Here are my personal example lineups for this weekend's tournament.  You will see lineups for DraftKings and Fanduel.  You will also need at least two pivot options in each of the lineups as well.  We encourage you to use these lineups and the playbook as a guide for building your own unique lineups for the Masters.         

Make sure you read my full PGA DFS Playbook for the Masters before using these example lineups.  You can also take a look at my Weekly Tournament Projections at any time.

We are finally here.  It’s Masters week and everyone is excited.  While we all want to win the big money tournaments out there in DFS, please play smart.  If you aren’t a big player, don’t go out there and enter the big mass multi-entry tournaments with huge guaranteed prize pools.  I recommend you play the single entry tournaments and while the prize money isn’t as big, you have a much greater chance of winning.

Now, let’s get into the DFS Strategy when it comes to The Masters especially if you insist in playing in the large field GPPs.  We’ve only got 88 players in the field which makes differentiating yourself even harder.  You cannot be afraid to leave money on the table when setting your lineups.  One of the biggest problems that many DFS players have is feeling that you must spend all your salary cap.  There is a much better chance that you'll have a duplicate lineup if you zero out your salary cap than if you leave money on the table.  You'll notice in my example lineups article that I will not use the full salary cap.

While the winds seem to be under control, we’ve got rain in the forecast from Friday through Sunday.  If that holds true, that will give an even bigger advantage to the bombers this weekend in Augusta.  A guy like Cameron Champ and his big driver who isn’t in the playbook could move up my rankings if the weather stays as forecasted.     

I am going to play more of a balance approach this weekend because I feel like everyone will want to get Scottie and Cam together or Rahm and Rory together and then play a bunch of 6K options hoping to strike it rich.  I’d rather load up in the mid-tier and build a lineup with trusted names.      

If you have any more questions, you can leave them in the discord chat or hit me up on twitter @DrewPhelps05.

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