Cash Game Strategy

This is not a very stackable main event. A case could be made to do it since you'll want the winner with both mid-range price but Lewis's path is just too singular. That being a Hail Mary KO with few stats to boost it. There aren't many cash locks to go with but Angela Hill is ridiculously mispriced at min salary. Players will also flock to the grappling upside of Ricky Simon so it's wise to match there. 

GPP Fight To Target: Tafa vs Hunsucker 

Both of these heavyweights come out swinging and have shaky striking defense. Tafa is a deserving favorite but he's shown some glaring holes in spots. Hunsucker isn't long for the UFC but he did crack Tai Tuivasa a few times before getting KO'd. Difference is we know the crazy durability Tai has. 

Leverage Play 

People are rightfully concerned with how bad Jordan Leavitt's striking is. They should be equally concerned with Matt Sayles grappling struggles (and those were down a weight class). Leavitt is an odd dude and hard to depend on but his skill set is BJJ. If he pulls out an early submission he's a must have.