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2023 Player Outlook

2023 Recap: Romano recorded 36 saves for a second straight season. While he’s still one of the more reliable closers in the game (just four blown saves), he spent some time on the IL due to a back injury and some of his key stats regressed last season. He posted a 2.90 ERA, which is very good, but it’s quite a bit higher than his 2022 2.11 ERA and his xBA was 3.30. His H/9 rate increased for a second straight season, and we saw some elevation in his walk rate which led to him posting his highest WHIP (1.220) since his rookie season. 

2024 Outlook: His lower back issue raises some potential injury risk concerns but just about all of the major project models expect Romano to save at least 30 games again this season, but they also expect his ERA to further regress into the mid and upper three range. 

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