Do you feel it? Football is creeping up! OTAs are happening and we’re getting some highlights. Nothing crazy yet but a couple one-handed catches here, a spin move there. They are out tossing the pigskin, folks are arguing about Madden ratings and they’re trying to wrap their heads around the new changes, like the NFL’s new kickoff rules. We aren’t officially back but we are officially almost back!

And with that, we need to keep up to date on the goings on that are going on around the league. So, every Friday I’m just going to do a quick recap on the important NFL news and then I’ll add some relevant fantasy football rumors down at the bottom for the fantasy folks. If you skim this article every week and say, “I already saw that”, then great – you are up to speed. But I find something new myself every time I write this thing, so maybe you will too!




Rhamondre Stevenson Extension

  • The Patriots announced a four-year, $36 million extension for Stevenson, including $17 million guaranteed. The Patriots had the most cap space of any team, so they have the luxury to do so. It is a rare extension for a Patriots starting running back compared to the past – it seems the Bill Belichick era is truly over. 

Tee Higgins Signs His Franchise Tender

The Carolina Panthers Could Threaten Relocation

  • It has not quite gotten to that point, but a public hearing could determine the future of the Panthers, according to James Dator of SB Nation. Charlotte City Council will hear statements from the public on Monday as to whether or not they think David Tepper and the Panthers deserve to receive $650 million from the city to renovate Bank of America Stadium. If they don’t receive the funding, threatening to relocate has been the classic tactic of NFL owners. 

NFL Owners Discuss Potential QB Salary Cap

  • We all know that quarterback is the most important position in football – it’s why they win all the MVPs. Cody Benjamin of CBS recently reported that some owners have been discussing a potential salary cap for the position after contracts like the Trevor Lawrence deal. It honestly doesn’t seem realistic or anything the NFLPA would go for, but I can see why some owners would be concerned about the escalating QB market. 




Chiefs Isaiah Buggs Arrested Again

Gardner Minshew Shows His Raider Spirit

  • Garner Minshew’s media day photos for the Raiders were… something. The NFL account shared them on Reddit and there is no doubt he’s got some pirate in there. There’s a whole set of them at that link, but here’s a little sneak peek:  



Fantasy Football News & Rumors

This section is dedicated to fantasy-relevant rumblings from around the various offseason practices and meetings: