak side and strong side. No matter what kind of draft TSM set Broken Blade up with, we can trust in him to perform against the relatively weak Ruin. Ruin is by no means bad, but the jungle difference in TSM’s favor nullifies any strength Ruin may bring to top lane. This stability is favorable for us, but on the other hand, we can’t deny that Solo could also be a stable pick up. Solo has been performing admirably since his reentrance to LCS last split, and Impact is not a particularly threatening opponent for him, either. Broken Blade does have a good amount of pop-off potential though, while Solo is a much more traditional, rock solid player.

Alternatives to consider: Solo ($5,400)


Spica ($7,000)

The jungle difference in TSM vs CLG and C9 vs DIG are the biggest differences between roles out of all the teams playing tonight. CLG dropped last split extremely hard after a promising 2019 summer, and while he’s been slowly getting back onto track, he still looks miles away from the shiny new superstar Spica. Spica may just be what TSM needs in order to reclaim their throne, and his development has been an encouraging sight to a team that typically struggles playing around junglers. If TSM’s poor track record with junglers makes you skeptical of betting money on Spica, who could potentially nose dive like Akaadian did last year, we would select Santorin for our jungle pick, as Broxah has been an unimpressive link on TL relative to his other teammates’ success.

Alternatives to consider: Santorin ($6,000)

Mid Lane:

Power of Evil ($7,000)

FlyQuest after Saturday look like the second best team in NA LCS, perhaps only contested by TSM. MasH has lended the team further sidelane stability, and facilitated Power of Evil to carry further on picks like Corki, Orianna, Azir, and Cassiopeia. The only real threat to FlyQuest is their own drafts, where they may inexplicably pick Senna for seemingly no reason and then lose. After last week, however, that seems highly improbable, so it should be clear skies ahead of FlyQuest. If FlyQuest Senna haunts your dreams, don’t hesitate to pick up Nisqy, who comes in at extremely pricey but well worth the price tag if you can afford him.

Alternatives to consider: Nisqy ($8,200)


MasH ($6,800)

MasH’s reentrance into the LCS has been admirable, he currently holds a KDA of 8, and still holds the highest KDA in academy at 12.5. MasH isn’t a walking highlight reel like other ADCs, but his propensity to avoid deaths unlike any other makes him very useful in the ADC role. While Tactical & CoreJJ may be threatening opponents, that hasn’t stopped MasH from shrugging off blows from the other goliath’s he’s faced this season. Just please no more Senna. Once again, if you are afraid the coaching staff of FlyQuest did not learn their lesson, and you can afford him, we’d suggest going with Zven if you can. He’s the best ADC in the LCS, and while his price is absolutely insane, he’s the best that money can buy.

Alternatives to consider: Zven ($8,400)


Vulcan ($5,800)

Vulcan is the best support in the league, and any time Cloud 9 plays on a day that I write, I must be reminded of it. Vulcan is the best, highest KDA in the league. Vulcan is the best, he does not die. Vulcan is the best, he always wins. Buy into the cult of Vulcan. Cloud 9 are 7-0 for a reason, and that reason involves Vulcan. We love Vulcan. If you cannot afford Vulcan (consider making changes elsewhere, he’s worth it!) Biofrost is another bet that’s likely safe against Smoothie, who has been shown to be on the weaker side of supports throughout the season.

Alternatives to consider: Biofrost ($5,600)


Team SoloMid ($5,200)

TSM is on the come-up recently. Their only losses this split was following an absurdly mind bogglingly bad draft against FlyQuest, and their first game of the split against Team Liquid. TSM are the real deal at this point, and while CLG looks much better than they did in spring, it’s just unlikely they can close out the first round robin on a high note. They may be able to beat teams like IMT, 100T, DIG, and GGS, but with their two opponents left being TL and TSM, they’re a hard sell. TSM are expected to dominate their match on Sunday. The only other “sure thing” is Cloud 9, which once again, buy ‘em if you got ‘em

Alternatives to consider: Cloud 9 ($6,000)

Top Stacks:

Biofrost & Doublelift

You know what? I’m sick of talking about Cloud 9. All the stacks for Sunday are not going to include Cloud 9. Yeah, we get it, Cloud 9 is the best. Okay, buy Cloud 9 when you can, that’s fine. What about when you can’t afford the mega price tag of Zven and Vulcan? That’s when you go for Biofrost and Doublelift. Second best bottom lane in the league, easily. Far more economical, sure they don’t have the highs of Zven and Vulcan, but they are a consistent pillar of strength for their team, and that’s undeniable. Bringing back Doublelift was a success for TSM, and we know that makes certain people shutter, it’s just the truth. These two work together very well.

MasH & Power of Evil

The two carries from FlyQuest are fantastic at avoiding death. I’ve never seen a team so boring to watch than FlyQuest, and that’s a good thing. Their absurdly slow playstyle makes my eyes ache for the sight of paint drying on a wall, but that’s excellent for letting MasH and Power of Evil farm kills like their lives depended on it. IgNar, Santorin, and Solo are each there with the sole intention of giving MasH and Power of Evil as many resources as possible, and that’s why they’re an excellent choice for point proliferation.

Blaber & Vulcan

I lied? Of course I lied. Blaber and Vulcan, like the rest of Cloud 9, are the best players in their role. Additionally, their match-ups are extremely good. Vulcan has great synergy with Blaber, and their opponent is the King-of-the-Gray-Screen, Dardoch. Dignitas sit dead last in standings at 0-7, Cloud 9 sit first at 7-0. What a wonderful coincidence. If you don’t pick Blaber in particular, you’re seriously mistaking yourself.

Top Picks: Nisqy, Blaber, Vulcan

Yep, that’s it. Nothing’s changed, pack your bags. Dignitas are really bad, and the biggest gaps are in mid and jungle. Nisqy isn’t worth his price tag since he is prone to being put on a support for Blaber, but that doesn’t deny the fact that he’ll rack up points like there’s no tomorrow. If you had to choose one Cloud 9 member since they’re more expensive than United States medical bills, choose Blaber. That doesn’t stop all of them from being a good choice though.

Top Value: MasH, Solo, PowerofEvil

All of them are on FlyQuest, and they are each extremely undervalued. MasH and PowerofEvil in particular are insanely talented players when they’re allowed to be on champions which complement their styles, and their victory over EG just seals the deal. When you’re talking about players you pick in order to free up money elsewhere, you cannot go wrong with Solo: a stable KDA at 3.7 ensures you’re getting your money’s worth without the price tag of Broken Blade or Licorice. FlyQuest is a great big “buy” for right now, each of them come in cheap, TL looked bad on Saturday, it’s a perfect storm of value for these guys.