Who is ready for some football? Anyone reading this article, I am willing to wager. In the coming weeks, this space will highlight those defensive players that are on the move, whether up in the rankings, or dropping off the list of IDP you want on your roster. There will also be a handy short list of the waiver wire options, those players that you have a chance to snap up and that have been given a fuller profile in the opening portion of the article to assist with your add/drop decision(s). A matchup discussion will also appear once we have enough statistical data to provide realistic analysis of just how offenses and defenses are performing this season, probably around Week 3 or thereabouts.

Every week will also wrap up with the current injury report and that is just what you will find presented immediately below. Injury reports are notoriously unreliable despite the league’s efforts to compel full disclosure, and with the activation/deactivation time frame being shortened this season, it will behoove you to check the game day injury reports carefully when setting your lineups for the weekly matchups, especially on Sunday and Monday.

Ouch (My Aching Roster)

All the injury reports below need evaluation prior to kickoff.  Teams are notoriously sketchy about injury reports, and we often do not know a player's status until just before game time. Consider the list below as a "heads up" as to what is going on early in the week, and should not be considered definitive.


Defensive End
Charles HarrisATLAnkle 
Akiem HicksCHIQuadriceps 
Carlos DunlapCINLower Body 
Myles GarrettCLEWrist 
Curtis WeaverCLEFootIR
George ObinnaCLETricepsIR
Trevon YoungCLEUndisclosedIR
Austin BryantDETUndisclosedPUP
Kemoko TurayINDAnklePUP
Kenny WillekesMINLegIR
Danielle HunterMINUndisclosed 
Anthony LanierNOUndisclosedIR
Jabari ZunigaNYJQuadricepsIR
John Franklin-MyersNYJGroin 
Jordan WillisNYJKnee 
Genard AveryPHILower Body 
Daeshon HallPHIKnee-AclPUP
Vinny CurryPHILower Body 
Derek BarnettPHIAnkle 
Stephon TuittPITUndisclosed 
Ronald BlairSFKnee-AclPUP
Branden JacksonSEASpineIR
Benson MayowaSEAUndisclosed 
Ryan SeeWASUndisclosedIR
Defensive Tackle
Marlon DavidsonATLKnee 
Justin MadubuikeBALLeg 
Vernon ButlerBUFHamstring 
Zach KerrCARIllness 
Renell WrenCINQuadricepsIR
Jashon CornellDETAchillesIR
Treyvon HesterGBUndisclosedIR
Montravius AdamsGBToe 
Dontavius RussellJAXUndisclosedIR
Michael BarnettNEUndisclosedIR
Beau AllenNEUndisclosedIR
Jalen DaltonNOTricepsIR
R.J. McIntoshNYGFoot 
Hassan RidgewayPHILower Body 
Javon HargravePHIPectoral 
Chris WormleyPITShoulder 
Julian TaylorSFKnee-AclPUP
Kendall SheffieldATLFoot 
Ricardo AllenATLAnkle 
Keanu NealATLAchilles 
Tashaun GipsonCHILower Back 
Shawn WilliamsCINCalf 
Grant DelpitCLEAchillesIR
Xavier WoodsDALUndisclosed 
Derwin JamesLACKneeIR
Nate BrooksMIAUndisclosedIR
Myles DornMINUndisclosedIR
Saquan HamptonNOUndisclosedIR
Johnson BademosiNOUndisclosedIR
Xavier McKinneyNYGFootIR
Marcus MayeNYJCalf 
Matthias FarleyNYJHamstring 
Avonte MaddoxPHILower Body 
Will ParksPHILower BodyIR
Marcus EppsPHILower Body 
Terrell EdmundsPITUndisclosed 
Jamal AdamsSEAFinger 
Justin EvansTBFootPUP
Dane CruikshankTENUndisclosedIR
Simeon ThomasWASAbdomenIR
Corner Back
Robert lfordARIPectoralIR
Iman MarshallBALKneeIR
Josh NormanBUFHamstring 
Eli AppleCARAnkleIR
Michael JosephCHIUndisclosedIR
Artie BurnsCHIKnee-AclIR
Trae WaynesCINPectoralIR
Darius PhillipsCINLower Legleg
Mackensie AlexanderCINPersonal 
Greedy WilliamsCLEShoulder 
M.J. StewartCLEHamstring 
Kevin JohnsonCLEAbdomen 
Chidobe AwuzieDALLeg 
Jourdan LewisDALAnkle 
Michael OjemudiaDENQuadriceps 
Mike FordDETLegIR
Will SunderlandGBUndisclosedIR
Kabion EntoGBUndisclosedIR
Gareon ConleyHOUAnkleIR
Alex BrownKCKnee-AclIR
Damon ArnetteLVThumb 
Byron JonesMIAAchilles 
Xavien HowardMIAKnee 
Montre HartageNYGHamstringIR
Darnay HolmesNYGLower Body 
Kyron BrownNYJQuadricepsPUP
Pierre DesirNYJHamstring 
Brian PooleNYJIllness 
Jason VerrettSFHamstring 
Tre FlowersSEAAnkle 
Carlton DavisTBShoulder 
Kendall FullerWASCalf


As ever, good luck and Godspeed in your fantasy efforts. Make sure to read all of our great articles to help you win your fantasy match ups every week and ultimately bask in championship glory. FANation Chat is now live on the site, to help you work through your fantasy football dilemmas. Or if you have any fantasy football questions, especially about IDP leagues, you can also send a message to ia@fantasyalarm.com for a personal response from the writer of this article. Naturally, the more detail you can send about your league, such as number of teams, platform you play in (Yahoo, ESPN, etc.), scoring and roster system, the better the ability to provide accurate advice.