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2023 Player Outlook

Arozarena continued to outperform his expected stats in the xBA, xSLG, and xwOBA categories. His xBA was just 29 points below his .actual .263 BA, his .382 xSLG was 63 points below his actual SLG and his xwOBA was 35 points below his actual wOBA. Arozarena hit 20 HRs for a second straight season, but his tendency to hit ground balls (above average 50.7 GB% last season) will likely put a cap on his overall HR production. He also stole a career-high 32 bases. It was the second straight season that Arozarena stole at least 20. Unfortunately, with two straight seasons of declining LD% and the fact that he’s a ground ball hitter, we’re likely to see a fourth straight season of declining BA from Arozarena. However, even if his 2023 BA drops into the .250 range, Arozarena’s 20/20+ skillset still makes him an extremely valuable fantasy outfielder.

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